On July 13th, according to the official report of Wuling, the world’s first vehicle equipped with DJI’s in-vehicle intelligent driving system, the first production vehicle of the 2023 KiWi EV, was officially launched, and it is planned to be launched in August. The car is built with the highest certification standard of GMS-BIQ4 global manufacturing quality system, ensuring that every car leaves the factory with high quality. In addition, the car has completed 16 core function tests and verifications such as ACC/AEB/TJA, with more than 10,000 test cases.

Appearance: the new car adopts high-gloss laser style design, and high-gloss treatment is carried out in the front grille area, rearview mirror, waist line of door panels on both sides, tailgate glass and so on; Its body color originally had three colors of rouge, emerald and dazzling night, and then three futuristic digital trendy colors of mocha, twilight and matcha were added, with a total of six colors for users to choose from; Coupled with the cute front and short-welded refined body, the car gives people a different sense of fashion aesthetics. According to the official statement, the car is based on Hyper-Future’s trendy aesthetic design concept.

Interior: The new car will provide the choice of two kinds of interior color matching in the future: silver and Star Black. The seat is made of a large number of suede materials and rhombic quilting technology, and a storage cup holder and a 12V car power supply are added in the middle, which can be used to connect the intelligent driving recorder. In addition, the new car will adopt a dual screen design consisting of a 10.25-inch dashboard and a 10.25-inch touch screen. The central control screen adopts an atomic desktop layout design, which can realize desktop customization and support voice interaction, multimedia audio and video, map navigation, car control settings and other functions.

The power has not changed. According to the current model as a reference, the maximum power and torque of the new car motor are 40kW and 150 N, with a battery capacity of 31.9kWh. The pure electric cruising range of NEDC is 305km, and it takes one hour to charge the battery from 30% to 80% in DC fast charging mode.

After reading the introduction of the new car, let’s take a look at the sales performance of the old Baojun KiWi EV in 2022. At present, the official price of the current model is 778-86800 yuan, and the cumulative sales of Baojun KiwiEV in the first half of 2022 reached 15,080, ranking ninth in mini-car sales. In June, Baojun KiwiEV sold 2,594 vehicles, down 12.57% from the previous month, ranking eighth in mini-car sales.

Finally, the biggest highlight of the car is that it is equipped with DJI’s in-vehicle intelligent driving system. As early as 2016, DJI has begun to lay out the intelligent driving field. In one year, the intelligent driving system in Dajiang can be normalized and tested on a large scale in various road scenes. By the end of 2020, DJI won more than 1,000 patents in intelligent driving and related fields, and we all know that DJI technology is leading the world in the field of drones. By applying the technology of drones to intelligent driving, it can catch up with or even surpass some new forces. I believe that Baojun KiWi EV2023 can achieve good results after its launch.