On the morning of December 31, the air quality in Nanjing improved, but haze was still visible in the low air.
Yangzi Evening News Network December 31 (Reporter Liu Liu) Since the 27th, there has been a continuous pollution process in China, and Nanjing has also experienced polluted weather for four consecutive days. The reporter learned from the department of ecology and environment that the air quality in Nanjing began to improve today. Although there will still be slight pollution during the day, good weather will be restored on the first day of the new year.
It is understood that due to the static weather, this pollution process in China lasts for a long time and covers a large area. Light pollution began to appear in Nanjing on December 27th, and reached its peak on 28th and 30th respectively. The highest AQI hourly index exceeded 200, and the daily average was moderate pollution for two days. Even in the case of rain on the 30 th, the pollutants have not dissipated, and the extremely strong fog and air pollution are superimposed, and the visibility has dropped sharply, which is rare in recent years.
According to the forecast of the ecological environment department, the air quality was slightly polluted on December 31, with AQI ranging from 105 to 125, and the primary pollutant was PM2.5;; On January 1st, the air quality was good, the AQI range was 65-85, and the primary pollutant was PM2.5. In the coming week, the air will be mainly good.
Proofread Li Haihui