Qingchunpai chaoliu

  Not long ago, a "autumn soldier on the battlefield" was staged at the National Hockey Training Center. Twenty young people were divided into two groups and held "weapons" to fight. Although the "weapons" in their hands are made according to ancient weapons, they are made of soft rubber and sponge, and players are all protected by hard helmets and masks. Recently, this new outdoor competitive game named "Weapon Fighting" has become popular among young people in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities. Decompression and socializing are the most attractive places for the participants. The founders and organizers of this sport hope that through the popularization of this sport, people will fall in love with China traditional martial arts.

  Participants wear helmets and masks "weapons" that have been lightweight.

  The rules of the game are very simple, that is, use the "weapons" held to annihilate each other. The standard of "destroying the enemy" is not complicated, and it hits the effective part — — Head and torso, even if you win. During the game, participants should wear helmets and masks.

  Weapons include short knives, short swords, long swords, spears, bows and arrows and javelin. Players can assign "weapons", arrange formations and set tactics according to their own situations.

  In the "match" held in the National Hockey Training Center, more than half of the young people who came to participate were trying for the first time, and most of them had no professional training foundation such as fighting, fighting or kendo. The old players demonstrated the bow and arrow test firing and the use of the sword and shield and the long weapon to the novices, and then the battle began.

  The red and white sides are each composed of more than ten people, each of whom chooses his own "weapon" according to the rules. The two sides stand at both ends of the court, and after the game begins, they line up and walk towards each other. When the two sides came to a distance of about 5 meters, the vanguard teams of the two sides had "hand-to-hand combat", each holding a "shield" to cover his chest and constantly using a "sword" to test forward. The "weapons" in the players’ hands have been lightened, paying more attention to safety.

  "Red 10 is hit, down." "White No.6, down." The referee on duty will always pay attention to the players’ offensive and defensive progress and report the situation at any time. At the end of the first game of annihilation, there was only one female warrior in gray sportswear left in White, but she was faced with three people in Red: a boy of about 10 years old, a female warrior and a male warrior.

  The red male warrior is stocky and obviously has the strength advantage, and neither side dares to make moves easily. After wandering around the circle, the male warrior suddenly makes moves, and the female warrior in white fails to lift the other side’s "sword" because of physical exhaustion, so the "weapons" of both sides are twisted together.

  After the referee stopped the game, he asked whether the two sides were hit by each other. The female warrior in white took the initiative to raise her hand, and the other party touched herself first. Although there was no "counterattack" success in the case of one against three, the white female warrior still won applause.

  Subsequently, the two sides tried to join the offensive and defensive warfare of "spear" and "bow and arrow". The red and white sides have their own winners and losers. When they take off their helmets, some of them are panting, and some of them are still wanting more.

  Young people come together to "socialize while exercising"

  "Don’t see ‘ Bow and arrow ’ Where you come from, you are heroic ‘ Sacrifice ’ Yes. " One player said that when he charged, he lowered his center of gravity, swam left and right, and protected his chest with a "shield", but he soon felt that his leg was shot. After a few games, this player is obviously in a hurry. Taking part in this sport, his most intuitive feeling is: "The war is too cruel."

  Beibei, a female warrior in the last battle of annihilation, felt that the sport had high demands on both physical strength and brain power, and even a greater test on brain power. She believes that the collocation of "weapons" is very knowledgeable. On the court, we should not only observe the surroundings at all times, but also pay attention to teamwork. At the same time, everyone should find a good role according to their own characteristics. "I thought it was just fooling around at first, but later it felt like a video game, and I really paid attention to cooperation and strategy."

  Beibei insists on exercising all the year round. Besides going to the gym often, she often plays badminton. She thinks her physical fitness is not bad, but after playing a game, she obviously feels a lot of physical load.

  This time, Beibei came to experience it with her husband and several friends. Several of her friends first saw the video of "Fighting with Cold Weapons" on the Internet, and learned that there were clubs in Beijing also engaged in activities, so they came from Tianjin to play. After this activity, several people thought that glad you came planned to participate again if there was an opportunity.

  Beibei’s husband concluded that there are actually some winning skills in this sport, that is, to arrange one’s own formation reasonably, and not to be attracted by people who detour from both sides, resulting in scattered "forces." Beibei thinks that this sport is especially suitable for young people to socialize, especially for coming together or gathering with friends. It will be very interesting for everyone to form a team to complete a "fighting".

  Xiaomi also came to participate in the "fighting" with her boyfriend. Before she came, she was ready to be hurt. However, after the "war", she found that the safety of this sport is still quite high, with helmet protection, and "weapons" are also soft. The most likely injury is falling or spraining your ankle when moving.

  Before the activity began, Xiaomi accepted the guidance of the old players seriously. At first, she used to put the "shield" on her chest to protect herself. Later, she understood that it was necessary to block the opponent’s "weapons" with the "shield" grid to attack better. By learning now and selling now, she also won many people.

  Xiaomi believes that this project is quite decompression, and social attributes are an important reason for the rapid development of this sport. "Socializing while exercising." In addition, the rules of this sport take care of everyone, there is almost no gender difference, and people of any gender and age can have a good sense of participation.

  The game provides a "real combat" platform for martial arts lovers.

  Xiaomi’s boyfriend, Cheng Yuan, is a martial arts enthusiast. He has learned Xingyiquan and pike, and he is comfortable in the activity and has become the "killing king" of this activity. However, Cheng Yuan believes that this game will not take too much advantage for "practicing the family", especially if everyone is familiar with it, the advantage of people with martial arts foundation will be reduced. Because when they get familiar with each other, the role of tactics will be amplified.

  From the perspective of martial arts lovers, Cheng Yuan also highly praises this sport. He feels that this sport has given martial arts lovers like himself a platform for actual combat. "After I have studied martial arts, I can’t find a suitable performance outlet. There are one-on-one and team battles in this sport, which allows us martial arts lovers to give a full play."

  Cheng Yuan believes that this activity is just emerging at present, and the future trend, whether competitive or popular, is helpful for young people in contemporary society to keep fit. In addition, it can also enhance people’s skills and awareness of protecting themselves.

  "During the activity, I found that some players completed ‘ Kill ’ After that, I relaxed, and as a result, I was stabbed by my opponent. If you participate in this sport more, you may better protect yourself in case of any sudden danger in reality. " Cheng Yuan said.

  The founder said that the original intention of the game was to "awaken Chinese traditional martial arts culture"

  "Awakening Chinese traditional Wushu culture" is one of the original intentions of this project. Da Pan is one of the founders of this sport. He is a tall martial arts enthusiast and a worker in the sports industry. For a long time, he felt that modern martial arts have competition, performance and fitness, but young people often learn boxing, fencing and taekwondo from abroad.

  "As a traditional martial arts country, we have not been able to inherit the martial arts projects that people are willing to participate in, which makes me unwilling." Dapan said. Therefore, in the three years from 2017 to 2019, Dapan paid his own money to visit the martial arts schools and martial arts schools in Songshan, Henan, Cangzhou, Hebei, Foshan, Guangdong, Shanghai, Shandong and other traditional martial arts places. He found that the most important reason is that China’s traditional Wushu is seriously divorced from the market, and the public can’t feel the sense of participation. Wushu is confined to two small fields: fitness for the elderly and athletes’ competition, and a large number of Wushu lovers have no platform for convenient activities.

  "Fencing, taekwondo why good enrollment, because people are interesting, the steps are lower, children are willing to learn. Therefore, martial arts should also lower its posture and go to the people. " Da Pan said that after the inspection, he and several friends began to study martial arts sports that could be accepted by the public and named the project "Integrated Weapon Fighting". The principle of the project is that everyone can participate, and men, women and children can find happiness in it. Since everyone is engaged in sports, the first edition of the rules was soon worked out. The rules advocate that women, children or people with poor physical fitness should also have a chance to survive.

  Later, Dapan found a friend who was engaged in computer game development, and made a gamification modification to the project rules. By borrowing the scoring form in the game, he stipulated that all kinds of "weapons" were given different scores according to their length, weight and attack distance. Each participant could choose their own "weapons", but the total score could not exceed 8 points.

  In the design of "weapons", Dapan and his friends also took great pains. First, they consulted historical materials, designed the shape according to the size and length of China’s traditional weapons, and then made corresponding lightweight improvements.

  In order to ensure safety, they cut the inner cores of various attack "weapons" to ensure that after excessive force, the cut parts of "weapons" will break first without hurting users.

  "We hope these ‘ Weapons ’ Just like football and skateboarding, it is easy to carry, put it in a backpack or trunk, and it is convenient to invite a few friends to play at any time ‘ Fighting ’ 。” Dapan said.

  "Weapon Fighting" gradually promoted three clubs to form an alliance.

  After this spring, the "weapon fighting" project was gradually popularized. Many young people have learned about this new social sport through the Internet, and more and more young people are trying and experiencing it. Most of the activities have been held in five-a-side football fields, rugby fields or hockey fields.

  "In fact, it’s not us ‘ Seize the football field ’ The main reason is that the size of the five-a-side football field is appropriate, and the two restricted areas can just be used as our positions to arrange manpower, and there are generally barbed wire around the stadium to avoid our ‘ Weapons ’ Fly outside. " Dapan explained that the "weapon fighting" project actually has no particularly strict requirements on the venue, and it can be played anywhere.

  At present, Dapan and his friends have set up the club "Fighting with Integrated Weapons". Now, three clubs have formed an alliance called WMC, in which clubs can compete with each other and players can recognize each other’s points. At the same time, there are clubs engaged in similar projects in Shanghai and Nanjing.

  Du Suantou (net name), the founder of Shanghai’s "Cold Weapons Offensive and Defensive Warfare", said that they began to try to play this project in 2022. At that time, he and several friends who practiced martial arts could not find a suitable platform for practicing martial arts. They were inspired when they played the offensive and defensive arrow project together, and then made rules of the game by referring to various similar games at home and abroad.

  Since this summer, they have been promoted in the market in the form of clubs. According to its introduction, their "cold weapon offensive and defensive warfare" is roughly the same as Beijing’s "integrated weapon fighting", but there are some differences in some details.

  "This project is now in the ascendant, and it is normal for different genres and ways of playing, just like playing mahjong cards, including Sichuan Mahjong, Beijing Mahjong and Guangdong Mahjong, but in the end there will be a unified rule to become a mahjong competitive sport."

  As for the same kind of activities in Shanghai and Nanjing, Da Pan, as the manager of the club "Fighting with Integrated Weapons", also thinks that this is a good thing from the perspective of making people accept martial arts. The rules of any game or sport should not be closed and should not belong to a club or some individuals.

  Da Pan believes that as a new sport, the rules of the game should be gradually improved in practice to learn from each other’s strengths, and finally it can be better accepted and passed down by the public. "This is also our original intention, that is, to make people like China traditional martial arts and awaken China traditional martial arts culture."

  Wenhe photo/reporter Zhang Ziyuan

  Coordinator/Lin Yan Zhang Bin