The relationship between sports events and broadcasters is changing..

onemoon18sun,A number of American sports people revealed to the media,NFL(National Football League)Is considering the ESPN (entertainment and sports television network)Minority equity investment.

If NFL finally becomes a shareholder in ESPN,,This will beAn important change of ESPN in media copyright negotiation.

In the past, broadcasters generally obtained media rights directly through purchase..but now,Perhaps to reduce the purchase cost.,ESPN is acquiring the rights of NFL games at a lower price through a new form of minority equity swap..

Many people in the industry regard it as a concession made by broadcasters.A sign that the competitors gain more right to speak in media copyright.. At least in the pricing negotiation of the next copyright cycle, the league parties with platform copyright will have more chips in their hands.

traditionSports broadcasters have indeed declined in recent years..

Backed by Disney companyofESPN, the largest cable TV sports channel in the world, has been broadcasting since 1979.Hold the NFL in your hand for a long timeThe resources of top events such as NBA.,To be able to serve the audienceProvide sports news content 24 hours a day.And the broadcast of the game..

But in a recent one,10year,Traditional sports TV has been severely impacted by short videos and social media platforms..

DeloittePublishedInsight Report of Sports Fans in 2023show,There are 90% Z generation (Generation born from 1995 to 2009)Audiences prefer itUse short videos and social media to watch sports.match.Due to the fragmentation of life time,This part of the young audience did not watch TV or live online games for a long time.,But choose to watch after the game.Wonderful highlights, interviews with athletesandathleteRacingSocial media dynamics.

Fewer viewers means lower ratings.,The decline in ratings will directly affect the advertising investment of broadcasters..

Disney, the parent company of ESPN2023The fiscal year financial report shows that in fiscal year 2023, Disney’s revenue was 88.898 billion US dollars (equivalent to 643.8 billion yuan), a year-on-year increase of 7%. However, the net profit dropped by 25% year-on-year to $2.354 billion, and the profitability dropped significantly. Look at it by plate,Sports business income171.11Billion dollars,Below entertainmentWhile experiencing the two major businesses,,Operating profit also declined.9%To $2.465 billion.

2023yearsevenmoon,In order to control costs,ESPN cut nearly.20 TV commentators, among whomas soon asIncluding the basketball anchor and Yao Ming who have served for many years.effectrocketThe team of the timeCoach Jeff Jeff Van Gundy.but now,ESPN has played the abacus of "reducing the cost" in media copyright..

It is worth mentioning that,This high-level negotiation between NFL and ESPN,The NBA is also watching..ESPN has also thrown an olive branch of shareholding cooperation to this top basketball league..

According to the plan of NBA, the next media copyright sales period will begin in 2025.,The NBA hopes that the new sales cycle will earn 75 billion dollars. Adam Xiao Hua, president of NBA.It has been revealed many times,In order to achieve this goal,In addition to traditional TV broadcasters,The alliance is also considering cooperation with streaming media platforms and social media platforms..Public information display,Technology giants such as Google, Apple and Amazon are all in the bidding team for NBA streaming media rights.

In Chinese mainland, the copyright of NBA belongs to Tencent. The contract between the two parties lasts for five years (2020 -2025), and Tencent pays 1.5 billion US dollars (about 9 billion yuan) to the NBA every year. This price is three times higher than that of the last contract.

This price has obviously brought a lot of pressure to Tencent Sports..sports eventrebroadcastofmainincomesourcefromto B(Enterprise oriented)End of the game advertisement.But Tencent2021AnnualMedia advertising revenueonly13.3 billion yuan, down 7% year on the same time,Affected by the epidemic, the event was suspended.,Tencent Sports has also lost a large number of paying users..

Under this pressure,2020Since,Tencent sports will continue to NBA.MLB business transferred to Tencent Video.And Tencent SportsMultiple business groups are also in2022yearsevenThe month was abolished,Most employees are optimized.,onlyBusiness groups with liquidity, such as sports copyright operation group, sports broker and live event group, are still retained.

Like Tencent,In the last two years, the other two giants, iQiyi and Youku, are also cautious about the layout of sports copyright..

Youku backed by AliUsed once10Win 100 million yuan2018World cup 2008Unfortunately, the effect is not satisfactory.Alibaba’s financial report for the third quarter of 2018 shows that the loss of Alibaba Entertainment, where Youku Video is located, reached 4.805 billion yuan, and the reason for the loss was precisely the investment in the production of original content and the purchase of,Youku’s most important event copyrights are badminton-related World Badminton Tour and World Championships..

Iqiyi is harmoniousXinying teamed upEstablish new love sports,The choice is the safest of the three balls.——soccer.Xin Ai has successively held the copyrights of top European football matches such as Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Champions League. In terms of new investment, new love has only targeted in the past two years.Golf, tennis, etc.There is more investment in sports where high net worth people gather..