On March 11th, local time in Italy, according to the Italian media La Repubblica, Serie A powerhouse Rome and the team’s defense core smolin basically reached an agreement on the renewal of the contract. The 33-year-old Red Wolf central defender is expected to renew his contract with the club until the summer of 2025.

In the summer of 2019, smolin joined Rome and gradually became an important player in the team’s defense line. After Mourinho took charge of the team, smolin was even more important. Last season, he played 38 games for the team, starting 32 times and scored 4 goals, which helped the team win the first UEFA championship trophy. So far this season, he has made 34 appearances for Roma, started 31 times and scored 3 goals. It can be said that smolin is the anchor of the team’s defense.

Smolin’s contract with Rome will expire at the end of this season. Sports director Pinto of Rome hopes that the British centre-back can renew his contract with a reduced salary, and has offered the players an annual salary of only 2.5 million euros. Obviously, smolin, who entered the end of his career, is not satisfied, and Pinto is unwilling to make concessions. The contract renewal negotiations between the two sides were once deadlocked. In order to better extend his career, smolin is even ready to find a new home.

Although smolin is now 33 years old, his competitive state is excellent. In addition, he will soon be a free agent, so many teams want to recruit him, and Serie A giants Inter Milan is one of them. Because skrinjar left the team at the end of the season, Devlai’s contract renewal has not been reached so far, and acerbi is getting older, so Inter Milan urgently needs a player who is familiar with Serie A and has the strength, and smolin is a very suitable candidate.

For Rome, once smolin leaves the team, the quality of the team’s defense will definitely be greatly reduced. No one in Rome’s existing lineup can replace smolin. If you want to introduce a player who is equal in the transfer market, it will inevitably cost a lot of money. When the negotiations between the two sides were delayed, team coach Jose Mourinho personally came forward. Under the strong persuasion of Jose Mourinho, Pinto finally agreed to raise the offer for smolin and offer the other side a new contract of 3.5 million euros after tax.

Smolin was also satisfied with the new offer made by Rome, because the salary level was comparable to the present one, and with the help of Mourinho, smolin finally agreed to the offer. In terms of Serie A, the salary of a 33-year-old veteran is quite generous. It is reported that Roma will complete the contract renewal with smolin in recent weeks, which also means that Inter Milan’s dream of visa-free smolin is completely shattered.