The second battle of the hot Ruhr Derby season is coming! In the first round, Schalke lost 0-1 away, and Schalke’s defense caused a lot of trouble to Dortmund, forcing the teenager Mukoko to complete the lore near 70.

If this game had been played a month ago, it is estimated that no one would have believed that Schalke could grab points from Dortmund, with the points at the bottom, no offense and a lost goal.

As a result, Schalke began to explode at the end of January. First, it was a surprise for four consecutive 0-0 games, followed by two relegation opponents, Stuttgart and Bochum, who won 10 points in six rounds and scored 9 points in the first 17 rounds.

During this period, Schalke didn’t change coaches, so he bought two or three people in the winter window. Before that, the main force of the injury was still injured, so he beat back the hope of relegation, or the team found the feeling of the game after running in for half a season.

The difficulty of Schalke will increase a lot. As mentioned earlier, Yere, a new left-back in the winter window, and Zhuangyilang were injured together recently. Together with the previous old injuries, Schalke’s lineup has become very untidy. It is doubtful whether we can continue the recent good defensive quality.

But the bigger question comes from Dortmund. The previous wave of 10-game winning streak was almost blown to the sky. As a result, Chelsea were knocked out 0-2 in the Champions League, and Brandt was injured in the game. Adeyemi and Mukoko have to continue to recover. Dortmund’s situation is far from as beautiful as it looks.

Schalke’s defensive efficiency has improved linearly recently, and he has scored points continuously to see the hope of relegation. Dortmund’s defeat in the Champions League also wants to win and find confidence. The data is still more optimistic about Schalke, and Fan is also optimistic about Schalke’s upward determination!