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Tiggo 9 is a medium-sized SUV launched by Chery Automobile, and its design is very dynamic and modern. The front face adopts a large-area air intake grille with a unique headlight shape, creating a strong visual impact. The body lines are smooth and strong, and the overall style is fashionable. The side of the car body adopts smooth curve design, showing a dynamic outline, highlighting the sporty atmosphere of Tiggo 9. At the same time, the body line echoes the roof line, making the whole vehicle more slender. The tail of the car body also adopts a smooth design, and the taillight has a unique shape, which echoes the front face and creates a strong visual impact. Generally speaking, the design of the Tiggo 9 is fashionable, dynamic and modern, and it is a model that is worth looking forward to.

Tiggo 9 is a medium-sized SUV with a body size of 4820*1930*1699mm, a wheelbase of 2820mm, a front tread of 1638mm and a rear tread of 1641 mm.. The side lines of the car body are smooth, showing a dynamic and stable posture. The front and rear tyre size are both 245/50 R20, and with the fashionable rim design, it shows a strong sense of movement and luxury. The exterior design of the vehicle is fashionable and atmospheric, and the interior space is spacious and comfortable, which brings comfortable driving experience to drivers and passengers.

The interior design of Tiggo 9 is simple and elegant, with high-quality imitation leather seats and leather steering wheel, which enhances the luxury of the whole vehicle. The 12.3-inch central control screen has a large size and supports voice recognition control of multimedia system, navigation, telephone, air conditioner and sunroof, which is convenient for drivers to operate. In addition, the front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for passengers to charge. The front seats also have heating and ventilation functions, and the driver’s seat also has electric seat memory function. The rear seats can be tilted in proportion, which increases the flexibility of storage space. There are also many ways to adjust the seat. The main driver’s seat can adjust the front and rear, backrest, height and lumbar support, and the co-pilot’s seat can adjust the front and rear and backrest. In a word, the interior configuration of Tiggo 9 is rich, and the comfort and convenience are well guaranteed.

The Tiggo 9 is powered by a 2.0T 261 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 192 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m.. This engine has excellent power performance and can bring plenty of driving pleasure to drivers. At the same time, with the 8-speed automatic manual transmission, the shift is smooth and fast, and the driving experience is more comfortable and smooth. Whether driving in the city or traveling long distances, Tiggo 9 can meet your needs.

In the evaluation of car home car owners, we can see that the exterior design of the Tiggo 9 has left a deep impression on people. It is atmospheric, steady and domineering, and the interior feels very advanced. In addition, the owner feels comfortable and luxurious in the car. In addition, the configuration of the Tiggo 9 is also quite good, and the speed is fast. With 360 panoramic images, it perfectly meets the owner’s pursuit of driving experience. Moreover, the after-sales service of the manufacturer is also very good, and the staff is very patient, giving detailed answers and guidance to the owner’s questions, so that the owner can feel the intimate service. In terms of space, the Tiggo 9 also performed well, especially in the rear compartment, where the owner can easily lie down and rest, which is very comfortable. On the whole, Tiggo 9 is not only excellent in appearance design and interior configuration, but also highly praised by car owners for its after-sales service and space comfort. If you are also a novice female driver and have requirements for the comfort and space of the vehicle, you may wish to consider the Tiggo 9, believing that it will bring you a different driving experience.