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  Three departments: comprehensively promote the differentiated toll collection of expressways and optimize the toll collection mode.

  The Ministry of Education has set up an off-campus education and training supervision department to regulate activities such as social competitions for primary and secondary school students.

  The number of people participating in China’s basic medical insurance is 1.36 billion, and the participation rate is stable at over 95%.

  This year, China’s express delivery business exceeded 40 billion pieces, and over 3,000 express mails entered the delivery channel every second.

  Live broadcast with goods exposes many problems, and online celebrity can be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison for bringing fake goods.

  Qi Yumin, former party secretary and chairman of Brilliance Automobile Group, was expelled from the party.

  Win! The national football team beat Syria 3-1 to advance to the Asian Top 12 in the preliminaries.

  The House of Representatives of the Japanese National Assembly failed to pass a no-confidence motion against Suga Yoshihide’s cabinet.

  During the European Cup in France, the curfew was strictly violated, and fans who did not go home after 23 o’clock would be severely punished.

  :: The Korean State Council passed the Koo Hara Law: Parents who abandon their children will not inherit.

  A female cashier in a supermarket in the United States asked customers to wear masks and was shot. Retired police officers intervened and were shot.

  The head of the "world’s largest family" died, married 39 wives and gave birth to 94 children, and lived in a scenic spot.

  The number of victims of the flooding accident in Daixian County, Shanxi Province rose to five, and a large number of detonators and explosives were found underground.

  The cultural relics in the collection have been exposed to long hair. Shaanxi Ganling Museum: It is true and has been dealt with.

  Online celebrity suspension bridge in Shaoyang, Hunan Province was broken by tourists, and more than 20 people fell into the water. The accident did not cause any injuries. At present, the farm has been closed for rectification.

  A sudden slope collapse at a construction site in Nanjing caused two deaths and three injuries.

  The purchase of "love insurance" was refused compensation? A court in Jinan ruled that insurance companies perform their duties according to law.

  A bottle of solution to a thousand worries? A woman in Suzhou was cheated of 6500 yuan for online shopping amnesia water after quarreling with her boyfriend.

  See the disaster caused by the sea? A man drove to the beach in Sanya Bay to see the sea, and his car got soaked in the sea.

  Shanghai Customs intercepted a double-hooked heteroptera, which has a wide host and strong ability of boring. It can not only harm standing trees, but also wood and products, and even bore through glass sealant.

  Online celebrity is easy to grow red, but ice cream is a seasonal food, so business can’t be done in one fell swoop.

  — — China News Network commented on Zhong Xuegao’s founder Lin Sheng’s remarks that "Zhong Xuegao’s most expensive one sells 66 yuan, and the cost is 40 yuan. Do you like it or not?"

  The "magic arrow" is in the string! Shenzhou 12 manned mission logo officially released.

  In new york, USA, the 145th Westminster Dog Show was held locally, and the overall champion was won by China dog breed Jingmba.

  The police are on duty at high temperature, and the warm-hearted girl salutes at attention.

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  Editor: Zhao Jin Xie Botao