BEIJING, Beijing, May 27 (Reporter Bian Liqun) "Shanghai Shenhua goalkeeper Ma Zhen committed violent acts and punched the opponent’s player in the face. He was suspended for 5 games and fined 50,000 yuan; Rodriguez, a foreign aid from Meizhou Hakka, carried out non-sports behavior and used insulting gestures to the opposing players. He was suspended for 4 games and fined RMB40,000. "

On the evening of 26th, China Football Association issued another heavy ticket. This is already the second consecutive round of the Super League, and two players have been severely punished for violence on the field.

Recently, football in China is full of anger, and in addition, the referee is insulted in the game and accused by social media. Since May, the China Football Association has issued as many as 21 tickets, most of which are concentrated in the past half month.

Jia Desong (left) and Aziz, who had been severely punished before, were in the game. China News Service reporter Wang Gang photo

The fire can’t be suppressed again.

The league has returned to the home and away games, and the fans have returned to the stadium. This season, the Super League is very popular. However, recently, there has been a lot of anger.

Of course, every season, there will inevitably be angry scenes. At the beginning of last season, just after two rounds of competition, the Super League created nine red cards and five tickets.

In contrast, this season, it is an improvement to enter the third node of the league and get frequent fines.

Data Map: In the Super League last season, referee Li Haixin showed a red card to Shi Ke (first from left). Image source: IC photo

Since the fifth round, the fire in the Super League has gradually started. Sunic, the foreign aid of Henan team, pushed down Fang Hao, a teenager from Beijing Guoan, and was suspended for five games by China Football Association, and fined 50,000 yuan.

In the same round of competition, Fan Bing, an official of Nantong Zhiyun Team, was banned from entering the competition stadium for one game and fined RMB10,000 by the Football Association for publishing the contents of questioning the referee in the WeChat circle of friends.

Coincidentally, Xie Hui, the coach of Dalian People’s Team, was also banned from entering the competition stadium for one game and fined RMB 10,000 for publishing the contents of the penalty dispute on social media.

Data Map: Xie Hui directs the competition in the stands. Image source: IC photo

As Nantong Zhiyun sent a long article in response to the Football Association’s fine on May 16th, the fire reached a new height.

"The facts on which the penalty decision is based are unclear and are not within the jurisdiction of the Football Association Disciplinary Committee, and the applicable rules are inappropriate; Moreover, although the punishment decision shows that there is a’ description of the parties’ by applying the template, in fact, it did not give our club or Fan Bing any opportunity to communicate, explain and defend themselves, and never held an interview meeting or hearing under the rules, lacking due process. "

"If such’ punishment decisions’ that lack legal basis and express personal opinions are allowed to flood, it will inevitably lead to illegal restrictions on the legitimate freedom of expression of football players and lead to a chilling effect."

Until now, the China Football Association has not responded to this. And a wave of unrest, a wave of rise again.

Data Map: Xie Hui directs the competition in the stands. Image source: IC photo

In the match between Tianjin Jinmen Tiger and Shandong Taishan Mountain on May 19th, Jia Desong, a foreign aid of Taishan Team, punched Beric, a foreign aid of Tianjin Jinmen Tiger, and the latter was injured. Jia Desong was finally banned for five games by the China Football Association and fined 50,000 yuan.

In the same round of competition between Wuhan Sanzhen and Chengdu Rongcheng, Aziz, a foreign aid from the three towns, trampled on his opponent’s leg and was banned for four games and fined 40,000 yuan.

Next, Shanghai Shenhua goalkeeper Ma Zhen and Meizhou Hakka foreign aid Rodrigo.

Why are you so angry?

Recently, the violence in China football field has been concentrated, which has to cause a question: Why are people so angry?

This season’s return to the home and away Super League, although the star flavor is insufficient after the loss of big-name stars, the game is still quite fierce.

To a certain extent, some of the anger also comes from this. Under the competition for every inch of land on the court, coupled with the blessing of the players’ own hormones in the game, irrational behavior is prone to occur.

This season’s Super League is hot at home. China News Service reporter Han Haidan photo

However, combing down, the source of a lot of anger comes from some penalties.

For example, Fan Bing, an official of Nantong Zhiyun, and Xie Hui, the coach of Dalian, made speeches on social media, all of which were aimed at the referee’s penalty.

In the match between Tianjin Jinmenhu and Shandong Taishan, the players of the two teams have accumulated anger for a long time. Before Jia Desong’s boxing behavior, the fighting action has gone beyond the normal range. Unfortunately, the referee on duty failed to control the field well, which indirectly led to a large-scale conflict at the end of the game. All kinds of chaos have buried the original excitement of this goal war.

Sunic, a foreign aid from Henan province, and Aziz, a foreign aid from three towns in Wuhan, were given additional punishment for their violent behavior, but in the game, the two referees on duty only showed them yellow cards.

The Wuhan Three Towns team punished Aziz for one dollar and responded to the ticket in disguise.

Another big source of anger is the intensive schedule. Since the start of the game on April 15th, the Chinese Super League has played 9 rounds in more than one month, with each team playing once every 4 days on average.

Under the long-term consumption of double matches in a week, the players are inevitably tired of fighting, which further increases their anger.

Data Map: This season’s Super League competition. China News Service reporter Futian photo

Sparse fire can reduce fire.

Objective factors, such as the intensive schedule and the referee’s ruling level, cannot be changed in a short time. Therefore, the way of suppressing fire, which is similar to punishing improper remarks, can not reduce the fire well, but is easy to be swallowed up by fire.

Therefore, Nantong Zhiyun, Wuhan Sanzhen and other clubs responded fiercely, and the behavior of club officials abusing referees on the court and questioning referees on social media off the court became more and more concentrated.

Fans in the stands and on social media are also angry.

For the current football in China, communication needs to be strengthened, and all parties need to reduce the fire.

In fact, in the 2021 season, the Super League used the mechanism of publicly responding to controversial penalties, but it did not last long, and such responses disappeared.

In addition, some fans suggested that it is possible to reconsider choosing an international referee in some 6-point battles related to championship or relegation.

Although this move may not necessarily put an end to the phenomenon of questioning the referee and the misjudgment and omission in the court, it can still alleviate the anger caused by various trust crises.

In any case, it is really precious that the league resumes home and away games, fans return to the stadium, and some stadiums even have a hard-to-find ticket. Football practitioners in China should cherish this fire, not anger. (End)