Recently, at the "Chery Automobile Billion Huimin Car Festival 2023 (May 1st) South China International Auto Show", Chery Automobile’s 2023 Tiggo 5X was officially re-marketed, and Chery Automobile Tiggo 9 also started pre-sale.

2023 Tiggo 5X

The 2023 Tiggo 5X was officially launched, and three sets of power systems, 1.5L-MT, 1.5L-9-speed CVT and 1.5T-9-speed CVT, were launched, with a total of five versions, and the price ranged from 69,900 yuan to 95,900 yuan.



It is understood that the 2023 Tiggo 5X has improved the recognition of the whole vehicle through the new car color style olive gray, the star diamond front grille and the automatic headlights of Lingmu lens. The interior of the car is elegant and elegant, with a wide-body embracing layout, equipped with m blue double-comfortable seats, a 20.5-inch super-smart dual screen+lion Zhiyun interactive system that can support natural voice recognition, mobile phone interconnection, remote control and online service, and 34 storage spaces and spacious and comfortable seating spaces. In addition, the integrated cage body, six pieces of ultra-high strength thermoformed steel in key parts, and 360-degree bird’s-eye ultra-clear panoramic images also play an important role.

As for power, the 2023 Tiggo 5X is equipped with Chery’s new generation 1.5L high-efficiency power engine for the first time, which improves the overall efficiency and reduces the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle. Among them, the 1.5TCI+9-speed CVT platinum power combination has a maximum power of 115kW and a peak torque of 230N·m;; 1.5L+9-speed CVT high-efficiency power combination, with maximum power of 88kW and peak torque of 148n m..

Tiggo 9

As the first model of Chery Automobile’s high-end intelligent platform-Mars architecture-super hybrid platform, Tiggo 9 has made great efforts in super stability, fun driving, intelligent driving, temperature sense, touch, vision, hearing, smell and space. At present, the pre-sale price of Tiggo 9 starts from 155,000 yuan.


Specifically, in terms of ultra-stability, the Tiggo 9 is equipped with CDC magnetic suspension, equipped with five vehicle state monitoring sensors, four electromagnetic shock absorbers and a controller, which can adaptively adjust the electronic damping in milliseconds, so as to adjust the body posture in real time. In terms of driving pleasure, the Tiggo 9 is equipped with Kunpeng Power 400T+7DCT or Aisin 8AT gold power combination, with a maximum power of 192Kw and a maximum torque of 400N.m, with an acceleration of 8 seconds per 100 kilometers.

In terms of intelligent driving, the Tiggo 9 is equipped with L2.9 intelligent driving assistance system, which has 21 basic ADAS functions and 11 high-order intelligent driving functions, among which the NOC can automatically adjust the cruising speed, and the AVP automatic parking service can bring a higher-order driving experience. In terms of space, the length, width and height of the Tiggo 9 are 4820×1930×1699mm/1710mm(5 seats /7 seats), the wheelbase is 2820mm, the overall man-machine space utilization rate is 0.663, and the second row space utilization rate is 0.334, and the seats in the front and rear rows have their own space. In addition, Tiggo 9 has also brought a good experience in terms of vision, hearing, smell, touch and warmth.

(Special topic | Author Luo Xiaotong, photo courtesy of car companies)