Candidates waiting for admission Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Yifei photo

  On November 30, 2009, the public written examination subjects for the recruitment of civil servants by the central organs and their directly affiliated institutions were conducted simultaneously in 38 cities in 31 examination areas across the country. The number of candidates this year reached a record high of 775,000, an increase of more than 130,000 over the previous year. The number of civil servants enrolled in this year’s plan is only 13,500, that is, the admission rate is only 1.75%, which is almost equivalent to "rebounding". However, there are still a large number of college students and on-the-job personnel flocking to it. While the financial crisis has reduced employment opportunities, being a civil servant with stable work and considerable income has become their "ultimate pursuit".

Candidates enter Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Yifei photo

Lens: Crowded, calm as usual.

  On the 30th, although the roads in Changchun were muddy after a heavy snow, it did not affect the mood of the candidates who went to the examination room in groups of three or five. Although the examination subject "Administrative Professional Ability Test" didn’t start until 9: 00 am that morning, the reporter saw that these places were already crowded at the test sites such as Jiefang Road Primary School, No.11 Middle School and Tianjin Road Primary School in Changchun, and many candidates came to the scene one hour in advance.

  The reporter found that for these "time-tested" college students and on-the-job staff, the mood of waiting to enter the examination room at this time is far less tense and complicated than that of the senior high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination, and it is rare to see candidates scrambling to review the examination materials. Many people are laughing and laughing with self-possession. Many examination rooms are not "heavily guarded" like during the college entrance examination. In Changchun No.87 Middle School, in order to prevent candidates from catching cold, the school even "illegally" let candidates enter the campus 20 minutes in advance.

  It is understood that this year, more than 13,000 people signed up for the exam in Jilin Province alone, and 11 test sites were set up in Changchun. From the scene, only a few candidates are accompanied by their parents, and there is no teacher leading the team. Most of the candidates are "childish" college students, and a few on-the-job staff even directly suggest when facing the reporter’s camera and video camera: "Please don’t shoot me, I am still at work, and I don’t want to let the unit know when I come here for the exam. Thank you for your cooperation."