Due to the progress of nutrition and training methods, the career of top football players seems to be getting longer and longer. In fact, there are many players who are close to 40 or even over 40 who still play in the top leagues of European football. Here are some players.

Pepe Reina (40)

The former Spain international left Liverpool eight years ago and has since played for Bayern Munich, Naples and AC Milan. Reina has now returned to Villarreal. He made 10 appearances for the Yellow Submarine this season and played an important role in defeating Valencia, Real Madrid and Getafe.

Navas (37)

Navas will always be around 25 years old in our minds. After returning to Seville from Manchester City in 2017, navas played more than 200 games for his hometown club. During that time, he lifted the Europa League title, which was the first time he won the UEFA Cup. Navas is still under contract until 2024.

Dante (39)

When it comes to Dante, most people may immediately recall his role in Brazil’s 7-1 defeat to Germany in the 2014 World Cup. But the fact that the central defender continues to play in one of the major European leagues at the age of 39 may tell you that he deserves more respect than that. In fact, Dante won three consecutive championships during his stay in Bayern Munich, and now he has entered his seventh consecutive season in Nice.

Tiago Silva (38)

In July 2012, thiago silva joined Paris Saint-Germain Football Club. During his eight seasons in Paris Saint-Germain, thiago silva played 315 games for the team, helping the team win the Ligue 1 championship seven times. In August 2020, thiago silva joined Chelsea Football Club as a free agent and helped the team win the Champions League in 2020-21.

Jose Fonte (39)

After Portugal won the European Cup in 2016, Fontaine’s career seemed to end quietly. After leaving Southampton in 2017, he spent an unsuccessful time at West Ham United, and then he moved to Dalian. But after only a few months in China, he returned to Europe to sign with Lille. Font made 200 appearances for Lille.

Ashley Young (37)

The former England international won the league title with Inter Milan in antonio conte after leaving Old Trafford in 2020. He has now entered his second stage at Aston Villa.

Luca modric (37)

He can still be said to be the best midfielder in the world football of his time. He is only one year younger than Andres Iniesta, who has been playing in Japan for the past five years.

David Silva (37)

The Manchester City idol is still a pleasing football player and a key figure in promoting the Royal Society to qualify for the Champions League for the third time.

Huajin (41)

The talented Joaquin played for Spain in the 2002 World Cup and continued to work hard 20 years later. He started for real betis in the Europa League against Manchester United.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (41)

After nearly a year’s absence, he came back from the bench in the 2-0 victory over Atlanta last month. His experience in the dressing room proved invaluable, and he proved to be very handy on the pitch. When he played for the Rossoneri for the second time, he scored 33 goals in 62 Serie A games. Last season, he won the 13th league title in his career. The champions league is still the only major honor he failed to win. With Milan in the quarterfinals, does he have a chance?

Fabio quagliarella (40)

Quagliarella is one of the main players who are proud of the old Italian strikers. He scored 26 goals in the 2018-19 season, beating Cristiano Ronaldo and winning the Serie A top scorer award. Quagliarella hasn’t scored in the 2022-23 season, which is not the deserved ending of his sensational Serie A career.