Winning the future of new energy with intellectual strength

Ten thousand vehicles of Haval Xiaolong series are off the assembly line.

□ Our reporter Yue Qian

On July 1st, Haval New Energy Intelligence Discovery Day and the off-line ceremony of 10,000 Xiaolong series were held, and we went into Haval New Energy in the form of live online broadcast to explore the advanced key of Haval Intelligence and explore the strength behind the explosion of Haval Xiaolong series. Only 45 days after listing, Haval Xiaolong series officially ushered in the milestone moment of the 10,000 th vehicle off the assembly line, and released the OTA plan of Haval Xiaolong MAX to help Haval Xiaolong series set off a new wave intelligently.

In June, the sales volume of Haval Xiaolong series reached 6,098 vehicles, a significant increase of 97% from the previous month. The rapid rising momentum confirms the excellent product strength of Xiaolong series, indicating that it is gradually winning the market cognitive war and is being recognized by more and more users. According to reports, in terms of channels, Harvard has created a business ecology that is not limited to cars with a new model of "service+products"; Haval New Energy Network has completed the deployment of 326 Haval New Energy Network stores in all major sales regions in China, achieving comprehensive coverage of the domestic mainstream market.

The new energy era is accelerating industry changes, and strong intellectual strength will help brands win the future. Environmental wind tunnel laboratory, vehicle electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) laboratory, NVH laboratory … In this activity, Harvard brand interpreted the "invisible strength" and unveiled the mystery of Harvard Zhizhi. The all-round R&D strength of these top vehicle laboratories supports the ambition of Haval Xiaolong series to reshape the value benchmark of new energy SUV for users.

According to reports, Great Wall Motor is the first self-owned brand automobile enterprise in China with an environmental wind tunnel laboratory, which can control environmental parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity to simulate different wind environments, and is used for matching research and development of vehicle air conditioning and cooling systems, as well as providing environmental simulation for performance verification. Great Wall Motor’s first EMC laboratory in China studies the interaction between environment and vehicles, as well as the electromagnetic influence of vehicles on passengers and their own electronic systems. The research of NVH laboratory is to reduce the noise outside the car and improve the driving comfort inside the car by reducing the noise source, reasonably designing the body structure and adjusting the parameters.

At the event, Haval brand announced the OTA function upgrade plan of Haval Xiaolong MAX, responded to user feedback immediately, and further enhanced the user experience with technology upgrade. After the upgrade of the new OTA, the 3D car control function will be added, and the real car state will be restored through the 3D car model, and "visible and controllable" will be supported. Users can not only control the opening and closing of windows, skylights, tailgates, etc. through the 3D car model, but also control the HUD display screen, reducing the trouble for users to find relevant buttons at multiple levels, which not only improves the convenience, but also brings users a more fun and scientific car experience. At the same time, the 3D car model not only perfectly restores the real car state one by one, but also helps users to understand the complex technical principles, show the switching of vehicle driving modes in a more scientific and e-sports sense, enhance the user’s driving perception, and integrate the energy management function into the car control car design page. 3D presents the changes of vehicle energy flow, so that users can truly perceive the power-saving logic of Haval Xiaolong MAX and save money.

In addition, the Haval brand has created a more convenient and comfortable car experience for users through a comprehensive rejuvenation of car applications. For example, the voice barrier between App and car terminal and the function of online sound museum can simplify complex functions and enhance users’ travel fun. These functions will be pushed in the third quarter, and Haval will continue to carry out the second OTA upgrade to make vehicles smarter and make car life more convenient.

Harvard said that entering the second half of the development of new energy vehicles, the Haval brand, which quickly broke through with the Haval Xiaolong series, will continue to deepen the field of new energy SUVs, accelerate the industrial layout of smart new energy vehicles, and open up a new development pattern of the new energy SUV market with the comprehensive leading edge of technological innovation, intelligent advancement and service upgrade.

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