Cctv newsOn the afternoon of September 27th, China Meteorological Bureau held a press conference in October, releasing the national weather and climate characteristics review in September, the climate trend forecast in October (the weather during the "Eleventh" holiday) and service suggestions, and answering reporters’ questions.

  Jia Xiaolong, deputy director of the National Climate Center, introduced the climate trend forecast and meteorological service tips in October.

  In terms of precipitation, it is estimated that the precipitation in Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, western Guangxi, southern Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan and northern Xinjiang is more than normal, with 20% to 50% more in northern Heilongjiang, Guizhou, eastern Yunnan and northern Xinjiang. The precipitation in other parts of the country is close to the same period of the year, with 20% to 50% less in northern Jiangsu, northeastern Anhui and most parts of Shandong.

  In terms of temperature, except that the temperature in Northeast China and other places is 0.5℃ to 1℃ lower than normal, the temperature in most parts of China is close to normal to high.Among them, the temperatures in central and western Inner Mongolia, northern Jiangsu, northern Anhui, most of Shandong, most of Henan, northern Hubei, western Sichuan, western Yunnan, eastern Tibet, northwestern Shaanxi, northeastern Gansu, southern Qinghai and Ningxia are 1 C to 2 C higher. It is estimated that there will be four cold air processes, the time and intensity of which are early (strong), early (moderate), early (moderate) and late (moderate).

  In terms of tropical cyclones, it is estimated that one or two tropical cyclones will be generated in the northwest Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea in October, which is less than the normal period (3.5), and one of them may land or obviously affect the coastal areas of South China, which is close to the normal period (0.6). The terminal date is later than normal (October 3rd).

  According to the forecast of climate trend in October, there are three suggestions for meteorological service.

  The first is to prevent the adverse effects of cold air. The risk of staged low temperature and frost disasters in northern Xinjiang, northeastern Inner Mongolia and northeast China is high. It is suggested that the relevant departments should strengthen the field management in the late autumn harvest to prevent the adverse effects of frost on agricultural production; Protected agricultural areas and northern pastoral areas should do a good job in wind and warmth; Transportation, energy and electric power departments should make good plans for the risk of low temperature rain and snow disasters.

  The second is to prevent the adverse effects caused by precipitation in southwest China. The precipitation in the south of southwest China is more than normal, and the risk of local floods and geological disasters is higher. It is suggested that the southwest region should strengthen the inspection and investigation of hidden dangers and make a good plan for the transfer of key populations; Do a good job in field management in the late autumn harvest, pay attention to avoid rain and grab the harvest, guard against germination and mildew, and drain the water in time; Relevant departments should strengthen preventive measures in engineering construction, transportation, power supply and communication guarantee.

  The third is to prevent meteorological drought in the eastern part of northwest China and Inner Mongolia. Western Inner Mongolia, eastern Northwest China, northern Jiangsu, northeastern Anhui, southern Shandong and eastern China have less precipitation and higher temperatures, so there is a risk of meteorological drought. It is suggested that the water storage and conservation work of Tangba Reservoir should be strengthened, and the water source management and regulation should be carried out reasonably to ensure the water demand for autumn harvest and autumn planting. The fire risk rating of forests and grasslands in the central and western Inner Mongolia and the northern part of northwest China is high, so it is necessary to strengthen the management of field fire use and do a good job in prevention, early warning and fire prevention.

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