Since yesterday morning, due to the odor of tap water, a large-scale water cut-off occurred in the main city of Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, and the drinking water in major supermarkets was robbed.

    Yancheng environmental protection department has preliminarily determined that a chemical plant illegally discharged sewage, resulting in the water source of Chengxi Waterworks being polluted by phenols.

    According to the report of the municipal government, the water pipe network is being cleaned and discharged, and the spare water source was started to restore water supply yesterday afternoon. However, people still have doubts about whether the water can be used, and it is not clear when the normal water supply will be fully restored.

    The price of mineral water rises twice in 10 minutes.

    Mr. Zhou, a resident of tinghu district, Yancheng City, said yesterday that after getting up in the morning, he found that the tap water at home smelled of pesticides, and then the water was cut off. "My face was not washed."

    "Everyone is rushing to buy mineral water or bottled water in boxes and keep them at home for later use." Mr. Zhou said that when he wanted to buy water to go home to cook after work at noon, he found that many large supermarkets had sold out of pure water. "I ran three supermarkets and finally bought water in a small supermarket. Moreover, this supermarket also took the opportunity to raise prices. A colleague bought a box of 16 yuan before me, and when it was my turn to buy it, it had already risen to 20 yuan, and when the colleague behind me bought it, it rose to 24 yuan, only 10 minutes before and after. "

    Mr. Zhou also heard from colleagues that because almost all the drinking water in Yancheng City was sold out of stock, some citizens even drove to the surrounding areas to "grab water".

    Yancheng, with a population of 8.15 million, is the largest city with the largest area and the second population in Jiangsu.

    Caused by stealing sewage from chemical plants.

    The Yancheng Municipal Government informed yesterday that at 6: 20 in the morning, it was found that the factory water in Chengxi Waterworks had an odor. After preliminary testing, the water sources of Chengxi Water Plant and Yuehe Water Plant were polluted by phenolic compounds, and the tap water produced was not suitable for drinking. The water outlets of the water plants were immediately closed, resulting in water cuts in tinghu district, Yandu District, New District and Development Zone.

    The relevant person in charge of Yancheng Environmental Protection Bureau said that after the original water pollution occurred, the environmental protection department immediately dispatched four working groups to inspect. After preliminary investigation, it was found that the cause of the pollution was the smuggling of sewage by Yancheng Biaoxin Chemical Co., Ltd..

    Yancheng public security organs have filed a case for investigation. According to the investigation, this chemical plant usually discharges sewage into a small ditch, and this small ditch has a small dam. The day before yesterday, the factory opened the dam, which coincided with the heavy rain in Yancheng, and the sewage flowed into the python river, the water source of the west waterworks.

    Tap water in Yancheng City is provided by three water plants, namely Chengxi Water Plant, Yuehe Water Plant and Chengdong Water Plant. The daily water supply scale of Chengxi Water Plant is 115,000 tons, and that of Yuehe Water Plant is 20,000 tons, which are the main water supply plants in the main city. The water supply scale of Chengdong Waterworks is 100,000 tons, which is the backup water source of the city. Among them, the raw water of Chengxi Water Plant and Yuehe Water Plant are taken from Xinyang Port, and the raw water of Chengdong Water Plant is taken from Tongyu River. Xinyang Port, with a total length of 69.80 kilometers, is the main channel for Yancheng to drain into the sea.

    Emergency start-up of standby water supply

    In order to ensure the urban area to resume water supply as soon as possible, Yancheng Municipal Government started the water intake of Tongyu River as an emergency yesterday, increased the production capacity of Chengdong Waterworks, restricted some industrial water and water used in special industries, and started using deep well water, and resumed water supply at 2 pm yesterday.

    The Yancheng municipal government also reminded the public to immediately turn on the indoor faucet and drain the remaining water in the pipeline until there is no odor. "The discharged tap water is free of water charges."

    As of last night, the whole water supply in Yancheng was undertaken by Chengdong Waterworks, but the water pressure in most parts of the west is still very low.

    Cui Haiqing, a teacher at Yancheng No.1 Middle School, said that at 3 pm yesterday, the school had resumed water supply. "But the current water flow is still very small. I heard that some high-rise residents still have no water at home, and the water pressure may not be enough."

    The government has also issued a notice to invite users with higher floors to fetch water from users on the ground floor or bungalows, and appealed to the general public to carry forward the spirit of mutual assistance and cooperation.