Changsha Evening News reported on December 31st in Changsha (all-media reporter Chen Fei) that Tujia people waved their hands, performed witchcraft stunts, and Tujia masters performed Tima’s unique skills … Tonight is New Year’s Eve, and the head office of Pozi Street in Changsha Fire Palace held a New Year’s Day temple fair. A wonderful Zhangjiajie folk art performance of "Great Beauty, Xiaoxiang, Berry, Good Life" is going on, and citizens and tourists gathered at the edge of the century-old "A Cursive Wind" stage to feel it.
In the performance with the theme of Zhangjiajie style, the actors performed Tujia waving dance, folk dance and Tujia folk songs, and also showed the acrobatic skills of Tujia masters in Zhangjiajie performing Tima’s unique skills on the spot. The audience interacted enthusiastically and applauded again and again. "In Hunan’s intangible cultural heritage, western Hunan accounts for 60%. Today, we are showing the intangible cultural heritage to everyone. Let more friends know about our great Xiangxi and our intangible culture. " Zhangjiajie folk actor Wen Jun told reporters. In addition to Xiangxi non-legacy performances. A fair of Xiangxi agricultural products was also held in the fire palace compound. Introduce Zhangjiajie strawberry tea products to Changsha citizens.
At 11: 30 that night, the bonfire party of the Fire Palace for the New Year’s Eve began. On the century-old stage, the authentic traditional Changsha Tanci and Changsha Huagu Opera were performed. It is reported that the Fire Palace New Year’s Day Temple Fair lasted for three days. In addition to the non-legacy performance in Xiangxi, the fans of Changsha Peking Opera Fans Association also took the stage to have a big red Peking Opera show.