The movie "Extreme Assistance", which was renamed from "Northeastern People Are Living Lei Feng", exposed the pilot trailer. This cinema blockbuster that fans have been waiting for for a long time finally unveiled the mystery for the audience. The film is directed by Xue Cun Yu Qing and his wife, and will be released nationwide on January 12, 2024. The film story is based on the real events of folk volunteers in China, and shows the audience the most ordinary and ordinary China people’s selfless dedication and great feelings in silently guarding their homes and supporting their compatriots with their lives.

The film "Extreme Aid" is co-starred by powerful actors such as Xue Cun, Eva Huang, Vision Wei, Wang Qianyuan, Yu Qing, Bao Beier, Lin Yongjian, Cheng Ye, Xiu Rui, Du Haitao, Li Rui, Chen Dongyang, Zhang Liwei, Cheng Yizhan, Han Jinzhu, Platinum Platinum Platinum, Quan Liqun, Zhou Chao, Wang Yunzhen, Liu Xiao, etc. Their participation has brought to the film. The audience can not only look forward to the compactness of the plot and the ups and downs of suspense, but also appreciate the excellent performances of the actors and the delicate portrayal of the roles.




The pilot trailer shows the super-high level of film production and shocking visual effects. As can be seen from the trailer, the film has carefully built steep scenes and S-level special effects. The wolf in the film is extremely amazing, with a powerful and domineering appearance and distinct hair roots. Every frame is full of tension and excitement. At the same time, the film’s super-high all-inclusive lineup and their respective characters can also be displayed in the trailer, which makes the audience’s expectations for the film even higher.

Many netizens have expressed their special appreciation for films with strong content, such as Extreme Aid, especially for the folk volunteers who have been quietly paying for their own money for so many years and doing their best to charge wherever necessary. I hope that through this film, I can learn the true story of folk volunteers, see the selfless dedication of volunteers to save lives and even the country, and feel the brilliance and warmth of their humanity. At the same time, it will convey to the world the indomitable spirit of struggle and mutual assistance of the people of China. I believe that this masterpiece, which combines real events and film art, will not only bring an extremely shocking audio-visual feast, but also let more audiences feel the endless strength and kindness and love of the people of China in extreme environments!