We often envy those who dress well, and they can always wear the basic models with a sense of high quality or high price. Aside from those dazzling fashion clothes, in fact, the so-called fashionistas only know how to use some details to show their taste than ordinary people.

A detail can change a person’s dress style, and the exquisite feeling of wearing is often in these details. So in this issue, let’s take a look at the 20 fashion skills that ordinary people can get, how to make a difference:

01 "nine elements and one bright"

In wearing, it must be the color that attracts people at a glance, and it is also the color that leaves a deep impression. Most people tend to ignore the importance of color and pay more attention to the design of the trend.

In fact,Making good use of colors is far more direct than fashion styles..

There are many doorways in the use of color, and the simplest one is"Nine elements and one bright", namelyNine basic colors and one bright color..

In wearing, there is no mistake in using the basic and elegant colors in a large space, but it is also slightly dull and boring. At this time, the addition of a little bright color can make the whole more interesting and increase the sense of color.

The use of bright colors

First, in terms of color, it is recommended to choose red with low saturation in a small area, which is versatile and has a more sense of existence.

Second, in terms of location, colors that are unfriendly to skin color should be as far away from the face as possible, and tops or jewelry can be selected to brighten the skin color.

02 Maintain visual coherence

Color can not only increase the brightness, but also make it slim and tall when used well. For example, autumn and winterWith the same color (system) inside, it can maintain visual coherence and have a sense of extension.At the same time, the color is divided by the coat, which can visually show the effect of slimming and heightening.

The same principle has the same effect on bottoms as shoes and socks.

A more advanced usage is to choose colors with different shades to create a sense of hierarchy visually:

Dress a little "dew", which is more fashionable.

When it comes to layering, there is a detail in wearing that can make layering more obvious and increase the contrast between colors, which is what we often call "dew".Expose the neckline, cuffs, hem, etc. of the inner lap.It can increase the sense of contrast between clothes and make them more fashionable and have a sense of detail.

In the same color wearing, the visual fatigue caused by the same color is easy to appear, and the edge of the inner wear can also resolve the sense of singleness.

04 alternating light and shade

The way of alternating light and shade is similar to that of "nine elements and one bright", which is also a combination of "one foundation and one bright", but the proportion of bright color area will be larger. And we can alsoUse alternating light and shade to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses.For example, when the upper part of the body is fat or petite, choosing a dress with a deep top and a shallow bottom has the effect of being light and covering the meat.

05 color collision sparks.

The color is relatively complicated to wear, which is contrast color, and the requirements for color perception will be relatively high. For ordinary people, the safest and most effective way to wear it is to choose "Small area and large area"The contrast color, that is, the use of accessories and other small details to do contrast color wear with clothing, which not only has a sense of visual contrast, but also increases the fun of wearing.

06 colors echo each other.

A simpler use of color isChoose two or three to echo each other,This kind of detail embellishment can be more exquisite. For example, this silk scarf, bag and shoes keep the same color, which is embellishment and echo, increasing the overall sense and showing better taste.

Note that no matter what color matching,It is best not to have more than three colors all over the body.Because the more complicated it is, the more difficult it is to control and the more difficult it is to wear beauty.

07 details accessories embellishment, more fashionable.

It is not so much to improve the wearing of clothes as to improve the details of clothes.. If you look closely, you will find that those beautiful clothes actually have something in common, and without these details, most of them are very common. That’s why everyone thinks that the same clothes look good on others, but it’s very common on their own.

Accessories are the things that can improve clothes quickly and take no time. Golden exaggerated accessories, pearl elements, hats and other accessories are the easiest to enhance temperament, especially when some basic styles are matched, which is the difference between passers-by and bloggers.

08 hairstyle make a fuss

Hairstyle is a point that everyone is easy to ignore, especially in winter, everyone likes to put down their hair. In fact, for thicker clothes in winter,Tie hair will look better and show neat spirit than wearing hair.. At this time, choosing one or two accessories to decorate the hair room can also enhance a lot of fashion taste.

Waist line is the key point.

In terms of wearing, the most direct way to show the spirit is the waistline. A loose dress and a dress with a waist will obviously feel that the dress with a waist will be more temperament. You can bring your own clothes, or you can use auxiliary tools such as belts. Whether it’s an inner coat or a coat, you can have a waist.

Attention,The position of the waistline is just at the elbow.Too high or too low will be abrupt.

10 cuff, roll pants leg

Layers of wear in autumn and winter are the easiest to show weight, so one of them is "dew" if you want to reduce the bloated feeling in wearing. For example, the sleeves are rolled to expose the underlap to show slim wrists, and the trousers are rolled to expose shoes or socks to show slim ankles.Can improve the visual center of gravity, visually lighter..

Fashion bloggers often use this technique to show a sense of randomness and create a lazy atmosphere.

11 clothes open to wear, slim, gas field fully open.

In addition to dew, clothes can be slim when they are open. An open coatA straight line is added, which can prolong the longitudinal line.It has the effect of being thinner and taller.

12 don’t wear well

Too serious clothes tend to be rigid, so when you wear them, you can gain different aesthetic feelings by increasing their uncertainty through the characteristics of the clothes themselves. Such as shirts, knitted cardigans,By unbuttoning the hem to increase its sense of randomness, or adding a belt to play the role of girding the waist and covering the meat..

Details can shape or change the style. We can create different styles through different wearing skills. For example:

13 Add a sense of hierarchy

Put a sweater over your shoulders to create a casual lazy wind.. Combined with the previous color application, the choice of shawl can be bright color or contrast color with clothing, which is undoubtedly the icing on the cake.

Change a pair of white pants

or perhapsUse white pants to create a sense of advanced temperament. Because for winter, our clothes are conventional and the colors are thick, then a touch of white at this time not only sets off the colors well, but also increases the overall lightness.

Especially when wearing a heavy down jacket, a pair of white trousers can resolve its heavy feeling. Many people are worried that white trousers will be fat. In fact, the focus of fat is not the color, but in the version, choosing a wide-legged, straight or tapered version will be more inclusive to the leg shape.

15 Use the classic element "plaid"

Use classic elements to create a sense of retro literature and art. The classic of plaid elements is timeless. When wearing the same clothes, replacing a single item with plaid elements can break the single and boring feeling of clothing.

When choosing plaid clothing, we should pay attention to it, and try to compare large plaid and tight-fitting clothing. Because of its own line attributes, this kind of clothing is easy to appear curvy and fat. It is smarter to choose plaid skirt and plaid wide-leg pants.

16 Use overlapping to enhance the feeling of wearing.

Use overlapping wear to enhance the sense of wearing and fashion. Overlapping skills have been shared many times, and here we focus on how to use overlapping skills without being bloated. We all know that the key point of overlapping is the superposition between single items, so it is easy to look bloated in winter.

In view of this situation, we can use accessories with small sense of quantity and small space, such as scarves and scarves, to achieve the same effect. For example, the silk scarf or scarf is folded inside or outside the knitting, revealing a little edge, which has the effect of division:

17 Mix and match styles

Make use of the differences in styles between single items to create a mashup effect.. For example, a suit with a sense of formality and a skirt with a strong sense of fashion, a handsome leather item and a temperament coat … The difference in style between the two is eye-catching. This method can also be applied to the overlapping technique.

18 wear more than one coat

The most effective use of single items in fashion wear is"Wear more than one coat", improve the utilization rate of single products while creating different styles to make wearing more interesting.

19 combination of complexity and simplicity

The advanced point of the combination of complexity and simplicity lies in the visual beauty and the harmony of collocation. Many fashionable and eye-catching clothes often follow this law. A simple and complicated collocation, with more complicated and less, is too simple. Like the combination of light and shade, the combination of complexity and simplicity can also have a decorative effect on the body shape.

For women who are slightly fat and have a fat upper body.: the upper body is simple, and the lower body chooses complicated dresses;

For small women: the upper body is complicated and the lower body is simple.

20 degree of tightness

Too loose is easy to bring a sense of sloppy, too tight will appear embarrassed, andElasticity is the basis of looking good.. No matter whether it is tight on the upper part or loose on the lower part, it will at least not appear very procrastinating visually.

In addition, we should pay attention to the wearing of pine, and it is best to create a waistline; It is best to apply it to a loose coat to create the effect of tight inside and loose outside, which is both slim and curved.

Ok, 20 tips about fashion wear are shared here in this issue. Ordinary people want to improve their clothes quickly, focusing on details. They can get it without spending a lot of time and experience. Let’s use it quickly ~

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