In the crater where the volcano erupts, there must be extremely rich resources, such as the volcano of Mount Fuji in Japan. If you can go down into the volcano, you will find a lot of metal, but this may not be realistic, because the volcano of Mount Fuji in Japan is unstable and you don’t know what it is, so just spray it once. So far, I haven’t heard of anyone exploring the crater. But when the crater is not erupting, we can try it. But this seems to be a deadly activity for human beings, and you are nothing for artificial intelligence robots. There is a super "Mars" 100 light years away from the earth, and even it is difficult for robots to land. The whole planet is basically red and the surface temperature is extremely high.

The assault team led by the gale found a place to stay after following the gale, and just saw a crater without eruption. This is an opportunity, which is a considerable problem for human beings. In fact, human landing is a problem, but the body of Super Human is made of special alloy, which is resistant to high temperature and low cold. It has special properties, so the robot members of the assault team, whether it is metal shell or soft tissue skin, can heal themselves. Because every super human has two systems, when the solid shell metal can’t fully adapt to the environment, he can choose to change to another set of liquid metal and incarnate anything.

The liquid metal robot, which is not very complicated, was developed by Huaxia 100 years ago. In 2200, the technology was much more advanced, and it was basically immortal. And as long as it is not self-destructive, in general, superhuman beings are immortals, because after the transformation of hurricanes, all members of the Ninth Institute of Life were changed from hurricanes to silicon-based life. Even a group of self-conscious super artificial intelligence robots, if you don’t tell you that they are robots, you are really hard to identify, because all skins are almost the same as human beings, and robots have all the functions and human characteristics. If you don’t observe them carefully, you can’t tell that they are robots. 100 years ago, human beings devoted themselves to developing robots more like human beings.

Because some western open countries will choose not to get married and live with robots, humanoid robots behave more like human beings, with the same temperature and sweat, so lifelike. Some western girls are already open, so it is normal to take them home when they see such a handsome guy. In short, it is normal for robots to join human life in the future. But for the super humans of the hurricane team, they are unwilling to associate with others. Because they have bigger goals and dreams, superhuman beings are not ordinary robots. The super artificial intelligence robots of hurricane team have entered the first level civilization, and they can land on any planet, even if the environment is very bad.

When Gale saw a crater that didn’t erupt, he thought about exploring it. The more rare metals there are in the place where the volcano erupts, many craters look golden when they look at the mountains, which is particularly beautiful. In fact, they are not gold, but sulfur, a lot of sulfur. It is easy to burn, and no one can tell what substances are contained in the crater. Generally, there are iron, copper and lithium in the crater on the earth, but few people go to the crater to mine, and if there is an eruption, there will be no life. When we watch Terminator 2, metal robots can be easily melted by the furnace, not to mention human beings, which are not resistant to heat at all, but hurricane Super Human is different because they have been looking for the strongest materials.

It is said that "chromium" is the strongest material on the earth. I didn’t expect anything stronger than "chromium", but not only lithium but also "chromium" can be found under the fire mouth. Although chromium is the strongest metal on earth, in the universe, this chromium will not flow. There are things that are stronger than it, such as all kinds of colored spar found by the hurricane team on other planets, which are very strong and feel great energy inside. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, the darker the color of all kinds of gemstones, the harder it is. In particular, chromium metal is gray in volcanoes, and I personally think that the darker the color of spar, the stronger it should be.

These explorations of the gale found black spar, and I don’t know if black spar will meet the requirements. Black spar on "Super Mars" is a kind of diamond, but it is black. Although it is not the strongest, the spar of this substance is hard to find, and these things are valuable on earth, but in the eyes of the wind, the spar is almost the same, so the first commando led by the wind entered the crater and began to mine "black diamonds". What spar metal is, but a single material is not strong enough. In general, alloys or other spar may be stronger.

After 2200, stronger metals were synthesized by hurricanes. Including the super human of the hurricane elite team, everyone uses the metal synthesized by the hurricane. Only then can super humans have strong strength and even resist heat to subvert cognition. Hurricanes once took teams to the vicinity of the sun to absorb the energy of the sun. If there were no solid substances, these robots would have turned into water.