[Titanium Media Synthesis]When you don’t need old things, it will be a pity to throw them away. In China, your best choice may be to post on information websites such as 58 Tongcheng, while in the United States, there will be more specialized second-hand goods e-commerce platforms for you to choose from.

This week, VarageSale, an e-commerce platform for second-hand goods, received $34 million in Series B investment.VarageSale users can post any message on the website, such as asking about the price, leaving a message, bargaining or posting the purchase information. At present, VarageSale has received $34 million in series B investment from institutions such as FLOODGATE, Version One Ventures, iNovia Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital.?

In addition, Poshmark, a trading platform for women’s second-hand clothes, received a $25 million C round investment.Poshmark charges a handling fee of 20% for each transaction on the platform, and the logistics cost of the goods is borne by the seller. At present, Poshmark has received $25 million in Series C investment, with the participation of Union Grove Venture Partners, Shea Ventures and previous investors Mayfield, Menlo Ventures, Inventus Capital and SoftTech VC.

In recent years, a number of new second-hand clothing trading websites have emerged in the United States, which are more creative and more detailed than the traditional e-commerce personal trading platforms. The well-known ones are Tradesy, Treadflip, Twice and thredUP. The common feature of these websites is that they provide a "shortcut" for users to realize their second-hand clothes. They usually adopt the consignment mode, while others sell the collected second-hand clothes to users after being selected and standardized by websites.

In addition, titanium media’s special column "New Company in Silicon Valley" once introduced the startup Gone, which is also aimed at the transaction of second-hand goods, making it as simple for users to sell second-hand goods as buying new ones. There are only a handful of recycling platforms for women’s second-hand clothes in China. Titanium media introduced such a platform at the women’s entrepreneurship forum of BT Innovation Week (for details, please refer to the previous report "Who said that beauty can only be a vase, that’s just our hobby").

In contrast, the domestic second-hand goods trading e-commerce is much more bleak. At present, Taobao, 58 Tongcheng, Jiji. com and many local portal websites mainly provide second-hand goods trading services. Because the special second-hand products can’t solve the distrust factor to a great extent, and the supervision and restriction after the product transaction are not perfect, the domestic second-hand goods transaction is still dominated by cars.


The following are other major investment and financing events included by Titanium Media this week (April 19-25):

4/24/15?Point-to-point massage received a $5 million investment in Series A.

Diandian is an O2O technology company that provides on-site health care services such as health massage. Recently, the company has received $5 million in Series A investment, led by 58 Home and Yingdong Investment, followed by Gaorong Capital. Point-to-Point Massage was established in October 2014. In the month of its establishment, it was invested by Zhang zhen, a partner of Gaorong Capital, with an investment of RMB 10 million. After nearly half a year’s development, Beijing and Shanghai stations have been opened, and Hangzhou station will be launched in early May. Last week, they just accessed the first batch of "58 Home" one-stop home service platform.


On 4/24/15, Keruyun received a 66 million yuan B round investment.

Keruyun is a catering O2O technical service provider, and its products include mobile APP "location finding" and intelligent cloud restaurant system, etc. Recently, the company received 66 million yuan in Series B investment, led by Baidu and Tianxing Capital, followed by Jinglin Investment and Kaixing Capital. The company was established in August 2012. Unlike other catering O2O enterprises, Keruyun focuses on the B-end, providing SaaS services that combine software and hardware with cloud integration for catering enterprises. At present, the profit of Keruyun mainly comes from the rental fee of service terminal equipment and the commission of mobile payment transaction.


4/23/15?The campus part-time recruitment platform Tanlu received 10 million yuan angel investment.

Deer exploration is a part-time platform for college students. Apart from exempting agency fees, it makes part-time jobs safer through the platform’s guarantee mechanism. The company recently received 10 million yuan of angel investment and Lanchi Venture Capital investment. Investors believe that the part-time job market for college students has a scale of tens of billions at least, and it also has the unique advantages of high frequency, high customer unit price and clear interest chain. From this high frequency point, it can penetrate into the social part-time market of 100 billion levels vertically, and even the larger blue-collar recruitment market, and it can be extended to the whole college student market horizontally, which is one of the few big outlets.


4/23/15 Sweetheart Rock Salad completed tens of millions of A rounds of financing.

Sweetheart Rock Salad is an O2O e-commerce brand that focuses on the staple food salad, and is committed to providing office white-collar working meals for female users. The company recently announced the completion of tens of millions of A rounds of financing. This round of financing was jointly invested by Competitive World and Huaying Capital, with Fangchuang Capital as its financial advisor.


4/23/15 parking service received $30 million in Series B investment by applying ZIRX.

ZIRX was established in March 2014. It is an on-demand mobile parking service application. Users can make an appointment for the younger brother to go to his location, and then let him drive to a nearby cooperative parking lot, which reduces the time for users to find parking spaces. At present, ZIRX has received a $30 million Series B investment, led by Bessemer Venture Partners.


4/22/15?Group Lending Network, a P2P online lending platform, received nearly RMB 500 million in Series B financing.

Group loan network serves small and medium-sized enterprises and personal financing business. Its "You and Me Finance" mobile app pioneered the "social public security finance" model, which connects the three roles of borrowers, investors and guarantors through social interaction to form a closed-loop ecological circle, allowing natural persons to act as guarantors, thereby fragmenting the risk of loan guarantee, while the platform only acts as an information intermediary.This round of financing is led by Jiuding Investment, followed by Shi Yuzhu and a number of investment institutions. The details are expected to be disclosed at the press conference next month.


4/22/15/107 received an angel investment of 10 million yuan.?

Room 107 is an internet intelligent rental platform connecting tenants and landlords. Through the self-developed "Totoro intermediary identification system", the intermediary houses or tenants are filtered, so that tenants can rent houses with landlords conveniently. The company recently received 10 million yuan of angel investment and Hongtai Fund investment.


4/22/15 Freshdesk, a SaaS company, received $50 million in Series E financing.

Freshdesk is a customer support platform based on cloud services, which helps enterprises and customers interact with each other conveniently on social platforms and mobile platforms. IT also owns the IT service platform Freshservice, which can be used to replace the traditional complex IT support system.This round of financing was led by early investors Tiger Global, followed by Accel Partners and Google Capital. Financing will help the company optimize its products and expand its global business scale.


4/21/15?Guagua car wash, 58 months old, beautiful home to get 58 investment in the same city.

Guagua Car Wash is an O2O platform that focuses on door-to-door car wash service. The first order is free, and then each order only needs 19 yuan, and each car wash takes about 20 minutes. Professional car wash technicians will come to your door to wash your car. Recently, the company obtained the investment from 58, a subsidiary of 58 cities. At the same time, when 58 arrived home, he also invested in a door-to-door makeup startup company, Meijia, Yueyue O2O Tianjin Lejia Yueyue and renamed it 58 Yueyue.


4/21/15 Building blocks completed the $84 million Series C financing.

Building Block is an Internet financial platform to solve the financing and loan needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, providing P2P lending, WeChat personal financial assistant and other services. Recently, the company announced the completion of the $84 million Series C financing, led by Investec, followed by Mandra Capital, Xijin Capital, Haitong Kaiyuan, Jingwei China, Heyu Investment, Xiaomi Company, Shunwei Capital and Yintai Capital.


4/21/15 Rebate. com announced that it had completed the financing of nearly $100 million in the C round.

Rebate. com is a "third-party rebate shopping guide" platform for online shopping points industry. The company recently announced the completion of the C round of financing of nearly 100 million US dollars, which was led by Lotte Japan. After the completion of this round of financing, the rebate network is valued at $1 billion. Ge Yongchang, CEO of Rebate.com, introduced that since the end of 2013, Rebate.com has launched the brand sale business "Super Return". Through cooperation with brand official website and flagship stores of e-commerce platforms, dozens of brands are selected to carry out new product sales every day, and each activity lasts for one week, giving members an average rebate of 45%. At present, "Super Return" has become the core business of the platform.


4/21/15 Oscar, an online medical insurance service company, received $145 million in Series B investment.

Founded in January 2014, Oscar is an online medical insurance service company. By carefully designing the process and simplifying the bill payment procedures, users can establish contact and exchange with doctors through websites and mobile phones, and provide more friendly medical insurance solutions. At present, Oscar has received $145 million in Series B investment, with Li Ka-shing and Goldman Sachs participating.


4/20/15?Car maintenance service O2O platform car ants received $20 million in Series A financing.

Car ants adopt C2B+O2O mode. Car owners submit their requirements on the car ant platform, and the platform pushes the requirements to special merchants. Merchants give corresponding plans and quotations, and car owners choose the most satisfactory plan to make an appointment and purchase, thus realizing one-stop car life service. This round of financing is led by Kaixuan Venture Capital, followed by Chenxing Venture Capital, and the funds will be used for the research and development of new O2O service products.


4/20/15 Wechat third-party service provider Weimeng received RMB 150 million in Series B financing.

Weimeng’s products and services mainly include social distribution platform SDP and personal free shop opening platform V Store app. This round of financing was led by Golden Ham, followed by Huaying Capital, and another individual strategic investor. So far, Weimeng’s valuation has exceeded 800 million yuan. The funds will be used to build three product systems: supplier’s product quality control system, V-store owner’s credit system and consumer protection system.


4/20/15 Cloud, a developer of face recognition technology and products, obtained a strategic investment of 50 million yuan from technology.?

Yuncong Technology is a developer of face recognition technology and products. Its technical core is to solve the problem of poor universality of face recognition in various complex environments through target depth analysis based on heterogeneous deep neural networks. At present, Yunyun has received 50 million yuan strategic investment from science and technology, and Jiadu Technology has invested.


4/19/15?Intellectual property legal services, e-commerce intellectual property rights, received $3.7 million in Series A financing.

Zhiguoguo mainly serves small and medium-sized enterprises, providing legal services such as company registration, trademark registration and patent application. Under the policy environment of mass entrepreneurship, with the explosive growth of startup companies, intellectual property legal services also have great market potential.This round of financing was led by Jingwei China, followed by Lenovo Star, and the valuation of Zhiguoguo reached RMB 100 million. The financing will be used for promotion, team expansion and product improvement.


4/19/15 The net fund raised in the real estate crowdfunding platform won the Pre-A round investment of 18 million US dollars.

Zhongchouwangjin is a professional real estate crowdfunding network platform, which provides real estate investment services for users through crowdfunding and the low threshold of "100 yuan can invest in real estate". The company recently revealed that it has obtained 18 million US dollars of Pre-A round investment, and the investor is a listed company.