Another big man left the top factory and went to the big model field to start a business.

Following the delegation of Wang Huiwen and JD.COM Zhou Bowen, according to the news of "Dear Data" in WeChat official account, Professor Alex Smol, the "father of parameter server" of Amazon Cloud Technology (AWS), left his post in February 2023 and founded an artificial intelligence company named

It is worth noting that, as a student of Professor Alex Smol, Mu Li, an AI tycoon who was also born in AWS, will "start a business together" with him, and’s "financing is also very smooth".

According to LinkedIn data, from January 2013 to October 2017, Alex Smol was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

It was also during this period that Professor Alex Smol became Mu Li’s doctoral supervisor at CMU.

During this period, Professor Alex Smol and Mu Li jointly founded Marianas Labs, a data analysis algorithm company, with the former as CEO and the latter as CTO.

According to Mu Li’s article "Five Years of Doctor", Marianas Labs received hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment, and finally successfully sold it to a listed company.

In July 2016, Professor Alex Smola returned to the industry and joined Amazon as a supervisor for two years and nine months. Later, in March 2019, he worked as a vice-president scientist (Distinguished Scientist/VP) at AWS.

It was also in July 2016 that Mu Li joined AWS as a senior applied scientist as a part-time job following his doctoral supervisor. According to Dear Data, Mu Li reported directly to his teacher, Professor Alex Smola.

After just nine months, Mu Li chose to stay at AWS and became a senior scientist of the company, and then became a senior scientist of AWS in October 2020.

According to LinkedIn data, Professor Alex Smola resigned in February 2023 and founded as co-founder and CEO.

For, Professor Alex Smola said, "We are doing a big thing … please pay attention. If you are interested in scalable foundation models, please contact me.

Because it is a startup company established less than a month ago, there are not many introductions about on the Internet.

Open official website, and at present, it only shows: a large model suitable for everyone, which is the same as the LinkedIn page of Professor Alex Smola, with the caption: "We are building a big thing. Stay tuned! "

According to Quantum Bit, the GitHub warehouse page of was written by Mu Li himself.

And this seems to confirm from the side that Mu Li has followed Professor Alex Smola and participated in the project together.

At present, the LinkedIn data of Mu Li has not been updated.

It is worth mentioning that Li Mu graduated from the Computer Department of Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2008, and worked as an intern in Microsoft Research Asia during her college years. Before participating in the founding of Marianas Labs and joining AWS, Mu Li also served as the chief R&D architect of Deep Learning Institute (IDL) in Baidu.

According to public information, Mu Li’s main research interests are focused on large-scale machine learning, especially the collaborative design of large-scale distributed systems and machine learning algorithms. As the first author, Dr. Mu Li has published many papers in conferences and journals in the field of computer science, including the following directions: Span Theory (FOCS), Machine Learning (NIPS, ICML), Application Level (CVPR, KDD) and Operating System (OSDI).