"Come on!" In the Gymnasium of Qujing Cultural and Sports Park, Yunnan Province, the Wushu project of the 2023 Traditional Sports International Exchange Competition is under way. The contestants are full of energy, and each move and style is full of strength and charm, which brings you a visual feast of oriental martial arts.

The players from the Overseas Chinese Federation of Korea made the audience applaud with their flowing movements and free moves. They also won the first place in the eight methods and five steps of overseas collective projects with a score of 8.59.

"We carefully selected eight players for training for more than a month and made sufficient preparations for this competition." Wang Weiyue, president of the Korean Overseas Chinese Federation and president of the Korean Chinese Wushu Association, said, "Because of our strong motherland, we are more comfortable in promoting China Wushu overseas, hoping that Wushu can really go global."

Xiong Yabing, a professor at the School of Physical Education of Yunnan Normal University, is not only a contestant in this competition, but also responsible for the promotion of students’ Wushu in Yunnan Province. "Wushu is our national quintessence. As China people, we have the responsibility and obligation to carry it forward. This competition has built a platform for mutual learning and common improvement. I will also share my experience with my students and pass on the martial arts spirit to the next generation. "

The enthusiasm of inheriting Chinese culture is also ignited in Qujing Cultural and Sports Park Art Museum. Many Go and chess players make friends with chess and enjoy the joy of playing chess. Wang Mingxia, president of Kunming Chess Association, competed with Pei Jinling of Singapore Weiqi Association. With the pieces falling one by one, the chess game became increasingly fierce, and finally Wang Mingxia won the game.

"It is not important to win or lose the competition. What is important is to make more overseas friends and let our traditional culture go out. Yunnan is located in the border of the motherland and borders many countries. Holding a traditional sports international exchange competition in Yunnan is conducive to promoting the traditional sports of Go abroad. " Wang Mingxia said.

"I am very happy to have a chess game with excellent teachers. Although I lost the game, I gained new friendship." Pei Jinling is not only not sad about losing the game, but a little excited about being able to compete with the master. "In Singapore, not only Chinese people like to play chess, but people of different races like Go. Although the languages are different, everyone’s love for Go brings us closer together. I will also bring the harvest of this competition back to Singapore, so that more people can learn new Go knowledge. " Pei Jinling said.

He Shengbin, a second-class chess player who works for State Grid Ningxia Electric Power Co., Ltd., is participating in this kind of chess exchange competition for the first time. He said: "I thought that the level of domestic players would be higher than that of overseas Chinese, but I didn’t expect overseas Chinese players to be talented in large numbers. I have to think carefully every next step. I am very grateful to have such a good game that we can exchange and learn with so many chess friends. "

The 2023 Traditional Sports International Exchange Competition is not only a sports competition, a mass sports activity, but also a comprehensive display of external image and a sports feast that radiates all over the world. This competition takes the competition as a bridge, inherits and promotes the traditional sports culture of China, promotes the exchanges and interactions among overseas Chinese in the world, and provides a platform for China’s traditional sports to further go international. (From December 19th, China Sports Daily, 05 edition)

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