Recently, a new ranking of the top 30 goalkeepers in international football has been published, but it is not the ranking of FIFA, but the ranking of the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS). They scored from the annual ranking of the best goalkeepers of IFFHS from 1987 to 2022, with the first place getting 20 points each year, the 20th place getting 1 point each year, and no score except for the 20th place, so as to make a comprehensive ranking.

Judging from this ranking, legendary goalkeepers before 1987 will miss out on this list, which is why people like Zoff have not been selected. According to the list, Buffon, the Italian goalkeeper, ranks first, and he is still fighting for the post of goalkeeper, knowing that he was the first goalkeeper twenty years ago. In second place, casillas, the goalkeeper of Spain and Real Madrid, has made great achievements in Real Madrid.

Ranked third is German goalkeeper Neuer, who has performed well in the German national team and Bayern Munich. The fourth place is Petr Cech, the Czech goalkeeper, who helped the team create infinite glory at Chelsea and Arsenal. The fifth is Edwin van der Sar, who also played in the Premier League. I believe everyone must remember this Dutch goalkeeper. The sixth is the Danish Schmeichel, who used to guard Manchester United and made great achievements with the Red Army, and now he inherits his father’s business.

The seventh is the German Kahn, who was the soul of Germany and Bayern. Other goalkeepers in the top ten list include courtois, the eighth Belgian. Today, Real Madrid is the goalkeeper, chilavert, the ninth Paraguayan passer, and Zenga, the tenth Italian legendary goalkeeper. This kind of selection is controversial, and obviously it is more focused on the big teams, which is obviously unfair to those goalkeepers who play well in small teams.

According to the ranking, the best goalkeepers in all continents were selected, namely Buffon (UEFA, Italy), Daiyaya (AFC, Saudi Arabia), chilavert (South American Football Association, Paraguay), Enyema (non-FIFA, Nigeria), navas (Central and North America and Caribbean Football Association, Costa Rica) and Bosnic (Oceania Football Association, Australia).