Beijing, Jan. 16 (Reporter Wu Tao)-The Spring Festival ticket grabbing war has become heated. From tomorrow, you can buy train tickets for New Year’s Eve (the 30th day of the twelfth lunar month). Because New Year’s Eve is the first day of the legal holiday of the Spring Festival in 2018, there are not a few people who choose to take the train home that day, and the difficulty of grabbing tickets can be imagined.

  Tickets for popular trains in many places are tight.

  According to the 2018 national Spring Festival travel rush video conference, this year’s Spring Festival travel rush started on February 1st and ended on March 12th, with a national passenger volume of about 2.98 billion, of which the railway is expected to send 388 million passengers, up 8.8% year-on-year.

  China Railway Corporation revealed on the 15th that as of January 14th, the peak of the first round ticket sales of Spring Festival travel rush Railway in 2018 passed smoothly, with many indicators such as single-day sales volume and 12306 website visits reaching record highs. By January 14th, a total of 133.067 million tickets had been sold by various ways, with an average daily ticket sales of 11.089 million, a year-on-year increase of 3.2%.

  According to the data, on January 12th, 12306 website provided 72 billion times of residual ticket inquiry service, with 81.34 billion page views and 10.297 million tickets sold all day, all of which reached record highs.

  The reporter’s inquiry on the 12306 website shows that some popular routes, such as Beijing-Guangzhou, Guangzhou-Zhengzhou and Shanghai-Changsha, have few tickets left, and they were quickly snapped up after the tickets were released.

  In addition, even in places with more trains, the situation of buying train tickets is still tight. On the 15th, the reporter tried to buy the train tickets from Beijing to Dezhou on February 13th. Tickets were released at 12:30. Within one minute, only three trains were left with more tickets. You know, there are 66 trains on this line that day.

  According to a report released by Tongcheng Tourism, Spring Festival travel rush, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Xiamen and Wuhan are the ten most difficult departure cities for train tickets this year.

  "From the data point of view, the number of people taking trains has increased significantly this year." The relevant person in charge of Ctrip told the reporter of Zhongxin. com that on the one hand, this is directly related to the improvement of railway capacity. With the improvement of railway capacity, the railway covers more places, but it also indirectly causes the shortage of tickets for some popular trains.

  Data Map: On January 3, 2018, the first day train tickets in Spring Festival travel rush were officially put on sale, and the train tickets on New Year’s Eve (February 15) will be put on sale from January 17. China News Service reporter Yang Yanmin photo

  Tickets can be purchased by strategies such as "detour" and "missing"

  Can’t get a train ticket online? Don’t worry, these tips may be useful to you. First of all, keep in mind the ticketing time. There are 21 ticketing time points on the 12306 website, that is, from 8: 00 to 18: 00, new tickets are available for sale at every hour and half-hour. Remember the ticketing time of the train you bought and be prepared for ticketing.

  In addition, judging from the situation in previous years, the direct train tickets between the two places are often robbed quickly. At this time, we might as well use the "detour" strategy. For example, Beijing-Lanzhou has two high-speed trains every day, but Beijing-Xi ‘an has 21 high-speed trains every day, and it is also convenient for Xi ‘an to go to Lanzhou, with 14 high-speed trains every day. Therefore, from Beijing to Lanzhou, it is really impossible to get a direct train ticket. You can go to Xi ‘an first and then go back to Lanzhou.

  Trying to buy tickets in many ways is a key to success. If you can’t book online, you can buy tickets by offline window or telephone. Of course, telephone booking can also adopt the "detour" strategy. If the local booking telephone can’t get through, you can add the telephone area code of other cities in your province and try again, and it is best to use a fixed telephone.

  In addition, you can also buy tickets by "missing". Because the 12306 website stipulates that those who have not exchanged paper tickets and are not later than 30 minutes before departure can apply for a refund on the website, so you can go and see if there are any tickets left 30 minutes before the train leaves.

  In addition, the 12306 website may be refreshed again 45 minutes after the tickets are released on the first day of pre-sale. At this time, there may be unpaid tickets returned to the system. According to the news of China Railway Corporation, according to the law, the refund is relatively concentrated at the time nodes such as 15 days, 48 hours and 24 hours before driving. At this time, those who have not grabbed the ticket can go to "leak".

  Data Map: This year, the pre-sale period of train tickets in Spring Festival travel rush still continues the previous regulations, and the longest pre-sale period of internet and telephone is 30 days. China News Service reporter Yang Yanmin photo

  Try other means of transportation to go home.

  If you still can’t get the train ticket, try other means of transportation, such as airplanes or cross-city hitchhiking. These modes of travel are accepted by more and more people. According to the data of Didi Shunt, during the period of Spring Festival travel rush in 2017, a total of 8.48 million passengers were transported for cross-city travel, an increase of 3.46 times compared with the same period in 2016.

  However, it should be noted that even if you fly, you should buy tickets early. The reporter’s online inquiry shows that some routes such as Beijing-Harbin are basically full-price tickets, and many flights also show "less tickets".

  In addition, if your hometown is a tourist city, you must also pay attention to buying tickets early, because not only fellow villagers but also tourists from all over the country are grabbing tickets with you. Qunar. com’s big data shows that in previous years, ticket grabbing on popular routes has become hot, and the average fare for flights to Sanya in Beijing, Shanghai and other places three days before the Spring Festival has risen to more than 3,000 yuan; Some routes have only first class left.

  Of course, you can also use a variety of transportation combination strategies, which can not only go home smoothly, but also save money. Take the direction from Yangzhou to Nanning on February 11th as an example, the lowest price of direct flight ticket on that day is 1370 yuan, while the lowest price of train ticket+air ticket from Yangzhou to Nanjing first and then to Nanning is only 1187.5 yuan, which is cheaper than the direct flight ticket, which is close to 200 yuan.

  The ticketing software is not working well this year.

  It is worth noting that this year’s ticketing software is not easy to use. The reporter bought the Beijing-Dezhou train ticket on February 13th, specified several trains, and started a ticketing software before releasing the ticket, but still failed to grab the ticket.

  On the 15th, the reporter also tried to buy the high-speed rail ticket from Beijing to Guangzhou on February 13th on another ticketing software. The software showed that it had been brushed for more than 1,000 times but failed to grab the ticket. Some users told reporters, "In previous years, 30 yuan increased its price, and I bought a ticket on a ticketing software. I brushed it several times this year, but it still doesn’t work."

  The reporter observed that another reason why the ticketing software is not working well this year is that there are fewer refunds. If the ticketing point cannot be grabbed, the follow-up will be more difficult.

  Liu Simin, a travel expert, said in an interview with Zhongxin. com that in recent years, most participants in Spring Festival travel rush, whether petty-bourgeois white-collar workers or migrant workers, have the habit of grabbing tickets online, especially on APP, and many people use the tools to grab tickets. The gap between internet speeds has also widened, but after all, limited resources have led to certain difficulties in grabbing tickets. (End)