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1905 movie network news The DC superhero movie (Justice League) produced by Warner Bros. will be released in North America on November 17th. The coolest superhero in DC comics organized a group to save the world. Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyberborg, and other powerful alliances, just imagining the scene of their simultaneous enlargement and recruitment makes people excited. "Justice League" is the fifth work of the restarted DC movie universe. Before that, four movies have made amazing appearances, each with its own wonderful performance. In a few days, the National Day Golden Week will be held, and there will be a sea of people in the tourist attractions. Instead of going out to count people, it is better to stay on the sofa and relive DC classics, talk about ideals with Superman, talk about life with Batman, save the world with wonder woman, and look forward to the Flash by the way.


DC Movie Universe: Unique Screen Aesthetics and Charming Roles


DC Comics Company is an American comic giant, founded in 1934. DC owns dozens of superheroes such as Superman and Batman, and their stories and backgrounds form a unified world view, which is called DC Universe. In 2014, Warner Bros., the parent company of DC, announced that it would build a DC movie universe, and several movies will be released before 2020. At present, four works, such as (Man of Steel), (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, hereinafter referred to as "Bat Super"), (Suicide Squad) and (Wonder Woman), have been released one after another. Superidols that have been popular all over the world for nearly a century have begun to

"Justice League"


Superman: The Man of Steel

Global box office: $668 million


Superman is the first comic superhero in the world, and it is also a far-reaching cultural symbol. In 2013, Superman: The Body of Steel recounted Superman’s hesitation and growth from an alien orphan to the patron saint of mankind. Henry Cavill, a handsome and burly man, has created a widely recognized guardian of the earth, and his grand narrative with an opera style transcends the level of popcorn movies, which is memorable.


This is also the first time that the famous director Zack Snyder has been a director in the restarted DC movie universe. Later, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League were also produced by him. Zach Schneider opened a new era of visual effects with the amazing painting style of (300) thick colors. His films are often dark and show the texture like oil painting, and the bloody violent action scenes can be extremely elegant and gorgeous. The unique violent aesthetics has captured hundreds of millions of fans.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Global box office: $873 million


In 2016, "Bat Chao" set the story after "Superman: The Body of Steel", telling that Superman became the guardian of mankind and was regarded as a god-like existence, but the great destructive power accompanying it worried Batman. Under the provocation of Lex Luthor, a rich man with ulterior motives, Batman and Superman turned against each other and started the most hearty "mutual tearing" in history.


The audience who watched the film will remember the duel between the two heroes vividly. The explosion, destruction and battle of conan the destroyer almost overturned the cinema, and the epic audio-visual texture was stirring. And wonder woman’s big screen appeared for the first time, which became a bright color to refresh the mind.


Wonder Woman

Global box office: $821 million


Wonder Woman tells the legendary experience of wonder woman Diana Prince, a princess of the mysterious Amazon and a demigod. The American pilot who accidentally broke into Paradise Island became an opportunity for wonder woman to enter the human world. After defeating Ares, the god of war who provoked the First World War, wonder woman became one of the most reliable guardians of mankind.

Batman, The Flash, wonder woman.


For a long time, superhero movies featuring men have been more appealing, but Wonder Woman broke through the convention and surprised the world. This year, Wonder Woman won the summer file championship with 400 million US dollars in the United States, and the global box office broke 800 million US dollars, making it the most eye-catching pearl this summer. The audience in China also expressed their recognition of the heroine with a box office of over 600 million RMB. What is particularly rare is that Wonder Woman has won the highest praise from the DC movie universe so far, and it is "shared by both men and women". Gal Gadot created perhaps the most powerful and beautiful woman in history: in the ranks of superheroes, the pride of "women hold up half the sky" finally came!


Justice League

The world will be released soon


After layers of preparation, Justice League will finally make its grand debut in the long-awaited event. The combination of DC’s most famous superheroes is undoubtedly the biggest highlight. Batman, wonder woman, The Flash, Neptune, Ganggu and so on all have their own charisma, and after the combination, it is a "luxury package" that makes fans feel happy. This team has super dominance in land, sea and air, inside and outside the earth, and can be called "the strongest team in the universe". The confrontation between good and evil, which matches their abilities, is bound to be a dramatic audio-visual gluttony.


Justice League is another masterpiece of Zach Schneider. After the exploration of Superman: The Man of Steel and Bat Chao, Schneider will carry forward the aesthetic of violence with epic texture, and the narrative and role-building will be more mature and vivid. And Joss Whedon, who directed the first two films of The Avengers, joined the screenwriter, which is also expected to add more wonderful and new ideas to the story of Justice League.

Stills of Justice League


Holiday double egg welfare: the main creative interview tidbits exposed SHCC spread to the surrounding area


Today, the film exposed the interview tidbits of the main creator of Justice League at the San Diego Comic Con, and the stars shared their first reactions when they learned that they had won the role, which was full of fun. "wonder woman" Gal Gadot revealed that he was so happy that he screamed, and the plane he was on just landed, which made people very sympathetic to the frightened passengers on the same plane; "Steel Bone" Ray Fisher restored his first reaction with a high decibel scream; "Batman" Ben Affleck sincerely lamented that he was the happiest person in the world.


During the National Day, fans will also be able to get in touch with Justice League and get peripheral products through SHCC comic exhibition. SHCC, Shanghai Comic Convention, is a popular cultural brand sponsored by Beijing Reed Exhibition Co., Ltd. and launched by ReedPOP, a world-renowned planning team for popular cultural exhibitions in China. This year’s exhibition will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall from October 5 to 7. "Justice League" will be deeply involved. It will not only be on the cover of the comic exhibition, but also display a lot of behind-the-scenes content, and will also play a long preview. Fans can get around precious movies by playing VR games on the spot, scanning codes to follow the official Weibo and WeChat. On October 7th, a cosplay performance of Justice League will be held on the main stage. Well-known radio anchors will interpret the DC movie universe on the spot, and fans can also get around by participating in the live interaction and take photos.