Women in Fu Mingxia today are full of flavor.

  Hong Kong Island is very small in size, but the south and north separated by mountains are almost two worlds.

  The north coast is a prosperous scene with many commercial buildings and bustling people, while the south coast is a quiet, idyllic rich area and leisure area.

  On the morning of November 5, a taxi drove south from the bustling Happy Valley and into the 1.9-kilometer Aberdeen Tunnel. When you return to the ground, the world may be another scene. For me, the life of those rich people in Hong Kong does have a little mystery, besides, Fu Mingxia is in it, and her mystery is more than the whole Repulse Bay.

  It is this legendary woman who lives in Repulse Bay who will visit soon.

  Thanks to fellow CCTV director Tian Yushuo, he wanted to complete a graphic special focusing on all Olympic champions in China. After several efforts, he finally persuaded Fu Mingxia to accept filming.

  Many sports fans in China find it hard to accept the reality that a popular beauty with a charming smile who has appeared on the cover of Time magazine (Asia Edition) twice, a top star who has created many records such as the youngest Olympic champion, and a person who has become the focus of public discussion because of "special" marriage and love suddenly disappeared among the trees in Repulse Bay, and her identity description was gradually simplified to-the mother of two children.

  People can only imagine the current situation in Fu Mingxia. So, what do you imagine Fu Mingxia and her life to be like? Beaded with jewels, elegant and luxurious, luxurious and luxurious, lofty and delicate can hardly jump out of such a tone.

  However, you and I will know in a moment that it may be ridiculous to guess the lives of celebrities.

  The meeting place is a private club near Deep Water Bay. I have heard a little before that this is a leisure place favored by the upper class in Hong Kong, but its internal pattern and decoration may disappoint the dreamer-for example, if it is transplanted to a three-star hotel in Beijing, you may say: Well, it’s barely passable, but it still doesn’t look fashionable enough.

  Occasionally, a few famous cars come in, which makes me feel that I am not in the wrong place. But every famous car brings disappointment-I always thought that the person coming out of it would be Fu Mingxia.

  No one noticed that an ordinary van stopped in front of the door, and Fu Mingxia and her makeup artist "unexpectedly" appeared. Fu Mingxia’s ordinary dress is even more surprising. Even in the downtown area at the other end of Aberdeen, her appearance is far from "modern".

  With a good command of Cantonese, Fu Mingxia smiled and exchanged pleasantries with the ordinary staff of the clubhouse. It can be seen that she is a regular customer here.

  Before sending her daughter to kindergarten, Fu Mingxia didn’t speak a word of Cantonese. When watching local TV programs, her "listening" improved rapidly. On the first day of kindergarten, many parents of children can’t speak Mandarin, so Fu Mingxia had to bite the bullet and try to speak Cantonese with them. Unexpectedly, they could understand Fu Mingxia!

  Fu Mingxia, feeling newly confident, had a wild chat with them for an hour. She is still unfinished, but after coming back, "I feel so tired in my mouth."

  Later, some parents became Fu Mingxia’s new friends in Hongkong. The common family affairs and children’s topics made her not feel lonely.

  I asked the Hong Kong makeup artist in Fu Mingxia, "How much can she score in Cantonese?"

  "More than 80 points." Make-up was answered in Mandarin, which was far below 80 points, and then he added, "Cantonese is really difficult to speak."

  In the eyes of her former coach Yu Fen, Fu Mingxia belongs to the kind of person with extremely high understanding and plasticity. "If someone pushes her, she can make a big step forward." As long as she gets into the right track, she will have an amazing promotion, which may explain why Fu Mingxia became a world champion after four years of contact diving. At some times, this plasticity makes Yu Fen very emotional: Fortunately, Fu Mingxia is under the sports system in China. If she is as free as Europe and America, she may not be able to practice.

  After marriage, Fu Mingxia feels more and more mature and beautiful to Yu Fen. Undoubtedly, the marriage with financier Liang Jinsong has greatly improved Fu Mingxia’s life realm.

  In Hong Kong’s life, apart from language, Fu Mingxia tries to adapt to the new environment and role in many ways. Liang Jinsong revealed happily that there are Filipino maids at home, and his wife didn’t have to do housework. "But xia said that a wife who can’t cook is an imperfect wife." Fu Mingxia, who has never been in the kitchen, is going to learn to cook, and it’s Cantonese food instead of hubei cuisine. Of course, the first novel is not good enough, and she said to Liang Jinsong unconvinced: learning to cook will never be more difficult than diving.

  At least on the spiritual level, Fu Mingxia in the kitchen has some meaning of "great success", and her Cantonese dishes (especially soup) are said to have some flavor. This may also confirm Yu Fen’s "strong plasticity", but Yu Fen was surprised to learn that Fu Mingxia had learned to cook.

  Meeting the director of CCTV made Fu Mingxia miss her friend for many years, CCTV sports reporter and host Luo Hongtao. "Hello-Luo Hongtao, guess who I am?"

  The call was made from Hong Kong to Beijing, which was the opening remarks she always used when talking with that good friend. Fu Mingxia and Luo Hongtao are talking about their favorite topics-the collocation of fashion and the choice of cosmetics. Time and space seem to be brought closer by this phone call, back to Beijing and back to the girlhood more than ten years ago. At that time, they also talked about the collocation of fashion and the choice of cosmetics. Of course, she also talked about the confusion of life. In the days when she longed for understanding, friendship and love most, she was glad that Luo Hongtao, the elder sister, appeared beside her.

  During the preparation period of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, Fu Mingxia was caught in many difficulties. On the one hand, as the body begins to develop, the difficulty of completing the action is increasing; On the other hand, the rebellious mentality peculiar to adolescence and the good feeling after becoming famous overnight made Fu Mingxia no longer bow to Finn’s strict demands. At this stage, in order to make up for the gap after Gao Min retired, the diving team decided to take Fu Mingxia as a springboard.

  Because of her dissatisfaction with her lover’s training, Yu Fen often reprimanded Fu Mingxia extremely severely. She admitted that there were even extreme cases of slapping. On several occasions, when Yu Fen’s team finally finished training, people saw the young Olympic champion standing in front of Yu Fen, who was reprimanded for her poor quality. She was in tears, but her expression still contained disgust and resistance to training.

  Adolescence is the most difficult hurdle, and Fu Mingxia, a talented girl, almost failed to get through it. In 1994, Fu Mingxia, who was passively trained, was almost sent back to the local team-just like the later stories of two other diving stars, Tian Liang and Guo Jingjing.

  During that time, some media began to play up the contradiction between Yu Fen and Fu Mingxia, and even described it as the mentor and apprentice turned against each other. Now talking about the right and wrong of the year, Yu Fen believes that there is a certain contradiction between coaches and athletes, which is not worth making a fuss about. "Fu Mingxia is still convinced of me. She never thought of leaving me."

  In Luo Hongtao’s impression, Fu Mingxia is such an athlete: she is very traditional and knows how to endure and obey. Most of the time, she will complain that she is too tired in training and obediently complete the tasks assigned by her coach. "She may have privately shouted the day before that she would never practice again, and she would still get up and do exercises from one to six the next morning."

  In fact, the troubles of adolescence didn’t really affect Fu Mingxia. At the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996, she fell to the world again and became the only Olympic champion in China who won both platform and springboard.

  However, tired of compulsory training, Fu Mingxia decided to retire after the National Games in 1997. She was only 19 years old at that time, and this decision caused a lot of regrets and even accusations from public opinion.

After retiring, she lived in seclusion.

  It is not easy for media people to meet Fu Mingxia. In order to cover the Doha Asian Games and next year’s Beijing Olympic Games, CCTV has found Fu Mingxia, invited her to be the guest commentator, and even promised her to be the only guest commentator in the diving competition of the Beijing Olympic Games. Fu Mingxia did not answer, and his attitude was moderate and firm. "Speaking is not my strong point, and I am no longer an athlete. Let’s be an audience."

  From some channels, Fu Mingxia knows something about the hard work of some retired stars for fame and gain, and she is very happy with her original choice of "being an ordinary person". "You can’t always maintain a high level of health in this sport. If you still want to miss that name, how tired you are." When he said this, Fu Mingxia cooperated with the photographer and posed in the hot sun. Although he had been away from his star career for a long time, he could still see the feeling when the scenery was infinite.

  Hong Kong’s Sun is famous for chasing the private lives of entertainment stars. Zhu Weiguang, an entertainment reporter of the newspaper, said that the local media has long been indifferent to the news of Liang Jinsong and Fu Mingxia, not because they have no reporting value, but because they are "too low-key" to engage in it-digging lace news is also a pursuit of return.

  A fact that many people can’t understand and believe is that Fu Mingxia is not worried about being forgotten by the outside world. What she wants is precisely the result.

  She clearly remembers that when she won an Olympic champion, the audience cheered for her, but soon, the audience broke up and the swimming pool became empty, which made people a little lonely. Fortunately, there will be a press conference next, surrounded by flash lights. When the press conference was over, Fu Mingxia was walking in the Olympic Village with a backpack, and she suddenly felt that everything just now was not so real. "No matter who you are, brilliant, you have to go to the canteen for dinner, all want to return to life. Life is the most real. "

  Of course, she thinks that she has more understanding of the nature of life, which was only after she got married.

  Today, Fu Mingxia has not only successfully reduced himself to an ordinary person, but also an ordinary person with the virtues of modesty and tolerance. On the morning of shooting, the sunshine over the bay was particularly fierce, and Fu Mingxia was so sunburned that she couldn’t open her eyes. She repeatedly muttered, "I am the most afraid of the sun" and "I can’t stand it, I really can’t stand it". However, she just whispered a few words to herself, and was not prepared to put pressure on anyone. When the photographer changed the film again and again, Fu Mingxia still went to the scorching sun with great cooperation again and again.

  Since 2005, Tian Yushuo has received a short message from the person who signed "Liang Jinsong" every Spring Festival, which is a very polite New Year greeting. At first, Tian Yushuo thought it was a joke because he had never had any contact with Liang Jinsong. Later, he learned that the text message really came from Liang Jinsong himself. For this mysterious blessing, the only possibility that Tian Yushuo can think of is that in 2004, he wrote an article in Southern Weekend to disclose some information about Fu Mingxia in Hongkong. "They must have read the report and thought it was objective before sending me a text message." Tian Yushuo was moved by the blessing of the great figure Liang Jinsong, and he was convinced that although the celebrity couple tried to avoid the media, they still hoped to get objective and rational cognition from the outside world.

  Show your face in public? Fu Mingxia didn’t completely refuse. If it was related to charity, she said she would gladly participate.

  In the past few years, she and her husband have been going to poverty-stricken areas in the west at least once a year to promote the "International Heifer" charity aid project. Antony Leung is the chairman of the Hong Kong branch of the project, and Fu Mingxia is the love ambassador of Heifer.

  Talking about "Heifer", the love ambassador was obviously more interested than talking about the old events of diving team, and she started a brief introduction of "Heifer" project on the spot. This project mainly helps poor families get rid of poverty by providing free livestock and breeding skills training. In Qinghai and Yunnan, the poor life of many families makes Fu Mingxia feel unimaginable. "In the past 20 years, there have been more than 5,000 households that have been helped by Heifer. But there are more than 70 million poor people in China. " It’s hard to say whether the tone of Fu Mingxia, the ambassador of love, is more anxious or more gratified. "But it’s urgent. We can only do our best."

  Regarding the two children, Fu Mingxia only cares about their healthy growth and does not imagine their future careers; Regarding her husband, Fu Mingxia didn’t want to talk much. "He is in Beijing, and he is very busy." First, she focused on housework and carefully cared for the private space of family life.

  Due to the need of financial business, her husband Liang Jinsong needs to travel frequently between Beijing and Hong Kong, and has his own office in Financial Street. There are many opportunities for Fu Mingxia to go to Beijing, but she has no contact with the diving community in China except her husband to meet her mentor Yu Fen. Her own statement is: "In the 2008 Olympic Games, they (diving team) must be under great pressure. How dare I bother?"

  "When you go to Hong Kong next time and visit my home, I can cook Cantonese food for you." Fu Mingxia sent an invitation to her former teacher Yu Fen. This pair of master and apprentice have been together for more than 10 years, and their feelings are deep and subtle. In Yu Fen’s view, Fu Mingxia has more awe of herself. "Her heart won’t tell me." For that young child who left home and quickly became famous, there are too many things missing in life, and she has almost no real friends in the diving team.

  In the deep heart’s core, Fu Mingxia and Yu Fen are undoubtedly heroes who cherish each other. Yu Fen thinks this is the most perfect work of his coaching career, and Fu Mingxia also admits that his mentor made him. When she was 9 years old, she was abandoned by the gymnastics team, and she was past the best age for contact diving. Besides Yu Fen, no one around her was optimistic about this little girl with big joints and unsatisfactory toes. Yu Fen said: "I took a fancy to her understanding." Fortunately, Xu Yiming, then the head of the China team, also had a good eye, and transferred Yu Fen and Fu Mingxia from Wuhan to Beijing together.

  One afternoon in 1998, Yu Fen was training with the Tsinghua diving team in Beijing Guangcai Gymnasium. Fu Mingxia appeared by the pool in casual clothes and watched the training for a while. She tentatively asked Yu Fen, "Do you think I can still practice?" Looking at her former disciple who still kept a good figure, Yu Fen gave positive encouragement. She believed that Fu Mingxia’s solid foundation would help create a myth of comeback.

  At this time, Fu Mingxia, a business administration major in Tsinghua University, began to miss diving after contacting the society and campus.

  I feel that it is a stage that truly belongs to her and can be self-realized. At this time, her first thought was teacher Yu Fen. After Fu Mingxia’s comeback, the recovery speed of competitive level was almost miraculous, and it returned to the top three in the country in just a few months. When the national team re-recruited her, but Yu Fen could not go at the same time for various reasons, Fu Mingxia once called her friend Luo Hongtao anxiously: "I have no confidence in the guidance without me."

  In the era of Fu Mingxia’s comeback, school sister Guo Jingjing had the strength to challenge "Fu Jie". In the prescribed movements, she was even about 15 points higher than Fu Mingxia on average. With stable and elegant play, Fu Mingxia still had an advantage in optional movements, with an average of 20 points ahead of Guo Jingjing. Sydney Olympic Games, two "super girls" ushered in their ultimate PK.

  In the required action competition of 3m springboard, Fu Mingxia performed well, and she successfully lagged behind her teammate Guo Jingjing-she was only 7 points behind. People who are familiar with their abilities and characteristics have a hunch that Fu Mingxia will win the gold medal in the end.

  Reporter Luo Hongtao held a microphone and rushed to Fu Mingxia: "Congratulations, you are 7 points behind!" Fu Mingxia stared at each other in surprise: "Really, it’s only 7 points behind."

  Luo Hongtao was deeply impressed by this scene. In the competition venue, you can see the results on the big screen by casually raising your head, but Fu Mingxia actually put aside his concern about the results and completely entered the competition situation. No wonder Luo Hongtao felt, "As far as psychological quality is concerned, Fu Mingxia is indeed a sports genius."

  In the days after marriage, Fu Mingxia made up for the lack of culture and life skills as much as possible. "My child is learning painting and piano now, which are things I didn’t touch when I was a child.

  I’m learning the piano myself. "In recent years, don’t say the platform or springboard, even the swimming pool, she rarely approached. Does this also show her a gesture of completely bidding farewell to the past? If Fu Mingxia got too much from her diving career since childhood, she lost almost as much as she got.

  In May 1990, Fu Mingxia won the international diving championship in Florida, USA, when she was not yet 12 years old. Naturally, she became the focus of media attention.

  The previous year’s political turmoil left China in an unfavorable international environment. According to Liu Ji, the former official of the State Sports Commission who led the team at that time, he was worried that Fu Mingxia’s words would have a bad political influence, so he repeatedly told foreign reporters to answer "I don’t know" when they asked anything.

  As a result, it naturally made people laugh. In the face of foreign journalists’ questions such as "Are you training hard?" "Do you miss your parents?" and "How old are you this year?", Fu Mingxia actually gave all the standard answers-I don’t know. The next day, the headline of an American newspaper was: A China girl who can only say "I don’t know" won the world championship.

  Because of her ex-boyfriend’s south, some soccer players and journalists in Beijing have a lot of contact with Fu Mingxia. In their view, the little girl is simple-minded, scheming and even seems a little ignorant. But they also have to admit that Fu Mingxia is actually a "thoughtful person" who knows what he wants.

  Until the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, Fu Mingxia still didn’t learn to deal with journalists freely, but strangely enough, journalists were so easily dumped by her. It seemed that Fu Mingxia didn’t need to say anything, just smiled like an angel.

  This is a kind of natural beauty and sports beauty admired by both the East and the West. It is unknown who will win the diving final in Sydney. The New York Times has made a rare bet and left the "skylight" of the newspaper ahead of time to wait for the moment when Fu Mingxia won the prize.

  Luo Hongtao also thinks that Fu Mingxia in Sydney Olympic Games is the most beautiful. "Before coming back, her movements were quick and crisp, and it was finished with a bang. After coming back …"

  After the Sydney Olympic Games, Fu Mingxia was in constant trouble. The "Dirty Pants Storm", "Lugouqiao Storm" and "Ecstasy Incident" all caused public outcry, so she chose to face the storm of saliva with silence. In all fairness, these disturbances should never be regarded as personal tragedies or scandals. They highlight the deformity of the training mode of talents in the national sports system and amplify the embarrassment and helplessness of athletes outside the arena.

  After filming, Fu Mingxia asked us to have lunch in the clubhouse. Five people, five drinks and five very ordinary dishes (including fried beef river, the staple food) are common even by the standards of ordinary people in the mainland. Looking at the menu, the price of food is about twice that of street stalls, but if we consider the quiet environment and the lawn and sea view outside the floor-to-ceiling glass window, we are really surprised at the low price.

  At the dinner table, Tian Yushuo mentioned the marriage of some China sports stars intentionally or unintentionally, which led to Fu Mingxia’s words about his emotional life: "Maybe it seems that my choice is correct. I don’t want to be so disgusting." But when two people choose to be together, love is definitely the most basic. "

  In March, 2001, Fu Mingxia attended the Hong Kong Outstanding Leaders Award Ceremony as an award guest.

  This is not Fu Mingxia’s favorite occasion. She feels bored sitting under the stage. Antony Leung (who is the Hong Kong Financial Secretary-designate at this time) who happens to be next to her sees her mood, tries to amuse her, and teaches her to play a little game built in the electronic notebook. It was their first meeting, and no one expected that a good first impression of each other would lead to a widely watched marriage.

  Fu Mingxia once confessed to the media: "I like to be mature, because I belong to the kind of person who doesn’t want to worry. If I don’t want something so far away, I want something now."

  However, the difference in age (26 years old) and wealth and status still makes many people think about this marriage and criticize it a lot. Both Yu Fen and Luo Hongtao firmly stated that with Fu Mingxia’s character, she would definitely not fall in love with a man for the sake of status and wealth, but the person she pursued happened to have it all.

  Fu Mingxia is a person with such a simple life. Because of his simplicity, he is even more calm and determined. "We can’t control what others think, but how I live is also my own business." During the filming, she repeatedly stressed that "small talk is ok, but interview is ok". However, even in small talk, this woman who speaks frankly will still reveal her true thoughts.

  On the last stop of her life, she was the diving queen, combining the glory of the youngest Olympic champion in the world, the only Olympic gold holder in China and the double champion of platform and springboard. Unlike most sports stars in China, she closed a heavy door and didn’t want her new life to have anything to do with her visit. At this stop, she will be a wife, a mother and herself.

  In the eyes of my good friend Luo Hongtao, there is no dazzling aura on the diving queen, and there is no clear desire in her heart. Now Fu Mingxia is obviously more real and lovely than before. "She is an ordinary girl."

  At the end of lunch, there was a little left on the plate, a plate of vegetables, and a few leaves left were countless. At this time, Fu Mingxia called the waiter: "Pack." Seeing a few mainland visitors with a slightly surprised look, Fu Mingxia explained that in Hongkong, no matter how rich people are, they have to pack up after meals, and waste is regarded as a shameful act.

  At the front desk of that private club, Fu Mingxia called two taxis. When we left first, she was still waiting for her own one, carrying a bag of packaged food in her hand. Her figure stood so charming that I couldn’t help thinking that she was kind and true like a sister.

  You, my sister.

Editor: Xu Guimei