1905 movie network news Since its release, its box office performance has been rising all the way, creating a new record for many Chinese films. Up to now, the box office of Wolf Warriors 2 has exceeded 4.9 billion, and it is about to enter the 5 billion mark. As the film will be postponed to September 28th, Wolf Warriors 2 may achieve even more impressive box office results in the future.

Fist-to-fist fights, shocking wars, and flesh-and-blood figures … … After watching Wolf Warriors 2, many viewers were full of praise for the film. "I never thought we could make such a blockbuster ourselves.". In fact, behind such a wonderful film is the condensation of 10 months’ painstaking efforts of Jason Wu and the entire crew of 1,700 people. Today, the film released 30 behind-the-scenes stories about Wolf Warriors 2, and many netizens sighed after understanding them, "Wolf Warriors 2 is definitely worthy of such achievements" and "If nothing else, let’s go".


1. The script existed before filming, and I wanted to show the world the power of China.

The script of "Wolf Warriors 2" existed before "Wolf Warriors" was turned on. After four years of polishing, the script has written more than a dozen drafts. Jason Wu’s purpose is to let China’s soldiers go abroad, let the world see China’s soldiers’ wit, courage, kindness and responsibility, and let the world see China’s strength.


2. The script moves the action guidance

In order to make the war scene more international, Wolf Warriors 2 not only has two action teams, Hongkong and the United States, but also the American team invited Sam Hargrave, the action director from Captain America: Civil War. Sam also said that after reading the script, he was moved by Jason Wu’s passion and ambition for movies and decided to join.


3. Cold front is no longer a soldier?

Compared with Wolf Warriors, the biggest difference of the cold front in Wolf Warriors 2 is that he takes off his military uniform and is no longer a soldier. However, in Jason Wu’s eyes, Lengfeng’s yearning and loyalty to the army has not been lost. On the contrary, he has more responsibility than before, not only to protect his compatriots, but also to protect all those who suffered in the war.


4. The villain is greatly upgraded, and the contest is more exciting

The villains in Wolf Warriors 2 are also rich and huge, with the participation of not only female snipers, professional wrestlers, but also gun experts. This diversity also gives Jason Wu more space to show his struggle against villains.


5. The first China action movie shot in Africa.

The story of Wolf Warriors 2 is set in Africa. The reason for choosing overseas is that China has encountered many things overseas in recent years, especially several incidents of evacuating overseas Chinese, and several incidents of China people being shot and robbed overseas, which made Jason Wu feel that the spirit of China soldiers should go abroad.


6. Africa was robbed and brought a gun into the slum.

In order to capture the most authentic scene, the crew of Wolf Warriors 2 went to Africa twice, and was robbed three times and twice. Not only was it robbed in the slums, but the photography team even passed by the robbery gang. It can be said that the off-stage experience filmed in Africa is more wonderful than the play.


7. The photographer was paralyzed by a poisonous spider.

In the process of filming in Africa, in addition to being robbed, a photographer of Wolf Warriors 2 was unfortunately bitten by a local poisonous spider, and the paraplegic wound was amazing, which was very difficult.


8. Walking in the snowstorm in Iceland, eating snow when you are thirsty.

When shooting in Iceland, Jason Wu and his party walked for several hours in the snow of minus 10 degrees, but they had to eat snow for several hours without drinking water.


9. 6 minutes of underwater scenes with one mirror was once considered impossible.

In the movie, what surprised many viewers was a 6-minute scene, including an underwater action scene, which was considered impossible before shooting because no one had ever played underwater for three minutes before. It is the challenge that makes Jason Wu want to break through. When shooting, neither the actors nor the staff had respirators, and there were only five lifeguards to prevent accidents. And this difficult underwater action scene, invited the underwater photographer to take the mirror. When shooting, because you can’t see anything in the water without glasses, everything can only be done by feeling. This action scene was rehearsed for more than half a month and rehearsed underwater for 4 days. Jason Wu spent more than 10 hours underwater every day, which was very hard.


10. Hold your breath underwater for 3 minutes, and Jason Wu almost drowned.

In the movie, Jason Wu moves freely and smartly underwater, actually because he is equipped with four kilograms of lead, which makes the diving speed faster. But after two shots, Jason Wu’s body couldn’t help sinking because the lead was too heavy, and his mouth began to soak. Fortunately, the lifeguard swam quickly to Jason Wu’s side, put the respirator on Jason Wu’s face and dragged him ashore. This dangerous scene also made the atmosphere almost tense and solidified.


11. Diving from the 13-meter deck, Jason Wu jumped 26 times in a row.

In the movie, the scene of Jason Wu diving from the 13-meter deck is also impressive. Although the shot was only a few seconds, Jason Wu dived 26 times in a row in order to cooperate with the photographer. When shooting in the open sea, because the ocean current velocity was 15m/s that day, Jason Wu was instantly washed away by the ocean current after entering the water, and finally he had to rely on the crew’s speedboat to intercept people.


12. Captain America: Civil War villains joined, and the two men fought Wu Jing to be "slapped"

One of the biggest attractions of Wolf Warriors 2 is a five-minute hand-to-hand combat between Jason Wu and the villain "Crossbones" Frank Grillo in Captain America: Civil War. In order to pursue the realism from fist to flesh, Jason Wu gave up the trick and asked Frank to really hit himself in the face with his fist.


13. Fight the villain No.2, and shoot at minus 9 degrees repeatedly.

In addition to the fierce hand-to-hand combat with Captain America: Civil War’s villain, another action scene in which Jason Wu was ill against villain No.2 also made many viewers enjoy it. This fight was also very difficult. At night, it was MINUS 9 degrees, and the two still wore short sleeves and repeatedly fought, sometimes even the knife was unstable.


14. The car chase in the slums is thrilling, and Jason Wu has no protective measures.

In the movie, the cold front raced in the narrow streets of slums, which made the audience scream for excitement. When filming this drifting scene, Wu Jing hung on a speeding car with one arm, in fact, there was no protective measures at all, and it was very dangerous to rely on the strength of his arm to ensure that he would not be thrown out.


15. The real military tank drifts 180, and the tank hits the oil spill.

Sports car drift is common, but tank drift is believed that many people have never seen it. This time in Wolf Warriors 2, Jason Wu staged a tank version of "Speed and Passion", which made real military tanks collide violently. In order to present a shocking and exciting visual picture, Jason Wu personally drove, took several shots repeatedly, and finally hit the tank and leaked oil, which was at risk of explosion at any time.


16. Shooting a tank chase scene almost killed Jason Wu.

In the movie, the villain drives a tank and chases Jason Wu’s scene while madly hitting a roadside post, which makes many viewers feel worried about Jason Wu. While filming this scene, Jason Wu was almost hit by a brick on the post. This sudden accident also made him sigh "fortunately, his life is big."


17. The explosion scene shocked the big scene, and Jason Wu was temporarily deaf by bombing.

In the movie, the realistic presentation of explosions such as airplanes, tanks and off-road vehicles brought exciting visual experience to the audience, but behind the scenes of shocking scenes, in order to restore the truth, Jason Wu demanded that the explosion shots should be as real as possible, and blew up hundreds of equipment, including one airplane model, two 20-ton tank models and nearly 100 cars. When an explosion scene was filmed, Jason Wu’s ears were blown to temporary deafness, and he really took his life to make a movie.


18. WU GANG practiced his gun for 20 days, suffering from "changing the magazine with one hand"

After watching the movie, many viewers were circled by the veteran played by WU GANG. Why did you choose Wu Gang to play it? Jason Wu admits that WU GANG has the spirit and momentum of a veteran. In order to better interpret this role, WU GANG joined the group ahead of time. It took more than 20 days to practice raising a gun. From the beginning, he couldn’t use a gun, but later he could skillfully change the magazine with one hand. This professional attitude also made Jason Wu frankly admirable.


19. With a waist injury, WU GANG took painkillers and insisted on filming.

While filming an explosion scene, WU GANG accidentally fell on a big stone and was seriously injured in the waist, so he couldn’t move at all. In order not to delay the filming progress of the crew, after simple treatment, WU GANG insisted on completing the action scene with ice and painkillers.


20. Jason Wu invited Yu Nan by phone, and the prison marriage proposal moved the audience.

In the movie, the memories of Leng Feng and Long Xiaoyun moved many audiences, especially the scene of Long Xiaoyun proposing to Leng Feng in prison. The setting of this scene actually represents Long Xiaoyun’s persistence in love and his recognition and encouragement to the cold front. Whether Leng Feng was in prison or left the army, Long Xiaoyun always recognized Leng Feng. It is this recognition that also stimulated the cold front, because one of his carelessness caused an irreparable regret. Off-stage, Jason Wu invited Yu Nan to join again with a phone call and a letter. Besides his sincerity, Yu Nan’s simple and pure attitude towards movies is also an important reason for their second cooperation.


21. Celina Jade spent 10 months alone with the crew without an assistant.

Celina Jade once cooperated with Jason Wu. Although Celina Jade put out the fire on the spot, this second cooperation made Jason Wu bluntly "like finding a treasure". When shooting, Celina Jade didn’t even bring his assistant, so he came to the set alone and worked with the crew for 10 months, desperately.


22. Xiong Haizi, which Jason Wu arranged for Hans Zhang to play, was actually the most growing role in the film.

In the movie, Jason Wu designed Hans Zhang’s role as a rich second generation Xiong Haizi. Although this character sounds a little unreliable, it is actually the most growing role in the movie. Many viewers said that Xiong Haizi, played by Hans Zhang, was circled after watching the movie. Jason Wu also said that the character changed from a Xiong Haizi to a good boy, and the role was very beautiful, and Hans Zhang’s accomplishment was also very high.


23. Yu Qian’s role has a prototype, and he missed the performance for filming.

In the movie, the profiteer played by Yu Qian impressed many audiences. The reason why Wu Jing designed such a role in the film is because he really met such China people who cheated their compatriots in Africa. Yu Qian also completed this role very well, and even failed to catch up with Deyun’s performance for the sake of trick shooting, which is respectable.


24. China, an African actress, was born and did not have stage fright at an early age.

The two cute little African actors in the film were actually born in China, one from Shanxi and the other from Hangzhou, and they can speak fluent Chinese. The reason for choosing these two children is precisely because their feelings are very consistent with Jason Wu’s role setting. One is naughty like a grown-up, and the other is simple and shy, and they have no stage fright when they play at an early age.


25.1,000-strong crew, with staff from 26 countries.

The crew of Wolf Warriors 2 has a maximum of 1,700 people, including staff from 26 countries. Such a huge crew also made director Wu Jing feel more responsible. During the filming, Jason Wu was most worried that the life of the staff would be in danger because of the different habits and communication difficulties between China and foreign countries in safety measures. And there was a scene in the factory, because there were hundreds of group performances, and the noise was too loud when filming, which also attracted the local police.


26. The evacuation bridge section was filmed smoothly, and the feelings were true and natural.

The movie clips about the evacuation of overseas Chinese made many viewers excited, especially the scene of Wu Jing wearing a national flag and crossing the war zone at last. Jason Wu revealed that these scenes were filmed very smoothly, because all the feelings were true, and everyone was naturally proud of the strength of China and the strong motherland behind them. When shooting, a sense of awe arises spontaneously.


27. The American team once dared not let Wu Jing use a real gun.

As a military war action film, there are many exciting gun battles in Wolf Warriors 2. While filming, the American action team was afraid to let Jason Wu use the real gun for fear of safety. However, after more than 10 months’ experience in the special forces, Jason Wu dispelled the concerns of the American team by virtue of his professional quality in the safe control of guns.


28. Overtime and overspending are serious, and everything is worth it for the movie.

Wolf Warriors 2 is the first China war film to go abroad. With a team of thousands of people and the theme of modern war, the shooting difficulty can be imagined. In order to achieve better shooting effect and film quality, the film overspent and overtime were very serious. The original four-month shooting plan was shot for 137 days in China alone, but for the final presentation effect, everything was worthwhile. Jason Wu also bluntly said that this shooting experience was a valuable life wealth for himself.


29. Jason Wu hasn’t been home for 137 days in China.

Although "Wolf Warriors 2" was filmed in China for 137 days, Jason Wu didn’t have time to go home and has been rooted in the crew. Thanks to Iola’s support and understanding, Jason Wu took his son to visit the crew to cheer Jason Wu up.


30. I am proud that the film ends with China passport.

At the end of the film, there is a China passport, and a passage on it makes many viewers excited after watching the film. People’s Republic of China (PRC) citizens: When you are in danger overseas, don’t give up! Please remember, behind you, there is a strong motherland! For this design, Jason Wu said in an interview that with the rise of China, China’s passport has become more and more popular in the world. Having a Chinese face is just like having a passport anywhere in the world. For previous evacuees, having a China passport gives you priority, which is an honor. Holding this passport will make you feel very proud.