"At a time when science and technology are crossing more and more frequently, AI and automation have become the underlying’ digital infrastructure’, which has brought more and more innovative breakthroughs with the crossing of technologies in various fields. The traditional medical health track has also ushered in an innovation turning point under the promotion of two platform technologies, and ushered in the era of’ medical+X’. " On May 11th, at the sharing meeting of medical innovation trends held in innovation works, Li Kaifu, Chairman and CEO of innovation works, said.

The medical and health field has always been known as "slow fever" because of its large investment, many industrial chains, long research and development cycle and "life-related". In the past decades, especially after 2010, the innovation speed of medical technology has been greatly improved. Take vaccine research and development as an example. In 2003, it took 20 months for SARS vaccine to enter clinical trials, while in 2020, it took only 65 days for COVID-19 vaccine to enter clinical trials (Kangxinuo in China and Moderna in the United States).

Kai-Fu Lee said, "With the help of the COVID-19 epidemic, the life science which used to be’ slow fever’ has entered an’ accelerated mode’, and has been transformed and upgraded in the direction of digitalization and intelligence under the reshaping of AI and automation technologies. As the equity investment market of the medical track enters the stage of’ squeezing bubbles’, excellent talent reserves, big market big data opportunities and the active promotion of new technologies by policies are all expected to make’ medical+X’ entrepreneurship overtake and become the focus of medical technology innovation and the hot spot of the equity investment market. "

Wu Kai, a partner of innovation works, said that although the current external environment is complicated and the overall capital market tends to be calm, there are still many bright spots on the medical track. Zero2IPO research shows that in 2022, Q1 medical and health track will not only continue to rank among the top three hot industries for investment in the first quarter, but also rank first in the number of IPO withdrawal companies.

"This year, black swans are flying all over the sky. In the case of the overall market correction, the medical health track, as one of the few highlights, has investment value across the cycle. Medical health is not limited to the traditional micro-innovation iterative stage of biomedicine, medical devices and medical services. More technological front-end breakthroughs will be completed by early scientific and technological innovation enterprises, and then they will collide with various interdisciplinary subjects and land. " Wu Kai said.

Kai-fu Lee believes that the medical track is being digitized in all directions, including a large amount of data brought by medical process informationization, wearable devices recording full-course health data and massive biological data generated by new technologies, which can be used for disease early warning, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, long-term management and other aspects to assist doctors in diagnosis and treatment, which is conducive to the implementation of the "thousands of people" precise treatment plan for patients.

"The integration of digital medical care and AI will bring a new revolution. With the increasing application of AI+Science and the continuous cross-integration of various disciplines, technology-driven medical innovation will usher in a major turning point, and’ medical+X’ will be the main theme of medical innovation in the next decade. " Li Kaifu said. (Song Yajuan)

Source: Guangming Net