This film was officially released in China on October 10th. We introduce the movie characters according to the movie keywords of Guardians of the Galaxy. Before introducing the characters in the film, let’s sort out several major planets appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy. Please return all the astronomical and geographical knowledge you have learned to the respected high school teachers for the time being.

John C.Reilly plays the leader of Nova Corps and his female boss glenn close.

    [Xandar Star]
This planet was born after the fall of the earth. It is a place where human beings and alien advanced civilizations are integrated in the future galaxy, and it is also a good place for everyone to live and work in peace and contentment, shop and buy a house, and carry on the family line. The security of this planet is maintained by Nova Corp, and its leader is Dey (played by John C.Reilly, an old opera bone). His immediate boss is Nova leader, and the role has brought in a burly actress glenn close to reproduce her classic style in 101 Dalmatians.

    [Hala planet]This is the capital planet of the nebula Kree Empire and the territory of Ronan, the evil executioner.

    Saturn’s moon TitanThis star is where Thanos lives.

    [Knowhere Lonely Planet]This planet is a place where all kinds of fugitives, strange people and immortals gather in the universe, and it is also the base camp of Guardians of the Galaxy members. It’s like a night market in "Young and Dangerous". Every day, it’s full of songs and dances, but it’s also full of dangers.

    James gunn, the director of this film, is not well-known in Hollywood, and the audience in China may not get to know him. However, fans of American TV dramas must know the funny drama The Office, in which jenna fischer, the heroine, is the former wife of Goon. Their marriage lasted for eight years and finally broke up in the year when Fisher was nominated for an Emmy. After a long walk, in fact, I just want to let everyone know something about this director here.

    Goon’s funny style is similar to Zhou Xingchi’s early style: self-mockery+nonsense. He also likes to guest play small roles in his own films, and he has a talent for funny comedy. At last year’s comic-con exhibition, he told the film network, "I thought about it for a long time before taking over this film, not only because it has irreplaceable importance in the Marvel film universe project, but also because I feel that it is very challenging to make the rabble of the five Galaxies base to the extreme in two hours."

    Without further ado, let’s analyze this super loser alliance.

Chris is definitely the inspirational little prince of the year! In order to play a good role, it is hard to190 Jin of fat has become a muscle.

The host of the golden melody review — — Star Jue

    Actor: Chris Pratt

    Ancestral home: Earth

    Date of publication: January 1976

    Superpower: Like Iron Man Stark, he has no special super power, but his suit of armor can provide extraordinary resistance, attack power and flying ability of rolling and crawling.

    Hobbies: dancing crayons and small new-style butt-twisting dances.

    In the first five minutes of this film, I thought I was in the wrong theater. I watched the American version of "Mom loves me again" instead of "Guardians of the Galaxy". Star-Lord is the product of an unscrupulous love fairy tale. His mother is from the earth and his father is an alien named Spartoi. After the aliens fucked the earthlings, they gave birth to a baby boy named after Spider-Man: Peter. At the beginning of the film, Peter’s little brother was beaten into a panda eye and waited for his dying mother in the hospital. After a sad moment, my little brother was taken away by an alien beam.

Guardians of the Galaxy real toys at the press conference.

    More than 20 years have passed, and the kid has become a thief in the Milky Way, specializing in stealing all kinds of treasures and selling them to the antique shop of Scientology. This person is quite like Zhou Xingchi’s wretched bird in "Do the Nine Grades of Sesame Officials", and he reports himself as "Star-Lord" to everyone. One day, the narcissist found a mysterious sphere carrying the most destructive force in the galaxy, and was later chased by Ronan’s lackeys. On the way to escape, he met other losers who later became members of the guard.

    Star-Lord has amazing jumping ability and endurance, and he is wearing all kinds of mysterious equipment; Different from ordinary boys, he can not only hit a plane, but also fly a plane. He and his smart spaceship Rora coax all kinds of girls into submission. This man’s weakness is that his nostalgic complex is bursting. No matter where he goes, he will never forget to bring Walkman and a collection of classic English songs from his dead mother. From david bowie’s Moonage Daydream to jackson 5’s I Want You Back, Star-Lord collected the essence of European and American pop music in the 1970s and 1980s. Every day, he had to supplement his brain by listening to music. If he didn’t listen, he would feel uncomfortable.

    Trivia: Director james gunn revealed at the press conference that he had never included Chris Pratt in the list of actors who played Star-Lord, because he thought that all Marvel heroes should look like Brother Hammer, and shorter ones must have the chic style of Iron Man, but I didn’t expect Chris Pratt, who weighed as much as 190 kg at that time, to fully show Star-Lord’s "cheap taste" and immediately persuaded Gu En. Palat thus became the only "baby-faced superhero" in the Marvel universe.