The lanterns are everywhere, and the songs are full of fun! On February 5th (the 15th day of the first month), the 2023 Lantern Festival Gala was successfully broadcast by the Central Radio and Television General Station. With the theme of "Happy and auspicious, jubilant", the evening party covered many traditional cultural elements such as colorful lanterns, southern lion, opera and folk art, and integrated various artistic forms such as song and dance, magic, rhythmic gymnastics and mime, giving full play to the festive scene of thousands of lights and family reunion, which won praises from audiences at home and abroad. "Super Surprise", "China Noodles", "Innovation and Integration" and "Visual Enjoyment" became the high-frequency words on the Internet on the night of the party broadcast.

  According to statistics, as of 8: 00 on February 6th, the cross-media live broadcast of "The Lantern Festival in 2023" at the main station has reached a total of people.3.32Billiji, new media live broadcast volume176 million times, the TV live broadcast audience touched people many times.156 million times. On the night of Lantern Festival,The audience rating of the party won the championship by fault, the highest rating is over6.3%. The party contributed to the whole network146Hot search topics, the cumulative amount of related reading is over.750 million. Many netizens commented: "I didn’t expect the little lantern to contain a profound historical background", "The traditional culture is cleverly designed and full of charm" and "Watching the lantern at home is like friends from all over the world spending this reunion night together".

  In terms of overseas communication, the reception desk passed68 speciesThe language broadcasts or reports the Lantern Festival to the global audience, and continues to light up China Red "overseas thousands of screens" through the global communication matrix. CGTN (China International Television) released the related reports of the Lantern Festival on the whole platform, which was read by the whole world.132 million; The live broadcast of CCTV’s overseas social platform is super10.7 million times, significantly higher than last year.206%Let the global audience feel the festive atmosphere of the China Lantern Festival and the New Year greetings of family reunion.

  "The program knows too much about traditional culture!"

  Fantasy, innovation, expression of China charm, stunning stage

  A lantern has been circulating for thousands of years, lighting up the Lantern Festival and deepening the feelings of "florists". Viewing lanterns and lanterns is the most important festival activity of Lantern Festival since ancient times. Lantern Festival at Headquarters takes lanterns and lanterns as the media, and takes "lanterns and lanterns", a traditional folk craft in China listed in the national intangible cultural heritage, as the core symbol of the whole Lantern Festival. Qinhuai Lantern Festival, Xiashi Lantern Festival, Xianju Lantern Festival, Chaozhou Lantern Festival, Beijing Lantern Festival, Huangyuan Lantern Festival and other inheritors from all over the country made lanterns at the party site, and with smart and immersive visual animation, the atmosphere of the Lantern Festival was full. Through the lens, the audience felt the lively scene of the Lantern Festival in the east, west, north and south, and created a sense of ceremony of spending the Lantern Festival in the north and south.

  Chin lung Hu, Zhai Yuliang, Huang Tao, He Wenbin, Chen Baihua, Cao Youcang, the non-genetic inheritors who displayed lantern-colored skills at the Lantern Festival party, said that the party showed the charm of intangible lantern-colored culture all over the country and greatly promoted the inheritance, protection and promotion of intangible cultural heritage. As a lantern artist with 12 years of cultural exchanges with Taiwan, Chen Baihua, the inheritor of Qinhuai Lantern Festival, said: "At the Lantern Festival, I showed the same work that appeared at the New Taipei Lantern Festival in Taiwan Province, praying for compatriots on both sides of the strait to celebrate the festival and reunite."

  Peng Hengli, director of the Research Center for Intangible Cultural Heritage of Henan University and chairman of the Henan Folk Writers Association, said after seeing the lantern festival in various places: "The evening party is cleverly designed, and the combination of traditional culture and fashion not only shows the intangible content of folk customs, but also expresses the sense of the times and the international sense." Seeing that Chaozhou Lantern, a legacy of my hometown, was on the stage of the Lantern Festival, Chaozhou residents in Guangdong said, "It’s very proud and beautiful to see the beautiful Chaozhou Lantern at the Lantern Festival." "I’m proud of the Chaozhou culture and the hipsters in the world!"

  How many kinds of singing methods are combined with the explosion of "golden melody" in the evening of "Sound Slow"? Cantonese singing wakes up your ears, listen carefully to the next sentence, and Wu Nong speaks softly. Later, English singing will surprise you three times. Suzhou Pingtan, Peking Opera, English and other multi-element fusion of a song "Sound Slow", with deep feelings to tell the meaning of tenderness. The netizen said, "I love the program" Slow Voice ",and the scenery is beautiful." "Take yourself to that gentle water town and sit on the boat with an umbrella to listen to the rain."

  When Hebei Zhubanshu met Suzhou Pingtan, a surprising "Full Moon Night with New Flowers" flowed out as soon as it opened its mouth, showing the meaning of perfection and beauty. The North and South Quyi met gracefully in the moonlight, and it was quite lingering for three days. Such a surprise mix-and-match has also won numerous praises from netizens. "The biggest surprise tonight is to listen to the extreme, and to carry forward the traditional national art." "It’s spoiled my ears to tear down the new flowers of the West Chamber tune on a full moon night."

  In the instrumental performance "Hundred Phoenix Chaoyang", traditional instrumental music and modern musical instruments staged "double kitchen ecstasy", and suona and Sheng played together the high-spirited spirit of the Chinese nation. The unique charm made netizens call "too burning" and "I can listen to it a hundred million times"! The traditional opera program "Watching Lantern" selected many kinds of classic aria about "Watching Lantern" and "Reunion", which showed the endless charm of traditional opera art. The acrobatic "Yi" skillfully incorporates the elements of China chess, and the visual design with the freehand brushwork of mountains and rivers as the background and the chess board of China as the floor shocked and presented the scene of the game between mountains and rivers. Netizens have said that the Lantern Festival at the reception desk is playing a "very new" mix and match, presenting a "very new" traditional culture. "This kind of program can be more!"

  "China’s noodles are so shocking!"

  Open the blind box and send the surprise to the national team to show the top flow strength.

  This year’s Lantern Festival party presented a high-quality cultural feast with unique ingenious design and careful arrangement. The innovative presentation of the times and youthfulness made many audiences, especially young netizens, call the nearly two-hour program full of surprises, and the ratings of the party continued to rise. The emergence of several national teams has demonstrated the extraordinary strength from the "Top Stream". In the live broadcast, netizens kept leaving messages on social platforms: "This year’s Lantern Festival party is a big surprise" and "all of them are hidden money!"

  "Please rest assured that the strong army has me" and "Clear love is dedicated to my motherland" … … Vows and words are sonorous. The song "Strong Army with Me" played by the ceremonial Sili Brigade of the China People’s Liberation Army, which participated in the Lantern Festival at the reception desk for the first time, not only sang the childlike innocence of China soldiers, but also sang the heroic passion and majestic momentum of the "most lovely person". Uniform movements and firm and powerful eyes have made countless netizens shout: "Shock! This is China Paimian, "Tears welled up for the people’s soldiers" and "Pay tribute to China soldiers! Thank you for carrying forward the burden for everyone. " And netizens also pay tribute to the "cutest person" with neat and consistent messages.

  Jia Yong, a military commentator, commented: The members of the honor guards of the three armed forces who sang "Strong Army with Me" in a neat array made people excited, and the officers and men of Tielekti border defense who patrolled against the 10-level gale made people cry! The company instructor said that after the broadcast of the party, the officers and men’s mobile phones were filled with concerned greetings and blessings, which made them feel warm.

  Another eye-catching work of this evening comes from the gymnastics performance "Dressing with Power" brought by China National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team. The program combines the agility and elegance of rhythmic gymnastics with the profound connotation of national style elements, and presents the audience with a visual feast of the "top stream" level of the national team. The perfect combination of strength and beauty made netizens exclaim, "I can’t bear to blink, for fear of missing the wonderful" and "the national team is really different". Sun Dan, head coach of China National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team, couldn’t hide his excitement: "This kind of TV presentation is so beautiful, especially the change of background vision, which is completely different from the display of the stadium. Everyone is admiring it. It’s amazing! This is the pride of all our sports people! "

  "respect the ordinary, respect the extraordinary." This line of words left by the innovative program "In Silence" also brought surprises and touches to the audience. The program started with a comedy coincidence in which the prop artist mistakenly entered the dance performance, which made the humorous mime performance collide with the beautiful and moving Jiangnan song and dance. In addition to humor and joy, he praised every ordinary person who silently paid behind the scenes. Such a form and conception make netizens sigh: "The mime is so interesting", "It pokes me", "It’s creative, funny and thoughtful, and I can’t help applauding after reading it", "When these words come out, my eyes are moist."

  As a high-quality party elaborately launched by the reception desk, the Lantern Festival party has created a top-stream combination of "fairy fights" for the audience. Mao is not easy, and Charlie’s two strength singers will warm their hearts and cooperate; Huang Qishan and Shirinayi Gao once again joined hands on the stage. The two songs "Hometown" and "Shining Light" combine healing, warmth and powerful song styles by surprising the audience, and push the atmosphere of the party to a climax.

  "The charm of Chinese culture attracts partners from all corners of the country"

  China’s New Year’s Eve is a hot topic, celebrating the jubilant Lantern Festival snack at home and abroad.

  The global media are all concerned.CGTN (China International Television) released reports on the Lantern Festival on the whole platform of Britain, West, France and Russia.1092strip, won the global reading volume.132 million. Among them, the programs such as Song and Dance, Acrobatics, Musical Instrument Playing, Rhythmic Gymnastics, etc., such as Slow Voice, Full Moon Night with New Flowers, Baifeng Chaoyang, My Heart Wan Liqing, Power and prestige, etc., will be introduced overseas to vividly display the traditional culture of China and the customs of Lantern Festival. Released the special feature "The Lantern Festival in 2023 by CCTV: The Lantern Festival shines all over the world", which was widely reprinted and quoted by the French media group Entrepreneurial, Algerian Independent Youth Daily, Chilean cooperative radio station official website, Russian newspaper official website, Kazakhstan National Economic Weekly and Kazakhstan Industrial News. International video news agency pushes Lantern Festival to global media.Article 18Excellent program content, multilingual manuscript46 articlesBy Italian Radio and Television Company, Mexican ADN 40 TV Station, Lebanese Square TV Station, Dubai TV Station, Indian National TV Station, Brunei National Radio and Television Station, etc.13National and regional17Broadcast by TV station and its new media platform.

  Many overseas netizens have expressed their love for the Lantern Festival, especially for the beautiful presentation of Chinese excellent traditional culture and the heroic attitude of China soldiers. Hector Sanchez left a message saying, "Great performance! Exquisite techniques, China traditionally embraces partners from all corners of the country ",Arabic netizens left a message:" I like your exquisite culture and rich imagination ",and netizen Angel Peng commented on" Slow Voice "and said:" Wow! Foreign languages have also come to participate in China costume dramas, and I like it. "Swiss netizen Zwygi49 praised the party:" I wish friends from China and China a happy Lantern Festival and congratulate artists and organizers on holding such a wonderful performance! Beautiful country, beautiful people. "

  "Overseas Thousand Screens" shine brilliantly.The promotional videos of the Lantern Festival Gala at Headquarters have successively landed in the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, United Arab Emirates and other countries.1322 yuanThe outdoor big screen and cinema screen, the bright beautiful scenery of Chinese lanterns and the festive atmosphere of celebration and reunion attract worldwide attention.

  Hong Kong and Macao share the same family.In iconic tourist attractions such as Victoria Harbour and macau tower in Hong Kong and popular business districts such as olympian city, Tuen Mun Square and Tsuen Xintiandi in Hong Kong.87 yuanPlay the promotional film of the Lantern Festival on the big screen, and realize it in Hong Kong for the first time.3,300 vehiclesThe TV screens of public buses play in cycles, and festive songs accompany the daily travel of Hong Kong citizens.

  New experience of "100 cities and 1000 screens"The double platforms of "Hundred Cities and Thousand Screens+Cloud Listening" of the main station are located in Shanghai Yuyuan Garden, Shenzhen Seaside Plaza, Wuxi Central Station, Fuzhou Minjiang Heart, Shenyang Middle Street and other countries.70multipleurbanMore than 500 yuanOutdoor big-screen synchronous live broadcast of the Lantern Festival at the main station. "Watching the party and having a Lantern Festival in the square" has become a new scene of urban cultural activities.

  "We are light, chasing dreams, warm and strong." Just as the finale song "Dream" sang, the main station "2023 Lantern Festival" accompanied the global audience in the new year, facing the spring breeze and having a good heart. Strive for a happier and better life!