1905 movie network exclusive feature Bamboo dragonfly, time machine, arbitrary door, memory bread, transparent cloak … … With the landing on the mainland cinema on the 28th, the long-lost "Blue Fatty" returned to the big screen with future props. Among the animated films released in the first half of this year, apart from the Hollywood blockbuster, this one can be said to be one of the films with the strongest box office appeal.


    For a long time, animated films are often considered as things for children to watch — — Naive plot, flat characters, and too simple and rude world outlook are a common problem of this kind of films. At this point, even the original comic book of Doraemon, which has been serialized for more than 1300 times, has been vomited from time to time. However, this big movie has made many adult fans cry like dogs, which makes people wonder what magic this big movie used, so that such a classic IP that was originally for young people touched the vast adult audience.

The true confession of my father and Shizuka on the eve of their wedding is full of poetry, which is the first tear in this film.


[Redevelopment of Family Fun IP]

Classic story seamless series 3D new bottles of old wine "fan" you didn’t discuss.


    In order to make the IP of young children become "Family Fun IP", first of all, the story must be able to make audiences of different ages find their own resonance: the "post-80s generation" who grew up watching Doraemon cartoons on TV at 6: 30 every night may be more "reminiscing about the past"; Children after "zero zero" and "one zero" may still be attracted by Doraemon’s chubby appearance and various imaginative future props; Even the audience of "post-1950 s" and "post-1960 s" believe that tears may not come to their eyes when they see Jingxiang’s father’s poetic heartfelt words on the eve of her wedding. Friendship, love, affection, family values, this seemingly animated film for children actually has a very rich adult connotation.


    At the same time, "reckless, stupid, tired of learning, cowardly, lazy, slow, timid, confused, unreliable, worthless, with poor memory, no exercise, get carried away, and love to spoil … …” Nobidaxiong, the hero of Doraemon, is almost a complete Loser. In recent years, we have really seen too many cartoons of the department of blood, the department of pure love and the department of brain burning. It is not the love disease of the second grade teenagers, but the heroes become demons and bloody massacres. The low-profile daily setting like Doraemon can easily arouse the deep sense of identity of the young people who are struggling for their careers.

Daxiong, who is almost useless, is as ordinary as a passerby, but it also makes us feel kind.


    As far as the story itself is concerned, Dream of Doraemon: Walk with Me cleverly weaves seven classic stories in the original book, such as Coming from a Far Country in the Future, Romance in Snow Mountain, Wedding Eve of Daxiong, Goodbye Dream of Doraemon and Dream of Doraemon is Back, with clear clues and seamless story connection. — The new work is complete and independent, but it forms a subtle distance from the original. In addition, although a theatrical version of Doraemon has been published every spring since 1980 (except in 2005), the new work is the first time to turn a two-dimensional animation into a three-dimensional animation and land in the cinema in 3D form. "Old wine in new bottles" is also a response to the new era.


The popular prop "time towel" is back.

[Precision marketing has a strategy]

Stir-fried cold rice should also play the "sentimental card" 2D/3D to treat the market differently


    Although no fewer than three Doraemon movies have been imported into China, it has been eight years since Doraemon: Nocturnal Dinosaur was released in China in July 2007, and this Doraemon: Walk with me played the banner of "ending the chapter" before it was introduced, which is very important for the main consumer groups of contemporary movies who always like "mourning for their youth" in the 1980s and 1990s. And the topic marketing in Weibo of "Give yourself a Children’s Day on May 28th" and the gift of 600,000 sets of limited-edition bookmarks nationwide have actually "seduced" many children born after zero zero and one zero.


    But feelings belong to feelings, and the test of the market is accurate and cruel. Therefore, it is necessary to treat these popular IP movies differently according to different market demands. According to Yi En’s consulting, the box office of animated films in China from January to April 2015 accounted for the TOP 5 list, and the list of provinces in descending order was Shanxi (13.27%), Shanghai (12.01%), Hebei (11.98%), Shandong (10.93%) and Beijing (10.54%). On the city list side, Shuozhou City in Shanxi Province actually reached 72.51%, much higher than the 40.04% of the second Daxinganling City. It can be seen that the central region is the key position in the box office battle of animated films.


    In addition, the two-pronged approach of 2D and 3D versions can also achieve the purpose of market segmentation. First-tier cities are the main box office output places of animated films. There are many cinemas with large capacity, and the number of 3D cinemas is far more than that of 2D cinemas, and there are not many 3D films released in the same period. Therefore, the 3D version can get more films by attacking first-tier cities. Cities with four lines and below are also the main box office output places of animated films, and the 2D version has low requirements for cinemas, which meets the screening conditions of such cities. Therefore, the 2D version can compete for the market with the 3D version in two ways, focusing on small and medium-sized cities.

Can the menacing Doraemon "knock down" the beautiful superhero?

[Distribution may be more diverse]

Offline activities and video website cooperation have many battlefields outside the theater.


    Although "Doraemon: Walk with Me" has been downloaded in various high-definition versions long before it was released in mainland China, which will somewhat affect the box office in mainland China, as such an enduring popular IP, its offline activities can earn as much as the development of derivatives. For example, in the first half of last year, the "100 Doraemon Secret Props Expo" swept all the way from Hongkong, Taiwan Province and Shanghai to Joy City in Chaoyang, Beijing. Even a ticket of 50 yuan failed to stop enthusiastic fans, which was enough to show the extraordinary charm of this cartoon idol, which has been born for 46 years.


    At the same time, as a product of the second world, animated films are not as dependent on the big screen as real-life movies. Even if the number of films in the cinema is not large enough, there are too many "rivals" in the screening schedule, and the screening period is not "golden", animated films can still open up follow-up battlefields such as VOD(video on demand) and SVOD(subscription video on demand) and prolong the screening life.


    This year, some video websites in the mainland have also started to introduce the concept of "multi-screen movies", which can be applied to animated movies first. After all, the color details of such films are not as high as those of feature films, and the content is relatively relaxed, which is very suitable for playing on small screens of mobile terminals, buses and airplanes. In fact, this all-round coverage mode can also win a larger and wider audience for such films.