On April 23rd, in the men’s singles final in Macau, double slam player Malone faced the world’s second king Chu Qin. As a result, the game was completely one-sided. Malone, who received the service and was completely at loggerheads, was scored 1: 11 by Wang Chuqin in a single game. In desperation, Malone even had to deal with it by cutting his hand.

In fact, Malone faced the speed player more than once and was in an absolute disadvantage. Before, against Zhang Benzhi, the score was also 0: 3, and Zhang Benzhi and Taiwan violently tore, making Malone almost unable to serve the ball. If Malone hadn’t thrown a high serve and interfered with Zhang Ben’s receiving and dispatching rhythm,Malone has long been swept by a Japanese brother 4-0.Also facing the speed-oriented Lin Yunru, Xinxiang Station Malone couldn’t keep up with the rhythm at all, and was beaten left and right. In the final of men’s singles in Macau, facing Wang Chuqin, who is faster and stronger in stalemate, the Dragon Team was almost beaten. On the serve,Don’t handle it like a chopper.. The 35-year-old "old age" is still galloping in the international arena, and Malone’s peak period has long since become a thing of the past. The reason why Malone can still maintain the top 10 ranking in the world and struggle with young players such as Xiao Pang, Da Pang and Da Tou, Malone mainly relies on two abilities at this stage:The first competition experience and changes; The second internal control short technology.

Like Xiao Pang and Da Pang, it is difficult to surpass Malone, that is, the dragon team’s skill in the table is even better than the straight board.Your strength is infinite, but I can’t put it out,After you swung back, I took the lead in pulling you back. This is how Malone won. However, Wang Chuqin, Lin Yunru, Zhang Benzhi and these post-00 s, they can put their hands into the platform.Tear and twist Malone’s serve directly,The Dragon Team had no chance to control short, swing short and lay the groundwork for a forehand attack. Almost after serving the ball, it followed Wang Chuqin’s fast pace. At the age of 35,Playing left and right defense with players who are ten years younger than themselves,Malone doesn’t have that mobility anymore. Xu Xin, as a straight board, was also quite passive because of his short internal control. After being violently screwed up by European players,Xu Xin completely becomes a situation of holding down the backhand and putting the high ball.

Malone also has the ability of stalemate as a backhand, but his scoring system is still dominated by forehand. Liu Guozheng mentioned in his explanation: "Wang Chuqin’s ability to storm on both sides is stronger,I almost use my two sides to hit Malone’s side."From the course of the game, we can also see that Malone’s backhand stalemate and Wang Chuqin’s violent anti-tearing can directly score. Is the dragon team is good at forehand, now in front of the big head is also very difficult to score. Some of Malone’s routines are still useful for winning a foreign association player like lebrun. But,Wang Chuqin went from Beijing team to national team,Always following Malone, Wang Chuqin can guess where the dragon team’s ball hits and how to pave the way in Taiwan with his eyes closed. In 2022, Malone had already swallowed four defeats against Wang Chuqin.This Macau Tournament lost to Wang Chuqin again, which is the fifth time.

Time and tide wait for no man. The Dragon Team lost to Wang Chuqin 0-4 and was beaten 11-1 in a single game. In fact, this is very normal. Just imagine that if Malone is 23 or 24 years old and Xiao Pang and Da Tou are 35 years old, then Fan Zhendong and Wang Chuqin may not be as good as Malone now. From the current point of view,Fan Zhendong and Wang Chuqin are the strongest men’s teams in singles.In the semi-final of the Macau Tournament, the big head also beat Zhang Benzhihe to a dumb fire. Fan and Wang are also ranked in the top two, and maintained this ranking before the Paris Olympics.

Xiao Pang and Da Tou can also be the top two seeds of men’s singles in Paris Olympic Games, which are divided into two and a half zones. Before, what we saw was the men’s singles final of "Long Pang". Now Wang Chuqin has to shoulder the heavy responsibility of meeting Xiao Pang in the men’s singles final in the competition. It is not easy for Malone to reach the final of the international competition at the age of 35. If you go to Paris, it depends on the choice of the coaching staff.And then Malone and Liang Jingkun lost more in foreign wars.

Wang Chuqin’s strong performance in Macau Station has secured the position of the second brother of the men’s team, and Malone eliminated lebrun and held the top half of the men’s singles, which can be regarded as completing the task. Some fans think that Wang Chuqin’s 11: 1 single game against big brother Malone is too unkind and cruel. However, in the 2019 World Table Tennis Championships, Liu Shiwen sent out 11: 0 single games against Ding Ning and Chen Meng. Malone still has the ability to fight back, so he can’t relax after playing such a score. What do you think of this game? Is there a gap in strength between Malone and Wang Chuqin? Welcome to leave a message and discuss, thank you for your attention! I am a teenager riding a horse temple.