I found a bargain! The 12-year-old E300, which is the classic model, was sold to me for only 50,000 yuan. Don’t look at the car for ten years, it only ran 50,000 kilometers! My friend’s family works in engineering, and there are several cars at home, which are either overbearing or not. Not long ago, I said that I wanted to buy a tens of thousands of hands-on bike to drive. As a result, my friend said that a car just came back from his family, which was paid by someone else, or an E300. Originally, I was not interested, but my friend said that I would pay 50,000 yuan, and the car could be driven away at any time.

Although the car is a little old, it’s almost ten years old, but the skinny camel is bigger than the horse, and it’s also a big Ben anyway. My 50 thousand yuan can buy a second-hand manual car, at least it will save some face when driving. Besides, we are a small city with five lines, and B-class cars are rare on the road, let alone BBA. No one can tell that this car is an old one when driving on the road.

I specially went to the second-hand car market for a consultation. The E300 for 12 years has a kilometer of several hundred thousand, and at least it has to be 150,000. The price my friend gave me is simply too good. Even if I drive it for another two years, I can still make money by selling it backwards. Moreover, the car is in good condition, with a kilometer of only 50,000 kilometers. This one should be the best car condition, and my friend also said that this car is in addition to the front and rear bumpers. However, the biggest disadvantage of this car is that it can’t be transferred, but my friend said it doesn’t matter. With our relationship, I can rest assured. I also think my friend took care of me, so I bought this car in the end, but it’s always a little unreliable. Who knows what the impact is?

Let’s make my point first. Where are you taking advantage? You’re completely cheated. Let me give you an analysis. First of all, your budget is 50,000 yuan. If you want to buy a car with a short age, you can consider some domestic brands. If you don’t care about the long age, you can buy some joint venture cars, for example, this type of car.

Although this E300 is cheap, it is a luxury car with hundreds of thousands of cars in those years, and its age is so long. On the one hand, maintenance is very expensive, and it is most basic to maintain thousands at a time. The oil should be added several liters more than that of ordinary cars. If there are parts that are broken, it is normal to spend tens of thousands casually. On the other hand, the fuel consumption of luxury cars of this level is not low. If the car is so old, it will be even more expensive. A box of oil is several hundred, and it will run for four or five hundred kilometers.

So you can afford this car, but you can’t afford it at all. Have you considered this problem? Secondly, no matter what kind of car we buy, we must buy a vehicle with complete procedures, and we must ask the other party to transfer the ownership. Even if you buy the car back, the owner is not yourself. In case of any dispute, it is unclear. Some friends around me bought a mortgage car because of greed and cheapness. As a result, the car was driven away by the original owner in the middle of the night. In the end, the bamboo basket drew water with a sieve and the money was also played in Shui Piao.

Your friend sold you at this price because he knew he couldn’t transfer the ownership. If I were to say, I wouldn’t give it to you for nothing, you would still take advantage of yourself. There is no good thing in heaven. Finally, since you want to buy a scooter for practicing hands, fuel economy and durability are the most important things, and you have to consider the insurance rate. After all, the scooter for practicing hands will not be driven for a long time, and the car with high insurance rate will be sold in a short time, and your loss will be minimal. You bought this just for vanity and feel proud to drive, but I also suggest you consider the reasons I mentioned. This so-called cheapness is really undesirable, otherwise you can’t afford to drive or sell this car in the end.