Recently, the magic dance "Subject III" which is popular all over the network has attracted many people to follow suit, twisting ankle joints and swinging greatly. It seems that several simple movements have brought out a different fashion trend. But I didn’t expect that behind this popular dance, it may lead to ankle injury.

A few days ago, a young woman limped into the orthopedic clinic of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital. The doctor asked: What’s wrong? The patient pointed to his ankle and said: After dancing "Subject III" these days, his ankle was very painful, which affected his walking.

"Our physical examination found that the patient had obvious swelling and tenderness on both sides of the ankle joint, and the ankle joint movement was limited, especially her ankle joint turned inward. This is actually a very typical injury of the lateral ligament of the ankle joint. After that, the MRI also clearly indicated the injury of the lateral ligament of the ankle joint. " Gu Xiaohui, chief physician of orthopedics of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, introduced. So how did the patient get hurt?

"subject three" jumped hot.

Accidental ankle ligament injury

Patient Xiao Liu, 25 years old, works for an Internet company in Hangzhou. Usually, she works for a long time and does little exercise, but she is a fashionista and is interested in new things. Recently, she was deeply attracted by the dance of "Subject III", which embodies youthful vitality, and wanted to be fashionable. So I made an appointment with two friends and followed the online video to learn dance.

At first, everyone was careful, but later, when they thought it was too fun, they danced hard, and the movement was getting bigger and bigger. Results Two or three days later, Xiao Liumingxian felt pain in his ankles, and the pain was worse when he walked, which affected his daily work and life, so he had to go to the hospital.

In order to have a deeper understanding of Xiao Liu’s etiology, Director Gu Xiaohui watched the recently popular dance from the Internet. He said that "subject three" is a very athletic dance, and the ankle joint should be twisted repeatedly from beginning to end. The greater the twisting range, the stronger the appreciation. The possibility of sports injury caused by "subject three" is greater than that of ordinary dance. The eye-catching action of this dance is precisely the most vulnerable mechanism of ankle injury. In order to pursue "silky action", fans often continue to practice varus ankle movements. For people who don’t exercise so much at ordinary times, have no dance foundation and are not well prepared, it may lead to the injury of the lateral ligament of ankle joint.

Dance movements are just the schematic diagram of the injury mechanism.

"Xiao Liu is a very sunny girl. She is obsessed with this dance. After watching the video of’ Subject III’ on the Internet, she began to practice. In fact, she doesn’t understand the center of gravity transfer technology of this dance, nor does she understand the damage that this dance may cause to her ankle." Director Gu Xiaohui said that if the injury of the lateral ligament of ankle joint is not treated in time, it will lead to the chronic instability of ankle joint and the relaxation of ankle joint, just like the wheel. If the axle is loose, the wheel will be easily worn, which will lead to cartilage damage and even osteoarthritis of ankle joint.

Sports and dancing should be scientific.

And step by step

Director Gu Xiaohui said that it was timely for Xiao Liu to see a doctor after his ankle injury, so the follow-up treatment was more convenient. Xiao Liu now wears hard ankle pads, which can be worn in shoes and it is more convenient to go out. As long as she stops strenuous exercise, there is basically no big problem in the follow-up.

"In order to prevent sports and dance injuries, it is very important to fully warm up and stretch." Director Gu Xiaohui said that before sports and dancing, first of all, we should fully warm up and stretch, so that the human body can slowly enter the state of exercise. We should move the ankle joints well and stretch the muscles to avoid joint stiffness and sudden acceleration leading to injury during exercise.

Secondly, you can’t wear ordinary shoes, it’s better to wear high-top sports shoes that can protect your ankle, because the dance of "Subject III" is extremely twisting your ankle. Many women start dancing in flat shoes. Flat shoes have poor performance in protecting ankles. Once the torsion is very large, it is easy to hurt ankles.

Third, for friends who have no dance foundation, we must step by step. It is suggested that when the dance of "Subject III" starts, the twisting range should not be too large. Although it will be less ornamental, it can avoid the injury of ankle ligament. Step-by-step dance also includes a process from slow to fast. In the process of movement transfer, we must accelerate and decelerate slowly, because it is difficult to control the stability of the ankle when the speed changes. It is particularly important that when twisting the ankle, the body’s center of gravity should be placed on the other side to support the leg, so as to minimize the stress on this side of the twisted ankle to avoid injury. It is better to be guided by professionals than to practice blindly at home.

"Once dancing leads to injury and obvious symptoms appear, don’t dance again. Be sure to find a specialist in time, and the doctor will make an evaluation, and according to the evaluation results and the degree of injury, give the most suitable exercise and treatment plan for the patient, so as to facilitate the patient’s rehabilitation. " Director Gu Xiaohui reminded.

Why is dancing called "subject three"?

Jumping subject three refers not to driving test subject three, but to a popular word "Guangxi subject three" on the Internet. At the wedding in Guangxi, in order to express their joy, the couple will pull friends and relatives to dance happily at the wedding site, and the atmosphere is cheerful and happy. Therefore, it is also nicknamed Guangxi subject three.

Original title: "Subject III" was screened on the whole network, but a 25-year-old girl from Hangzhou entered the hospital! Orthopedic experts: don’t blindly follow the trend.

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