1905 movie network news On November 16th, the film held an advanced viewing activity, in which the director, actors,,, and attended together, and held a "explosion topic selection" exchange meeting with the audience from the media industry.

In the movie, a group of self-media people voiced their voices against the sexually assaulted girls and launched a "network public opinion war". The "campus interest chain" revealed behind the truth is even more shocking. Girls are sent to the wine table from the desk, and the power controls public opinion. All kinds of realistic topics that are "true enough and fierce enough" have attracted constant discussion from the audience.

After watching the movie, many viewers bluntly said that the film "points to reality" and "tears the bloody illusion of public opinion and lets you face the most real social situation". Some viewers said, "the inequality between the powerful and the weak has been vividly displayed, which not only makes me feel the same, but also makes me angry." Some viewers praised that "this society needs such a film that dares to shoot and dare to speak." In the post-screening exchange, the director expressed the hope that this film would let everyone see the truth behind public opinion and "have more ability to distinguish the truth".

The ultimate poster of the film was released simultaneously, and many characters gathered in the "wonderful" self-media studio. Everyone stared at the front of the screen, and a "network public opinion war" without smoke was about to start. The film will be released nationwide on December 1.

Reality shines into the movie and hits people’s hearts.

Audience: Harvest the courage and strength to speak for justice.

In the movie, Zhang Xiaosui, a teenage girl, jumped off the building, which involved the "campus interest chain" from the desk to the wine table, and the relevant plot of the movie also reminded people of many real events that made people feel numb. Among them, the "Baise Student Aid Network Incident", also under the banner of public welfare, attracted a lot of discussion. Netizens commented: "If it weren’t for this movie, I had no idea that such a terrible thing really happened." At the event site, director Xin Yukun also admitted that the "Baise Student Network Incident" had an impact on this creation, while the film brought together more similar elements of real events.

Director Xin Yukun also said that movies, like many real events, have the voice of justice because of the power of attention. In the film, an ordinary self-media person, using the power of public opinion, tries his best to fight against power, just to make the truth of injustice public, which not only makes people happy, but also brings a lot of warmth and strength.

In this regard, the live actors also expressed the hope that through this film, we can pay more attention to more "victims" and have more courage to speak for justice. Some viewers bluntly said after watching the movie, "I firmly believe that every attention and every voice is making our world better and better."

Truly show the "network public opinion"

Director Xin Yukun: Behind the traffic is a living person.

The film "Hot Search" shows the little-known side of online public opinion and exposes the cold and cruel reality and the manipulation of money potential behind the lively online public opinion field. Sharing said: "The film integrates many social phenomena into a story and shows you the operating logic behind the mobile Internet." After watching the movie, the movie also caused many thoughts of the audience, "Are we influencing hot search or hot search influencing us?". Director Xin Yukun bluntly said: "There are living people behind the traffic, and there are unexpected forces behind many hot topics. I hope that after watching the movie, everyone can have more independent thinking ability and more discrimination."

At the scene, I also shared my gains from participating in Hot Search. Because I participated in the film, I specially learned the knowledge of the media industry and news dissemination, and I also had new thoughts on the current Internet situation. Some viewers felt deeply after watching the movie, and frankly said, "Through this movie, I realized the power of online public opinion. I hope everyone can use the Internet correctly and bravely speak for justice, so that the tragedy in the movie will not be repeated in real life."

From the media, people are full of resonance and open their hearts.

Sincerely speak, poke the main tears, and all the staff call for warm encouragement.

At the event site, many self-media bloggers from different fields came, and the film’s true presentation of the status quo of online public opinion attracted mixed feelings. A blogger couldn’t help crying when watching a movie, and bluntly said, "It’s not like watching a movie, it’s like watching a real event." Because she shared her life, she was subjected to an inexplicable internet storm and was slandered, and she was diagnosed with depression. Although they are in different fields, everyone is more or less troubled by online public opinion. They are touched by movies, actively sharing their real experiences and frequently choking.

Many self-media bloggers at the scene have deeply experienced the powerlessness of Xiao Sui and Chen Miao in the movie. Some bloggers said frankly, "It is a dream for many people to explode overnight and board hot events, but it is the beginning of a nightmare for me." Zhou Dongyu was also touched by everyone’s experience, and his eyes were moist. Many masters used their own personal experiences to cheer for the audience, which was very warm. Thankfully, some bloggers also shared the warmth they gained. "In real life, I also met netizens who bravely spoke for me and the truth like Chen Miao, and their support and encouragement helped me out of the predicament."