Focus on 2023 China International Intelligent Industry Expo


  Under the condition that urban roads are not closed, L3/L4 self-driving racing vehicles are mixed with normal traffic flow, which comprehensively tests the comprehensive ability of participating vehicles to deal with emergencies; In addition to voice control, moving your fingers can also control the car-related software; The newly developed power battery is safer and has higher energy density … Entering the exhibition hall of China International Intelligent Industry Expo 2023, a series of new technologies and products about intelligent networked new energy vehicles make the audience seem to enter the future automobile world.

  Developing new energy vehicles is the only way for China to move from a big automobile country to a strong automobile country. From September 4 th to 6 th, the 2023 Zhibo Fair focusing on the annual theme of "Intelligent Networked New Energy Vehicles" was held in Chongqing. During this period, professional meetings, exhibitions, discussions and competitions became an important window to observe the new trends and new trends of the new energy automobile industry. Xinhua News Agency reporter interviewed this year’s Zhibo Fair and learned that intelligent network, intelligent driving and intelligent manufacturing make driving more fun and travel more intelligent, which is leading the profound changes in the automobile industry.


  Intelligent networking makes cars more "smart" and "know you"


  The development of new technologies such as Internet, big data and artificial intelligence makes car interaction possible. "Cars are evolving from vehicles to’ intelligent car robots’." Wang Yongliang, deputy general manager of Chongqing Wutong Chelian Technology Co., Ltd. said. As a joint venture between Tencent and Changan Automobile, Wutong Automobile Association is committed to providing intelligent interactive system solutions for vehicles. Like Tencent, in recent years, many Internet head companies such as Huawei and Baidu have cooperated with car companies to lay out the new energy car market, which has effectively promoted the intelligence of cars.

  At this year’s Zhibo Fair, a number of new energy vehicles equipped with Huawei’s HarmonyOS smart cockpit attracted many viewers to stop and experience; Iflytek showed the "Flying Fish Vehicle Intelligent Audio Management System", which made the car have a better sound effect … "Software-defined car" became the industry consensus, and intelligent networking made the car more "smart" and "understand you".


  Smart energy storage can make "charging as fast as refueling" not far away.


  Energy storage is the focus and pain point of the development of new energy vehicles. At this year’s Zhibo Fair, more reliable batteries, faster charging and smarter new technologies for electricity consumption are gradually eliminating mileage anxiety. Smart energy storage can make "charging as fast as refueling" no longer far away.

  "Semi-solid lithium batteries have less liquid electrolyte content and are safer, smaller in size, faster in charging and higher in energy density." Ma Xin, the person in charge of Chongqing Tailan New Energy Co., Ltd., who participated in the exhibition with the newly developed semi-solid power battery, said. At this year’s Zhibo Fair, a number of exhibitors of power batteries indicated that they were accelerating the research and development of semi-solid and solid-state batteries, and some enterprises brought technologies such as "a new generation of liquid-cooled overcharge, one kilometer per second" and "0-80% only takes 7.5 minutes to charge quickly", which attracted the attention of the industry.

  How to balance the electricity demand of new energy vehicles and other industries? State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Company demonstrated the technical achievements such as "Super Optical Storage and Charging Integration" and "Charging Infrastructure Monitoring Platform" at this year’s Zhibo Fair, and used big data services such as power peak shaving and intelligent management of charging facilities to help the coordinated development of new energy vehicles and power systems.


  The "smart car" drives on the "smart road" and cooperates with the automatic driving to iteratively upgrade.


  With a "smart car", there must also be a "smart road", and the cooperation between the car and the road allows the automatic driving to be iteratively upgraded. On the intelligent traffic sand table in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area of Zhibo Fair, various car models shuttled back and forth smoothly and orderly, vividly showing the scene of vehicle-road collaborative application to the audience. As a national-level vehicle networking pilot area, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area has vigorously built a vehicle-road cooperative road. At present, there are 11 self-driving buses with a cumulative mileage of 97,000 kilometers.

  At the "50-person Forum on Vehicle-Road Cloud Integration, Innovation and Development" of this year’s Zhibo Fair, many industry experts believed that the coordination of vehicles and roads in China and the overall development of vehicles and Lu Yun will promote the commercialization of high-level autonomous driving and the construction of smart cities.


  Advanced intelligent manufacturing technology greatly improves the process quality of the whole vehicle


  Limited colors, a thousand cars, personalized configuration need to be modified by themselves … Traditional mass production of cars can hardly meet the "personal tailor" demand of consumers.

  "In the past, the car purchase process was that consumers first placed an order at the 4S shop, and then the 4S shop contacted the superior dealer or car company to pick up the car. Now consumers can place orders directly on our platform, choose the required configuration and color, and the orders will be synchronized to the automobile factory to achieve personalized customization. " In the China Unicom exhibition area, the relevant person in charge pointed to the 5G industrial control platform jointly developed with a car company, saying that this model can promote the car company to change from "fixing production by production" to "fixing production by sales", allowing consumers to directly connect with manufacturers and even participate in product design and manufacturing.

  Industrial Internet platform, welding robot, unmanned intelligent van, intelligent warehousing and logistics platform … Many automobile supporting enterprises demonstrated advanced intelligent manufacturing technology at Zhibo Fair, which not only greatly improved the technological quality of the whole vehicle, but also promoted the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and equipment.

  Electrification, intelligence, digitalization … It is not difficult to see from the 2023 Zhibo Fair that intelligent networked new energy vehicles will continue to "break through the barriers and seize the pass" on the road of innovation, injecting strong kinetic energy into China’s move towards a powerful automobile country.


  This group of pictures is based on Xinhua News Agency.