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On Monday morning, friends, after a short period of "cold spring" caused by snowfall, the flowers have blossomed and spring has arrived. Live up to the good spring, and rush to a spring date with your friends around you ~


Preview, grab the fresh look, expose the vernal equinox, expose the new poster.


Yesterday, after a brief "cold spring" of cooling and snowfall, the spring equinox season arrived as scheduled. The film "You are My Spring" released a special feature. The film’s main creator,,,, and appeared to "cheer up". At the same time, many artists, such as,,,, and, were invited to review their real experiences in the spring two years ago with the audience and chat about what they wanted to do most and what they wanted to realize most this spring.



In the video, stars in different cities cheer for every audience. Liang Jing, Zhu Yilong, Chao Huang, Xú Zhēng, Huang Xuan, Fu Yishu, yangsi, Mengxue Zeng, Zhang Chi,,, Zifeng Zhang, Chen Baoguo, Huang Xiaoming (in the order of video appearance), in Beijing, Wuhan, Jingzhou, Shanghai, Lanzhou, Qiqihar and other cities, issued a firm and powerful cry with confident voices: "Come on this spring, come on together! At the end of the video, Bo Huang, the producer of the film "You are My Spring", expressed his gratitude with a sincere sentence: "Thank you for every amazing person, let us always believe that there is no spring that will not come." The film will be shown nationwide on April 2.



The preview continues ~ Yesterday, a new poster was exposed by the film "Missing each other" directed by the director. The official announcement and high school friends who played Xu Niannian (ornaments) and Yang Yi (ornaments) looked at Yu An and Lu Wang. In the poster, four young people stand side by side by the window of the classroom, smiling young and beautiful, full of vitality, which can not help but remind people of their own campus times. It coincides with the release of the vernal equinox, which means that "spring is just right, and thoughts will reverberate", and it is full of the atmosphere of spring and youth.


The film is adapted from the novel’s most popular short story of the same name, telling a story that will eventually be forgotten after the ups and downs of youth. Four fires and yearning are secretly in love in one contest after another in youth. In the film, Xiang Yu ‘an (Guanjin Bu) and Lu Wang (Guo Cheng) are classmates of Xu Niannian (Liu Haocun) and Yang Xie (Song Weilong). Xiang Yu’ an is the squad leader, with lovely personality, complementary thoughts, sharing confidence and troubles together; Lu Wang represents a good buddy who accompanied you through everything in your youth. Sunshine, Simplicity and Secondary Two are closely related and achieve each other.



Industry Broadcasting official website, the State Film Bureau, issued a notice that cinemas in high-risk areas will not be open for the time being.


Official website, the State Film Administration, issued the Notice of the State Film Administration on Strictly Grasping the Prevention and Control of Cinema Epidemic, which included that cinemas in medium and high-risk areas were temporarily closed.

1. Cinemas in medium and high risk areas are temporarily closed, and the environment is strictly sterilized, and the health of employees is closely monitored to prepare for the resumption of cinema business.

2. Cinemas in low-risk areas should be closed according to the requirements of territorial epidemic prevention deployment, such as current restriction, suspension of suspension and closure. Operating cinemas should strictly implement the requirement that the attendance rate should not exceed 75%, strictly implement the requirements of temperature measurement by scanning code, real-name reservation, non-contact ticket sales, wearing masks all the time, strictly implement the requirements of no eating and drinking during the film screening, and strictly implement the requirements of cleaning, disinfection, ventilation, and extension of intermission.


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