This means that the expert group has parachuted to these two places, and it is necessary to check the related gambling problems and see if there are any problems in this area. If it exists, the football players who have been related to this aspect before will be found out, and the follow-up will be severely punished. As a result, great progress has undoubtedly been made in the next anti-corruption campaign in football, including gambling and counterfeiting. Follow-up, perhaps, will also be able to dig out more details about the cases of Chen Xiaoyuan and Li Tie.

After all, whether it’s Chen Xiaoyuan or Li Tie, they have had contact with many senior officials in recent years, especially Li Tie, who has become a recidivist in counterfeiting. Under such circumstances, many Chinese Super League teams may not be spared. If all these teams and players who play fake football are found out later, the Super League will be able to return to a benign environment in the future, and those players with cancer involved in fake football will be completely removed from the industry, so as not to pollute the whole environment. Next, China football can gradually return to the right track.