A few days ago, the Hainan Provincial Office of River Length System and the Office of Hainan Provincial Leading Group for Water Control (hereinafter referred to as the Provincial Office of River Length and the Provincial Office of Water Control) jointly issued the Key Points for Implementing the River Length System and "Six Rivers Governing Together" in Hainan Province in 2024 (hereinafter referred to as the "Key Points"), which clarified 26 key tasks from five aspects and "designated key points" for promoting the river length system and "Six Rivers Governing Together" this year.

The 26 key tasks cover five aspects: sewage treatment, water supply protection, flood control and drainage, water conservation and seawater quality improvement. The "Essentials" also issued a list of specific tasks simultaneously, and defined the specific matters and responsible units item by item for the key tasks.

In terms of sewage treatment, 10 tasks have been identified in the Essentials, which require the implementation of three special actions, namely, the extermination of inferior V water bodies, the remediation of outstanding urban sewage problems, and the treatment of domestic sewage in rural areas, and the simultaneous promotion of the withdrawal of small hydropower stations in national parks, the treatment of black and odorous water bodies, the zero direct discharge of sewage in key parks, the prevention and control of agricultural non-point source pollution, and the investigation and remediation of sewage outlets entering rivers.

There are four tasks to ensure water supply. It is clear that we should focus on two special actions: improving drinking water in urban and rural reclamation areas and tackling key problems in the construction of key water resources allocation projects, strengthening the management of drinking water sources, gradually building a safe and reliable water source security system, and improving the monitoring and testing mechanism of water quality.

There are four tasks in flood control and drainage, among which, we will focus on the implementation of special actions to improve flood control and drainage capacity, simultaneously strengthen the construction of weak flood control links in the basin, further improve the flood control and disaster reduction capacity of the basin, and accelerate the construction of modern reservoir operation management matrix and rain monitoring and forecasting system.

There are five tasks in water saving, which require focusing on the implementation of special actions to rectify the key work of water resources management, simultaneously promoting the utilization of reclaimed water resources and the construction of water-saving society to meet the standards, and accelerating the continuous construction and modernization of large and medium-sized irrigation areas and the construction of high-standard farmland.

In terms of excellent seawater, there are three tasks, including focusing on promoting the construction of the "restoration integration" business system for the protection of islands and mines in Lintian Lake, and simultaneously promoting the protection and restoration of marine ecology, the protection and construction of beautiful bays and the pollution remediation of key bays.

Source: Hainan Daily