[Global Network Reporter Zhang Xiaoya] The British media began to speculate on "China electric vehicle monitoring risk". On the evening of 5th, the Daily Telegraph claimed that British ministers warned that China electric vehicles imported to help Britain achieve zero emission targets would enable Beijing to "monitor British citizens". This remark was denounced by many netizens as "absurd", "stupid" and "alarmist. Why do China people waste their time spying on the British? "

  "With China becoming a global force in the field of electric vehicles, the prospect of a large number of China cars entering the UK now raises concerns about the safety impact." The Daily Telegraph quoted a source from the inner circle of the British government as saying that it was worried that the technology embedded in vehicles might be used to collect a large amount of information, including location data, audio and video clips, and it was also vulnerable to remote interference or even banned.

  At the same time, the report continued to exaggerate that a cross-party parliamentary group also warned the government that Britain was preparing to hand over the control of its "key infrastructure" in the automobile market to Beijing, and "brought all the security risks that followed", so they urged the British government to take action. The Daily Telegraph has repeatedly played up "China’s espionage" by taking advantage of the so-called worries of British government sources and ministers.

  Many netizens left messages under the report of the Daily Telegraph about the statements made by British media and British government sources.

  "Ridiculous. The editor of the Daily Telegraph has the same level of integrity as a stupid and paranoid adolescent You Tube blogger. There are no credible sources cited here. There are only some random thought bubbles. "

  "How stupid it is, China is not directly related to all cars. They leave cars and hardware to the manufacturers here for use and maintenance. Unless they are stupid enough to let the network leak, they can’t spy. This is the same as Apple’s mobile phone, which is made in China. Then we should ban all Apple phones! "

  "alarmist. Why do China people waste their time spying on the British? They must have better things to do, unless they do it for fun. "

  Some netizens mentioned the American Internet giant company, "Google is not in ‘ Monitor ’ Britain? — — They are watching our every move? Isn’t our own region selling our medical records? "

  Previously, the topic of British intervention in the normal investment and cooperation of China enterprises in the UK was also frequently hyped by British media. A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China said in November last year that the British side generalized the concept of national security, abused state power, directly interfered with the normal investment and cooperation of China enterprises in the UK, harmed the legitimate rights and interests of relevant enterprises, and seriously violated the market economy principles and international economic and trade rules that the British side has always advertised. China firmly opposes this. The British side should earnestly respect the legitimate rights and interests of China enterprises and provide a fair, just and non-discriminatory business environment for enterprises from all over the world.

  On April 26th this year, Mao Ning, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, answered a reporter’s question on topics related to Sino-British relations again, saying that the world today is deeply integrated and multiple challenges are superimposed on each other, which requires cooperation from all countries. Group politics and cold war mentality go against the historical trend and are not in the interests of all parties, including Britain. China has been developing its relations with Britain in the spirit of equality and mutual respect. However, the British side blindly sticks to the old script and recites the old lines, and finally it can only get farther and farther away from the progress of the times.