After leading the national team to win the World Cup trophy, the whole world thinks that Messi will be the biggest winner of all personal honors in the future, and he was recently awarded the FIFA World Player of the Year. But it may not be so easy for Messi to win the eighth place in the Golden Globe Award, which is more significant for football players. Napoli striker Osman was born and will become the biggest competitor of the Argentines.

There is no doubt that the World Cup is the highest honor in football, and Messi won it in the World Cup year, which is definitely the biggest weapon to compete for major awards. However, unlike the FIFA Awards Ceremony, in the selection cycle of the Golden Globe Awards, the final winner will be decided by the internal cup, the five major leagues and the Champions League. Although the champion of one of the events can’t be compared with the World Cup, it’s not impossible to win the Golden Globe Award to reward players’ personal performance if they win multiple championships and personal data explodes.

This season’s Osman is such an example. Its team Naples is now the absolute leader of Serie A, 15 points short of Inter Milan, which is ahead of the second place. Now there are only 12-13 rounds left in the league, and the championship trophy is almost in hand. On the other side of the Champions League, Frankfurt was defeated 2-0 in the first leg of the quarter-finals, and the second leg can pass smoothly without any accident. The remaining competitors in the half area where the team is located are Bayern, Manchester City and Inter Milan, and Naples has the power of World War I..

If both tracks can win the championship, Osman’s explosion data can be icing on the cake. He has made 26 appearances for the team this season, scored 21 goals and sent 3 assists, ranking first in the league with 19 goals. The most amazing thing about the player is the goal efficiency. He scored 100 goals in only 197 games. Messi spent 210 games and Cristiano Ronaldo spent 301 games. The 24-year-old Nigerian striker has an unlimited future.

When both the individual and the team have achieved the ultimate, Osman at this time has the strength to compete with Messi for the Golden Globe Award. If football wants to win a new generation of talents, coupled with the support of Italian and African football, it is likely to become a dark horse! It should be reminded that Messi’s personal honor is only the World Cup and the French League champion in Paris, and the Champions League has been eliminated.