What is the fuel consumption performance of BYD Tang hybrid version?

The fuel consumption of BYD Tang hybrid version is excellent, with a fuel consumption of only 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers.

First of all, the power performance of BYD Tang hybrid version is very strong, the maximum output power can reach 205 horsepower, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers takes only 4.9 seconds. In addition, the model is rich in configuration, including panoramic sunroof, large-size central control panel, tire pressure monitoring, ESP, 360-degree panoramic image, remote driving, air purification and other functions, making the driving experience more comfortable and convenient.

Secondly, the large-size wheel hub (20-inch) not only has outstanding appearance, but also has excellent fuel consumption performance without affecting normal driving. In addition, ACC adaptive cruise function makes the owner feel like an artifact when driving at high speed.

Finally, although BYD Tang hybrid version has some minor shortcomings, such as the inability to automatically close the door lock and the lack of lumbar support and heating and ventilation functions in the seat, these shortcomings do not affect the overall performance of the model.