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Recently, Nanjing started the freezing mode, and the temperature at night was as low as MINUS 89 degrees. Even on such a cold night, many young people in Nanjing still enjoy one thing-go and go to night school!

Why is this word, which is quite "chronological", popular again now?

At night school, the "gear of fate" began to turn.

The nightlife in Nanjing is not only in the neon of the city, but also in the windows with lights. In the classroom, with the scissors flying up and down, exquisite paper-cuts are born in the hands of students. No matter portraits or flowers, birds, fish and insects, under the guidance of professional teachers, Xiaobai can also regain their childhood dreams here; In the dance studio, regardless of age and occupation, they stand on tiptoe, and they are the most beautiful ballerinas after work.

Since 2021, Nanjing Workers’ Cultural Palace has carried out the activity of "Ning Gong Shang Xue", which has achieved our little dream in fragmented time, covering four sections of "traditional culture", "artistic accomplishment", "sports health" and "aesthetic taste", and the opening period is full every season. Working during the day and studying arts at night, more young people begin to embrace their favorite things in their busy lives and open their own nightlife in new ways.

Some people come to night school out of the pursuit of hobbies. With a variety of interest courses at a lower price, the "Children’s Palace for Adults" houses their little fun outside of work. Some people are eager to learn "useful skills" at night school, improve their competitiveness in the workplace, and perhaps accumulate more possibilities for the future. Others have nothing to do with motivation or purpose. They may just enjoy learning itself.

In order to meet the needs of citizens’ night reading, Nanjing Jiangbei Library added a "night study room" during the preparation for the opening of the library, which remained open until 22 o’clock; Jianye Library has set up a 24-hour "Late Night Study Room", which provides free service for 6 days a week, and 123 seats are often packed. The Nanjing Library, with the third largest collection in China, has set up the self-service library, which is open 24 hours a day.

Night fell quietly, and the gear of fate began to turn. Every night carries the yearning for a beautiful life and a better life of this "night school students". Nanjing is not without nightlife. In places you can’t see, the dopamine of this young people is being released.

Play tricks, night Jinling more than beer and skittles.

Also carrying a beautiful yearning, there is the Herb Garden outside three pools mirroring the moon. In the eyes of more and more young people, Nanjing’s nightlife is not only full of people eating, drinking and having fun, but also can play famous games in Jinling at night, and it can also play the charm of Wendu.

Just open a "grass paste", people can’t help but sigh: this young man is so good at playing! Enjoy a piece of "The Past of Jinling Wangfu" by the pavilions in Zhanyuan, and watch "Elegant Charm of Ganzhai" at Nanjing Folk Museum for a while. People in the scene are just like in the play; Go to Wumadu Wharf to experience a Yangtze River cruise ship, or go to Confucius Temple to take a trip to Qinhuai original boat to watch the colorful waves rippling; Take advantage of the weekend to go to the Lanyuan Theater next to the Chaotian Palace. The Kunqu Opera that sings on time in the night always reminds you that "spring is so beautiful"; If you are lucky enough to get the tickets, there will always be a performance in Jiangsu Grand Theatre, Nanjing Poly Grand Theatre, Litchi Grand Theatre and Zijin Grand Theatre. You can also satisfy your yearning for classical music in the "forest concert" in Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum on summer nights …

Or, sing a song casually! Let go of the "muddling along" during the day, the difference without identity, and with the flickering fire, young people get together to be the whole youth. In a rooftop music bar without bartenders, dazzling lights and minimum consumption, which can only be closed in rainy days, it has grown into a new business card for punching cards and cultural tours in online celebrity today with the songs of young people. Can carve out a corner where one party can indulge in singing in the night, how can such Nanjing not make people nostalgic?

Or, let’s have a cup together in the street, as long as the circle of friends "orders" and "trunk market" meet on time! There is everything in the "trunk market", such as steaming sausages, cocktails with neon lights swaying, and exquisite small jewelry. What young people like, what is new in the market. As a market that focuses on street culture, this is not the only initiative of Nanjing, but Nanjing is at the forefront of the country under the guidance and encouragement of government documents. Can leave a touch of fireworks for urban youth in the night, how can such Nanjing not be fascinating?

It is better to say that the night in Nanjing has a "playing atmosphere" than that this young people can play. Cultural nights, food nights, music nights and fireworks nights have made many people have a quiet night in Nanjing.

Don’t disturb the gentleness, awaken the diversity of life.

Every time the stars leap on the branches, the merchants along the street always remind the public to control the volume carefully. The tolerant urban character makes it possible to spend more money at night, and Nanjing citizens also take care of this kindness and gentleness. Climbing the Purple Mountain at night is a popular "hot-blooded nightlife" among college students recently. Just at midnight on weekends, crowds of young faces can always be seen at the entrance of the hiking trail beside Jiangwangmiao subway station. Xiao Li, a university student in Nanjing, said that he had climbed with his classmates at night more than once. He said that he had done a lot of strategies before climbing the mountain for the first time, and what impressed him the most was that netizens in Nanjing repeatedly reminded him not to enter the conservation area and not to disturb nature. It is precisely because of this non-interference that many Xiao Li have the opportunity to continue to enjoy the first bright sunshine on the top of Zijin Mountain. Every time I think about it, Xiao Li can’t help but sigh: Well, Nanjing is really nice!

Nanjing’s "ghost market" is a spontaneous early morning market, with more than a thousand stalls stretching for one kilometer, and it is a late-night carnival belonging to night owls. Compared with the stalls that used to focus on wenwan calligraphy and painting, snacks, drinks and recreational activities have also become mainstream projects, and some garbage will inevitably be generated at the scene. Not long ago, some netizens visited the "ghost market" in Nanjing and found that some participants spontaneously brought cartons as garbage bins. The WeChat group also repeatedly called on the stall owners to consciously clean up, so as not to cause trouble to others. It is precisely because of this sense of living up to expectations that stall owners and law enforcement agencies have shown the possibility of changing "catch me if you can".

The night in Nanjing, just like the city of Nanjing, is not only inclusive and colorful, but also warm-hearted and protective of each other.

With a bright moon in the sky, you can be yourself and embrace your future with expectation and enthusiasm. Night is empty, but also energy storage. When the East is white, with accumulated vision and courage, we will spell out a better tomorrow. Here is Nanjing, trying to make you a better self.

Source | Chengxian Street Language is synthesized from Nanjing Radio and Television "Sharp View"

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