Brest, ranked 15th before the game, ushered in the 27th round of Ligue 1 contest, and Brest took the lead in the home PK game.

Brest has won 1 and lost 1 in the last two rounds of league matches, while the coach team won a wave of three-game winning streak before the game, which shows that the coach team is in a better state than Brest. The two sides have suffered a total defeat in the past 12 games against Brest, and the paper strength of the coach team is enough to crush Brest, so less than 10% fans believe that the coach team at home can overturn the coach team before the game.

At home, the Brest team was started by Mune together with experts such as Milu, Aunola and Duville, while the visiting team was started by Messi together with experts such as Sohler, Mbappé, Ruiz and emeri, and Neymar, Marchionos and Kimpombe were all injured.

In the 38th minute, Mbappé was tackled from the outside with a long-range shot, and Sohler succeeded in making up the shot to help the team get ahead.

In the 44th minute, Aunola equalized the score.

In the 90th minute, Messi sent a spike, and Mbappé scored an empty goal after passing the opponent’s goalkeeper, and Mbappé staged a winner.

In the end, the team won a four-game winning streak by beating Brest, but Brest missed the two-game winning streak. At the first time after the game, the team scored 66 points and continued to lead the standings. At the same time, the team led the second Marseille by 11 points.