After the national first-class constructor qualification examination held last weekend, many candidates reported that there were problems in the subject of "Professional Engineering Management and Practice". The exam was originally held on the afternoon of 17th, but there was a "mock exam" that went viral in the early morning of that day. Candidates claimed that 80% of the content of this "exam" was the answer of that day’s exam (pictured). An investigation by the Beijing Morning Post reporter found that the user who originally sent this "answer" was "Today’s Headline", and the post was deleted at noon yesterday. The practice qualification registration center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development said that it has received reports from candidates and will conduct an investigation.

  The real question and the simulation question are highly consistent.

  At 18 o’clock last Sunday, the national first-class constructor qualification examination ended. Xiao Gao, who walked out of the examination room, was furious. He picked up the phone and chatted with his classmates. The doubts in his heart were solved. "I was blinded when I got the paper. These questions look familiar." After reviewing for almost a year, I have done a lot of real questions and simulation questions over the years. Xiao Gao began to think that "familiarity" was due to his good review. I didn’t expect that the more I did it later, the more wrong it was. "The content involved in the test questions was highly consistent with a simulation question sent to me by my classmate WeChat. Although I didn’t look at the simulation questions carefully, I was somewhat impressed after a few glances, and all the questions appeared." Before the exam was finished, Xiao Gao realized that the answer to the exam question had been leaked in advance. After the exam, the students were also surprised, saying that the answer came from a WeChat group, just to sharpen the gun before the exam, but it was actually the answer.

  The answers have been seen before the exams in various places.

  Xiao Gao and his classmates were not the only ones who were shocked. After the exam, candidates from all over the country said that they had seen the answers before the exam, and uploaded a post entitled "2017 First-class Construction Engineer Municipal Simulation Test Site Practice" published in Today’s Headlines, with more than a dozen handwritten and printed screenshots of the first-class construction engineer’s "Professional Engineering Management and Practice" exam subjects.

  Candidate Zhou Jun told the Beijing Morning Post reporter that the screenshots of more than a dozen simulation questions are the answers to the questions. "There are no questions, so laymen may think that this is the focus of the exam, but people who take the exam can understand it at a glance, which is to write the answers directly. For example, multiple-choice questions, there are no options listed above, and only the stem and the correct answer are written in one sentence. "

  More than one major is suspected of leaking questions.

  The first-class constructor qualification examination is a national unified outline, unified proposition and unified organization examination, including 10 majors such as construction engineering, highway engineering, railway engineering, municipal public works, communication and radio and television engineering, and electromechanical engineering. A total of 4 subjects were tested. The first 3 subjects, construction engineering economics, construction project management, construction engineering laws and regulations and related knowledge, belong to public subjects, and the last subject, engineering management and practice, has different examination questions and the largest score. The content of the above-mentioned suspected questions is the examination questions of municipal public works in professional engineering management and practice.

  Because the registration of the exam requires work experience, most candidates review while working, and some even resign. Mary (a pseudonym), a 31-year-old examinee, said that in the past year, all the children were taken care of by their parents and almost all their spare time was given up. However, the answer that was highly similar to the exam question appeared in the early morning of the 17th, which made her feel disheartened. "It’s nothing to work hard, but this happened in a national exam, and I feel that I have been played."

  In addition to the suspected leakage of the examination questions of the municipal public works major, many candidates majoring in communication and electromechanical also reported that the answers to the questions were highly similar in some pre-test exchange groups.

  Officials say an investigation will be launched.

  According to media reports, in 2007, there was an incident of leaking questions in the first-class construction engineer qualification examination. Li, who runs the education and training center, and his subordinate Yang bought the examination questions of the national first-class constructor qualification examination and sent them to the students by SMS, committing the crime of deliberately revealing state secrets and being sentenced to two years in prison by the court.

  In addition, before the 2015 exam, a set of "simulation questions" with a similarity of more than 60% with the original exam questions were also circulated on the Internet, and candidates also suspected that the test questions were leaked in advance. At noon yesterday, the reporter found that the posts mentioned by the candidates had been deleted. "Today’s Headlines" harmful information reporting center said that it is not sure whether this content was deleted by the publisher himself. "It is difficult for the platform to control such information before, but we will investigate it after receiving reports from users."

  In addition, the staff of the Practice Qualification Registration Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development told reporters that they also received a report on the leakage of suspected test questions yesterday morning and will investigate this.

  Beijing Morning Post Hotline Journalist Zhang Jingshu Clue: Mr. Ma