Original title: "Lighting Store" broke through 100 million at the box office in the first week (cited topic)
"Mirror" and "Image" (Theme) of Cartoon Adaptation Film
Qilu Evening News reporter Liu Zongzhi
Since its release on December 8th, the movie "Lighting Store" based on Jiang Cao’s cartoon of the same name has grossed more than 146 million yuan in its first week. In recent years, Fuck off, tumor jun, Get my brother out of here, and Moon Man, I love you! A number of films such as "Mangai" were born, which gained a good reputation and market response.
"Man Gai Ying" was recognized
The film Lighting Store is directed by Cai Er, starring Zhang Ruonan, Bai Yufan, Liu Yijun and Huang Chengcheng. The film tells that Xu Nian, a nurse, and Zheng Manxin, her boyfriend, moved into the apartment near the lighting store. She found that everyone here had their own secrets. When she walked into the store, the answer was gradually revealed … The film as a whole continued the warm trend of the original, giving people healing and moving.
Jiang Cao, the cartoonist, is famous for "serializing creepy love stories in hot summer". The cartoon "Lighting Store" scored 9.1 points, and was named as "masterpiece" by netizens, praising its "rough painting style, top plot", "horror in front, tears in the back, warm core and strict logic". When "Lighting Store" just heard the rumor of film and television, the original fans once said: "The plot is here, as long as the film is connected in series, it is still very worth looking forward to."
The original story is very full, like an emotional puzzle, and it is incomplete without one piece. The shadow version of Lighting Shop is recreated through ingenious plot setting, unique fantasy tone and symbolic expression, which is in the same strain as the original, and injects distinctive personality and emotional color on the basis of the original, making the characters in the comics audible and sensible. The overall emotional atmosphere is just right, and the director’s skill can be seen. However, judging from the feedback from the audience, the Lighting Store still has the common problem of "the plot is too simple and the sensation is too hard".
In June this year, Jiang Cao’s other cartoon "I love you! "has been put on the screen, with himself as the screenwriter and Han Yan as the director, which has restored an old love story with warmth and tears. This story is very consistent with the temperament of Han Yan’s works. Four old people and two lovers fell in love with each other hard and purely when they entered the final chapter of their lives, and they burst into strong vitality and appeal. The leading actors Dahong Ni and Kara Wai both contributed moving acting skills.
I love you! "It’s not the first time that Han Yan directed the film" Man Gai Ying ".As early as 2015, the film" Fuck off! "directed by Han Yan was adapted from the comic book of the same name in Xiong Dun. Tumor jun, with its novel film language and changeable painting style, explores the road of innovation for domestic films, and also shows the market the potential of adapting cartoons into live-action films. Since then, "Get My Brother Away" and Moon Man’s reckless live-action movies have been recognized by the audience. It is understood that director Wu Ershan’s live-action movie based on the comic book "Under One Man" has also been launched.
"Reducibility" is the soul
"Mangaiying" refers to a film work that is adapted from comic works and performed by real actors. The Japanese film "The Rogue Sword Heart" was once praised as "the most restored work in history", and the superb acting skills of the actors added icing on the cake to the original. The earlier Japanese film Death Note was evaluated as unable to present the special effects of the original, but the performances starring Tatsuya Fujiwara and Matsuyama Kenichi were affirmed by the audience. The most representative comic book adaptation film series is a series of superhero movies by Marvel Comics, such as the The Avengers series, which have achieved double harvest in box office and word of mouth.
In recent years, the number of such films released in the domestic film market has increased, such as "Fuck off!" in 2015. Tumor jun, So Married with Black Powder in 2016, I’m a Killer Maid and Midnight Food Store in 2017, Animal World and Get My Brother Out of here in 2018.
For movies adapted from comics, comics and movies are the relationship between "mirror" and "image", "source" and "stream". The theme, characters, story, situation and narrative style of comic works are the foundation of film and television re-creation, and balancing the plot, the fit between actors and the original is the most important. The key to the success of "diffuse shadow change" lies in "reduction degree" Comics selected for adaptation are often hot IP, which has a wide popularity and fan audience, and reserves a viewing group for the diffuse film, which has natural advantages. For example, the cartoon "Get My Brother Away" focuses on family elements, and skillfully takes "brotherly love" as the narrative support point. The film of the same name introduces social hot issues into the plot construction of the film, and depicts the brotherhood of the reorganized family, long live and lucky, in addition to the protagonist, second of time and his brother and sister. This adaptation operation greatly enriches the ideographic space of the film, which not only has a high degree of restoration, but also carries a deeper humanistic concern.
Source: Qilu Evening News