With the rapid development of aquaculture, China’s veterinary drug industry has also made significant progress in technological innovation and enterprise scale since the country carried out the standardization and rectification of the veterinary drug industry. According to the analysis of statistical data from trade associations, the sales of China’s veterinary drug industry increased from 26.6 billion in 2010 to 62.1 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.86%, showing a steady growth trend as a whole. Mr. Wang Shaohua, an expert in intelligent marketing in China, has been engaged in the sales of veterinary biological products, focusing on market research and analysis, taking precision marketing and quality service as the direction of development, and contributing to the development of intelligent marketing in the industry.

Mr. Wang Shaohua graduated from Zhengzhou University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, and formally entered the smart marketing industry after graduation. At present, Mr. Wang Shaohua is the provincial sales director in Qingdao Yibang Bioengineering Co., Ltd. Established in 1999, Qingdao Yibang Bioengineering Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the field of biological products for more than 20 years. It is a leading global animal protection enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, service and international trade. Companies adhering to the "focus, concentration, professionalism" business philosophy, leading the animal vaccine industry precision research and development and intelligent manufacturing level. In the company, Mr. Wang Shaohua is mainly responsible for managing and assessing the business work of all sales staff in Shanxi Province, taking charge of the company’s large-scale business in Shanxi Province, and liaising with leading companies in Shanxi Province. After years of practice and accumulation, he has laid a solid foundation and has rich professional experience.

(Wang Shaohua famous smart marketing expert)

At present, Mr. Wang Shaohua, who is engaged in the marketing direction of veterinary biological products, has been in the marketing industry for nearly 23 years. He said: "In the field of veterinary drug sales, the innovation and development of enterprises cannot be separated from the insight and analysis of the industry environment and current situation. The marketing environment has changed, and the marketing ideas, models and strategies of enterprises should also change accordingly. With the development and breakthrough of artificial intelligence technology, traditional marketing in many industries is experiencing a subversive revolution. Sales enterprises of veterinary biological products also carry out marketing innovation and reform. Nowadays, information sharing and data collection have been widely used, and their costs are constantly decreasing. What artificial intelligence can do is intelligent analysis and further refinement of data, so that customers’ preferences and ideas can be accurately grasped and intelligent marketing can be truly realized. " Therefore, Mr. Wang Shaohua, a well-known marketing expert in China, made an integrated analysis of the sales market and development trend of veterinary biological products, and innovatively developed a "precision marketing system for veterinary biological products under the background of artificial intelligence", so as to boost the intelligent, digital and accurate application and management of our marketing system. The "Precision Marketing System for Veterinary Biological Products under the Background of Artificial Intelligence" mainly cuts the data into several dimensions, and each dimension stores the corresponding data set, so as to realize accurate directional behavior push or more behaviors for specific dimensions, save labor costs and reduce development costs and maintenance costs.

In this regard, Mr. Wang Shaohua shared: "In the future, artificial intelligence will continue to reshape technology and business. Marketers need to be fully prepared for the ever-changing environment and take it as one of their daily work at present to conform to the human-driven social development. Due to the wide application of artificial intelligence, customers can see more personalized news and advertisements, experience better customized marketing services, and marketing work will become more and more intelligent. " With the continuous progress of science and technology and the increasing market demand, Mr. Wang Shaohua’s technological innovation has never stopped. In addition to the "Precision Marketing System for Veterinary Biological Products under the Background of Artificial Intelligence", Mr. Wang Shaohua’s research and development of many scientific and technological achievements have played an important role in promoting the intelligent transformation and data upgrading of the marketing industry with excellent application performance and market value, and injected a steady stream of scientific and technological strength into the innovative development of veterinary biological products sales.

In addition, Mr. Wang Shaohua pointed out that online and offline marketing promotion should be paid equal attention to in view of the traditional offline activities, which mainly focus on door-to-door sales and large-scale activities. He said that offline marketing promotion should be combined with online marketing system functions, and the two complement each other and integrate with each other to meet the requirements of accurate customer service. Provide quality services at every stage of pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale and customer contact, enhance customer experience and attract potential customers. Mr. Wang Shaohua said: "In the new situation and new environment, strengthening the innovation of marketing management not only caters to the trend of enterprise reform, but also has far-reaching significance for the growth and development of modern enterprises. According to the current situation, smart marketing has become a powerful means to promote the better development of the industry. In the future, I will further increase my research efforts to master more knowledge about the design of smart marketing systems and help the further development of smart marketing. " (Wen Yu Wenjie)