Original title: The small group has an annual income of 300 million? She finally forwarded the clarification: because of this, I got the nickname "Tuan 300 million"

"Tuan 300 million"

A long time ago, it was reported that some well-known anchors were worth a lot of money, such as a small group that never showed up, and she could earn 300 million yuan a year. However, the news is a bit strange. In fact, two years ago, someone said that the small group was the anchor with an annual income of 300 million. Recently, a so-called "list" was exposed, saying that the small group earned 300 million yuan a year.

If that’s the case, why hasn’t her price remained the same for two years? In fact, the popularity of the small group was higher before, and now the number of fans is higher. In any case, there should always be some changes in her worth. Nothing has changed in two years, and the data are exactly the same, so the authenticity is open to question.

Soon, the leaderboard said that they didn’t make this kind of table, and the source of the data was not clear, which means it’s not true. Now, Xiao Tuantuan finally clarified her worth, and she joked with fans: Because of this, I have a nickname "Tuan 300 million". Her worth has been fixed at 300 million, so everyone is so spiteful.

Real worth

Xiao Tuantuan stood up and clarified herself, proving that she really didn’t have such a high price, but the fans were adamant. She teased Xiao Tuantuan in the comment area and teased her price. Xiao Tuantuan has been a well-known anchor for a long time, and she usually has no entertainment activities, just playing with her girlfriends. Xiao Tuantuan should have saved a lot of money now. What is her price?

In fact, the signing fee of many big-name anchors is only tens of millions, and it is not bad to reach 100 million with the money earned from various promotions. The small group is not so popular, and its real worth should be tens of millions. Moreover, this money is not only for her, but also for the guild, the team and the platform.

The first is the platform. The money earned by the anchor often needs to be given as a gift, which is earned by the platform. Gifts from fans, the platform will also get a big head. In addition, the small group has a guild called Chongqing Wan. Not long ago, they also had some disagreements, because the small group wanted to leave. Unfortunately, the three-party contract still expired in two years, and the small group was registered by the guild. The anchor was a little sad and cried directly.

Therefore, the guild will also take some money. Then there is the small group’s team. She is also a big anchor and needs her own team to take care of daily affairs. These staff members are paid, but they just don’t know whether it is given by the guild or the small group. There is a high probability that it is her own.

Personal point of view

Therefore, the small group seems to have made a lot of money. In fact, it is divided into so many people, and there is no such high annual salary at all. Is the small group really earning 300 million yuan a year? She finally forwarded the clarification: because of this, I got the nickname "Tuan 300 million". This article is completely original, welcome to pay attention and take you to learn together!

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