Every reporter: Chen Mengyu, Wang Jiafei, every editor: Wei Wenyi
At the beginning of May, due to the ecological water supply in the basin, the Beijing section of Yongding River Basin was flooded for the first time in 25 years, which made the "Golf Street" on the Yongding River at the junction of Fangshan District and Daxing District in Beijing flooded.
Satellite map shows that Yongding River "Golf Street" is mainly composed of six golf clubs: Beijing Changyang International Golf Club, Beijing Baoxing Golf Club, Beijing Oriental Double Eagle Golf Club, Beijing California Shuijun Golf Club, Beijing Sigesen Golf Club and Beijing Di Chin Golf Club.
National business daily reporter found at the scene in early May that all the above six golf clubs had closed down. On June 9, the reporter came to the scene again and found that Beijing Changyang International Golf Club had reopened.
In response to questions such as whether these clubs have complete approval procedures and official follow-up management measures for these stadiums, the reporter of national business daily called the relevant departments in Beijing and sent an interview letter to the relevant departments in Fangshan District of Beijing, but the reply was only that "the leaders attached great importance to it and reported it to the higher authorities".
Screenshot of satellite map of "Golf Street" in Yongding, Beijing
The existing golf course has reopened.
On May 10th, the reporter of national business daily saw at the scene that there were many citizens who drove to watch the fun on the Yongding River Bridge. The gate of Beijing Oriental Double Eagle Golf Club was closed, and several idle golf carts could be seen through the gate. The reporter tweeted to contact the only staff member at the scene, who said that the club had closed down on May 3. "Don’t look, it was flooded, and several nearby stadiums were closed and closed." The club is next to Yongding River Office in Fangshan District, Beijing.
At the end of May, the reporter came to the Yongding River Bridge again and saw that the water level of the river had dropped from the beginning of the month. When the reporter entered Baoxing Golf Club, he saw that the turf of some courses had been destroyed, and the ruts of golf carts were left behind where the river faded.
On June 9, the reporter came to the scene for the third time and found that Beijing Changyang International Golf Club had reopened. The staff told the reporter that "you can play ball and the restaurant has been opened". The phones of the other five clubs are busy or unanswered.
The turf of some courses of Baoxing Golf Club was destroyed. Image source: Every photo by reporter Chen Mengyu.
So, what are the details of these six golf clubs?
According to Qixinbao and public information, the actual controller of Beijing California Shuijun Golf Club is Beijing Rixing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (70% equity), and its business scope includes the development and construction of apartments, office buildings, commercial facilities, schools and kindergartens.
On May 21st, the relevant person in charge of the Oriental Double Eagle Golf Club told the reporter of national business daily that "it is no longer open"; The staff of Beijing Changyang International Golf Club said that it had "closed down", and when it opened, it told reporters that "it may take some time"; The development unit of Beijing Di Chin Golf Club is Yangpu Golf Zone Investment Co., Ltd., and the relevant person in charge said that it is inconvenient to disclose information; However, the phone number of Beijing Sigesen Golf Club has never been answered.
It is worth mentioning that Beijing Baoxing Golf Club is affiliated to Beijing Daxing District Chinese Sports Training Youth Sports Club, and the competent business unit is Daxing District Sports Bureau.
In other words, some of the clubs in "Golf Street" belong to diversified industries of real estate enterprises, while others are official businesses.
Idle golf carts in the Oriental Double Eagle Golf Club Image Source: Photo by reporter Chen Mengyu
According to Li Li, a local resident, these courses are located in rivers, not flood discharge areas. The flood discharge area of Yongding River used to be a large area of Changyang, but it was later changed for the development of real estate, and now it is full of houses.
According to Beijing Daily, some golf courses in the "Golf Course Group" were temporarily closed during the ecological replenishment of Yongding River last year, but they reopened after the replenishment period. However, compared with 160 million cubic meters of water supply last year, the total water supply this year reached 340 million cubic meters.
Six courses cover an area equivalent to 14 Forbidden City.
The reporter learned that Beijing Changyang International Golf Club started construction in early 2006, covering an area of 1,700 mu. However, on a golf booking platform, the club’s price information is still being updated. The weekend price is 790 yuan, but the other clubs have no booking information.
Beijing Changyang International Golf Club Reservation Information
Wu Cheng is a member of Beijing Changyang International Golf Club. According to him, the club closed on May 5 and resumed business on May 29. Sweeping Health Treasure can enter the venue. The reporter learned that the terms of the contract between the two parties at that time clearly stipulated that if the stadium could not continue to operate normally due to the flooding of Yongding River, the members could ask the club to return the membership fee for the remaining years. The contract amount of Wucheng is 198,000 yuan, and the signing date is 2013.
"The release of water from Yongding River affected Field C, but the situation of Fields A and B is still unclear. Our rights and interests have been seriously violated, and now the club has not agreed to refund." Wu Cheng told reporters.
Beijing Oriental Double Eagle Golf Club opened in October 2006, covering an area of 2,600 mu. Beijing Sigesen Golf Club opened in 2010, covering an area of 1,600 mu; Di Chin Golf Club opened in 2010, covering an area of 2,200 mu. Beijing California Shuijun Golf Club opened in 2009, covering an area of 1,800 mu, claiming to take desert improvement and ecological protection as its design concept; Beijing Baoxing Golf Club, which opened in 2006, is the largest golf entertainment, fitness and leisure center in Beijing, covering an area of 5,000 mu.
According to this calculation by national business daily, the total area of the six golf courses is nearly 15,000 mu, or about 10 million square meters. The Forbidden City in Beijing covers an area of 720,000 square meters, and the Temple of Heaven covers an area of 2.73 million square meters. In other words, the area of Yongding River Golf Street is equivalent to nearly 14 Forbidden City, or nearly 4 Temple of Heaven.
According to the public information, all the golf courses in Yongdinghe Golf Street were opened in 2006 and later. On June 30, 2006, the General Office of the State Council issued the Notice on Suspending the Construction of New Golf Courses, stipulating that starting from January 10, 2004, no new golf courses will be approved nationwide, and at the same time, a comprehensive inspection will be carried out to standardize the operation of golf courses.
In January 2017, the national ministries and commissions jointly announced the results of cleaning up and rectifying golf courses, showing that there were 683 golf courses in the country, and 507 golf courses were required to be rectified, of which 11 courses were actively closed by local governments and enterprises, and the golf course project no longer existed; 496 courses have been rectified.
National business daily reporter noticed that Beijing Changyang Golf Course (No.41), Beijing Shuijun Golf Course (No.42) and Beijing Oriental Double Eagle Golf Course (No.43) have been rectified, but the remaining three golf courses did not appear in the list of 683 golf courses.
This means that there are three golf courses on the Yongding River that were built and opened after the national ban was issued, and even bypassed the procedures of relevant state departments and became the "most special existence".
However, in official website, Fangshan District Government, there is still a message entitled "District-level Vice President Wang Yongnian investigates the water environment of Yongding River": On June 18, 2019, Fangshan District Vice President Wang Yongnian went to Yongding River to investigate the water environment, and inspected the progress of emergency flood control work of Yongding River mixed garbage dump and the retreat of existing golf courses in the river. Wang Yongnian proposed that we should give full play to the function of the river chief, strengthen the daily inspection of the water environment in the river basin, supervise the demolition of illegal buildings, and gradually improve the regional water ecological environment through the construction of governance projects.
In fact, on October 23rd last year, Beijing Baoxing Golf Club issued a notice of closure on its WeChat WeChat official account, saying that "due to the second round of joint law enforcement and rectification of golf, the club’s hardware facilities and equipment have been cut off from water and electricity, and they can’t reach the normal operation mode. In order to protect the rights and interests of all golfers and ensure that Baoxing will become a reserved club in the next step, it will enter the annual closure period in advance from October 23, 2019 under the pressure of layers and weighing the pros and cons. "
For the opening time of 2020, Baoxing Golf Club said that it would make an announcement in advance through WeChat official account and SMS.
Li Li told the reporter of national business daily that these courses illegally occupy rivers. As for the interests of golf course members, go to court by yourself.
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