Character file

  Lu Xudong, male, born in June 1970, party member of the Communist Party of China, with a college degree, joined the army in December 1990, and transferred to public security work in October 2006. He is now a policeman of the traffic police brigade of Jintan Public Security Bureau in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. He has successively won the honorary titles of National Excellent People’s Police, Model Army Demobilized Cadres in Jiangsu Province, and Top Ten Law Enforcement, Love for the People and Traffic Patrol Police in Jiangsu Province. Won second-class merit and third-class merit once each.

  71-year-old Xie Caibao is the number one photographer in Jintan District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, and has photographed countless people in his 46-year photography career. In the past seven years, he has been staring at a traffic policeman and kept taking 5318 photos.

  Every time it was sent to a local popular online forum, the traffic policeman in the photo attracted netizens to "like" and won the name of "black-skinned traffic policeman". Open these photos, and the reporter of Legal Daily takes you into the story behind each photo.

  Camera 1: The iconic action continues to this day.

  On November 1, 2010, the weather was fine. At that time, Xie Caibao, 65, got up early and rode an electric car to the south park to collect the wind. When he arrived at Hua Luogeng Experimental School, he saw a lot of people and cars gathered at the school gate.

  Xie Caibao, who thought something had happened, rushed to find that there was no accident, but a traffic policeman shuttled through the crowds, opened the doors and took a primary school student to school. Thinking that his movements were very beautiful, Xie Caibao immediately pressed the shutter to capture the picture. However, the peak of sending students passed, and the photo was not satisfactory. Xie Caibao decided to get up early the next day to take a photo, and there was this photo.

  The traffic police who entered the camera was Lu Xudong, a policeman of the traffic police brigade of Jintan Public Security Bureau. Before Xie Caibao filmed him, the continuous action of "opening the door and holding hands to send students" had been repeated for two years, and the wind and rain were not wrong.

  Gao Fei, a Chinese teacher at Hua Luogeng Experimental School, said: "Every morning rush hour, cars, electric cars, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians meet, and accidents often occur. During the period from 6: 45 to 8: 15 in the morning, the school gate can be described as blocked, chaotic, noisy, noisy and many other words. In short, it is a mess. This situation has changed since the arrival of the police officer Lu in 2008. "

  At that time, Gao Fei, who often kept order at the school gate, noticed a detail: the traffic policeman was diligent and loud. When parents of junior students stop, he will open the door for their children, get out of the car to help them carry their schoolbags, and then walk them to the school gate hand in hand. Parents don’t have to get off the bus, so the stay time is shortened from 3 minutes to more than ten seconds, and the traffic situation at the school gate is obviously improved.

  Gao Fei said: "At first, I didn’t get used to it. I thought he was a policeman, but like a hotel doorman, he opened the door for others and held the children with him, which was very inconsistent with the dignified image of the police. Unexpectedly, this special move of police officer Lu never stopped for the next eight years. "

  Xie Caibao was excited by this special move, and constantly recorded Lu Xudong’s iconic posture with a camera, which continues to this day.

  Camera 2: Round trip six or seven times a minute.

  On the morning of January 20, 2011, it was raining and snowing. At 7: 40, the highest peak has passed, but Lu Xudong is still busy, holding the children across the road, and the police uniform is covered with mud and snow.

  Lu Xudong told reporters that the little girl in the photo was in the second grade at that time and is now in the sixth grade.

  Ma Xiaoya, the parent of the student, said that whenever the parents’ car stopped, the police officer Lu would trot up and open the door, holding the children’s car and helping them carry their schoolbags; In the snowy day, in order to prevent the child from falling, he paid attention to carrying the child from behind and was very careful.

  Xie Caibao has made several videos to record Lu Xudong’s busy figure in the traffic. The reporter counted, whether it is raining or sunny, within 1 minute, he has to drive the car door, lead the children out of the car, carry their schoolbags, and send them back and forth six or seven times, so he can only trot during the morning rush hour. Every time the morning rush hour ends, his clothes are sweaty.

  Hua Luogeng Experimental School is a famous local nine-year school, with a total of 4,600 students, about 500 in one grade, and more than 80% of parents drive their children. In the past eight years, most students in the school have been escorted by Lu Xudong.

  In 2014, the school held an essay contest for primary school students, asking to describe a familiar figure. As a result, all the students wrote Lu Xudong. Some students wrote: "Under the scorching sun, in the cold wind, welcome the morning sun and send the sunset glow. Repeated the same posture, again and again, batch after batch, escorted us into the school. His smile is full of warmth, and his eyes are full of warmth. He is us ‘ The most beautiful black policeman ’ !”

  Lens 3: Increase parents’ awareness of civilized driving

  Lu Xudong’s actions silently influenced parents. Xie Caibao said: "It’s hard to see parents blocking the car at the school gate in order to seize the time. With the police officer Lu there, how can they be embarrassed?" When approaching the school, parents will take the initiative to pull over to make it easier for police officer Lu to open the door. When seeing the police officer Lu taking the students across the road, the parents will take the initiative to give up the road, and the police officer Lu will give him a thumbs up. "

  Gao Fei said: "He not only drove the door to hold the children off and escorted them across the road, but also used actions to influence parents to enhance their awareness of civilized driving. In the early years, I saw many parents sitting their children in the co-pilot position. When the police officer Lu picked up the children and got off the bus, he would remind these parents that it is safe to let the children sit in the back row. "

  It is understood that the number of private cars in Jintan has increased from less than 20,000 to 100,000. As the main road connecting east and west traffic, the traffic pressure at the entrance of Hualuogeng Experimental School is huge. Lu Xudong keeps trying to improve the traffic facilities at the school gate. Xie Caibao, who has been taking photos for many years, found changes: the flower beds on the road disappeared, the isolation guardrail was set in the middle of the road, and the pavement on the roadside became shorter … …

  During this period, Lu Xudong repeatedly suggested to the school to leave school at the wrong time to reduce the pressure of picking up children’s vehicles for a short time. Through unremitting efforts, this proposal has been supported by the school and understood by parents.

  Lens 4: Girls with back fractures enter the campus.

  A photo of Lu Xudong carrying a little girl on campus caught the reporter’s attention. According to reports, this photo was taken in the autumn of 2010. The author is Tang Hongwei, the student’s parents. The girl in the photo is her daughter. She was in the fourth grade at Hua Luogeng Experimental School six years ago.

  Tang Hongwei said: "My daughter broke her left ankle in physical education class and had an operation. The child’s father has been working in other places all the year round. I am not as tall as my daughter. It has become the biggest trouble to pick up and drop off the children from school. We went to school by taxi on the first day after surgery, and we were dumbfounded at the school gate. At the time of crisis, Lu Xudong, who was sharp-eyed, saw it, stepped forward quickly, took his daughter out of the car, and when he saw her in plaster, he picked up and walked to and from school on the spot. "

  Tang Hongwei was very moved. He wiped his tears behind Lu Xudong and took out his mobile phone to take this photo.

  Tang Hongwei found that Lu Xudong’s right leg was lame in those days. When he inquired, he knew that his right leg injured in the army had recurred because of the old injury of carrying her daughter.

  Lu Xudong held hands with big hands again and again, which made more and more people feel that the police could be so close.

  Yang Jinzhong, deputy head of Jintan District and director of the Public Security Bureau, said with emotion that he visited local forums several times and saw a large number of netizens "like" Lu Xudong. When Lu Xudong was away from duty for a few days, someone called or wrote to Yang Jinzhong and asked, "These days ‘ Black police ‘ Where have you been? You haven’t been transferred, have you? We need him! "

  Yang Jinzhong said: "A short sentence from ordinary people ‘ We need him ’ It is the highest praise for a policeman. "